Immigrants Are Destroying Sweden

This video shows the slow death of Sweden, which has slowly descended into a lawless chaos with the importation of largely Islamic immigrants.

Sweden was once one of the most harmonious and prosperous nations in Europe where crime was unheard of. But that was when Sweden was 99% white Swedish. Now, with its vast immigrant population, Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe, plagued by rising crime. It even has no-go zones where immigrants burrow themselves into areas that police are afraid to police, fearing being called “racist” for pursuing non-white suspects.

Over the past few years Sweden has also seen a few Islamic terrorist attacks. Hundreds of Muslim immigrants in Sweden have fought for the Islamic State, and are being allowed to return to Sweden where the libtard government is helping these violent savages “reintegrate”.

Sweden is target number one for the Kalergi plan, largely due to its Nordic gene pool which the Kalergiists seek to erase from the earth. The Kalergiists see in Swedes the embodiment of the Aryan archetype – tall, fit people with a high proportion of blond hair and blue eyes. Seen as the Naziist ideal for white people, this phenotype must be extinguished so that the new “Eurasian-Negroid” mixed race  can begin to take shape.

As a prerequisite to achieve white genocide and a mixed slave race with no unique physical attributes, features like blond hair and blue eyes, which are unique to the white race, have to be bred out. That’s why the Kalergiists are pushing race-mixing and multicultural propaganda so hard on the Swedes and other Scandinavians where those genes are most prominent.

We must fight this evil!

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17 Comments on “Immigrants Are Destroying Sweden”

  1. Muslim is not a race, nor an ethnicity. It is a religious community. They are themselves quite diverse in language and genetics. As an example, Bosnian Muslims can be blonde and blue eyed on occasions. They are a new ethnic group which was created out of Serbs and Croats, who converted to Islam between the 16th and 19th centuries. Koudenhove-Kalergi was a liberal who dreamed of the European Union. He proposed multiculturalism as a political instrument to construct a stronger EU. Sweden was never nazi politically, left-wing social democrats dominated almost every single government in Sweden since the 1930s. Even mainstream conservatives were always quite weak there.

      1. A lot of Bosnians actually are going to Sweden. They are a small group though compared to the other non-white immigrant groups. I have been to Bosnia myself. Brandon is right that despite them being completely European (many are blonde) they still identify with the non-white Muslim world. Bosnian far-right nationalists I’m quite sure are usually anti-Islam. There is a movement there however marginalized. The UN / EU organizations which have a heavy presence there are constantly working to demonize these nationalists as criminal skinheads (many are to be fair).

        Back to Sweden, the anti-white platform of the social democratic parties wasn’t part of their original political platform. It seems to be something which was shoehorned in covertly. There is a Judeo-Masonic link however where possibly Swedenborgianism could have also had a role in the promotion of liberalism in Scandinavia.

  2. If you think the deracination and cultural destruction of Europe are bad now, how then do you think it will be after the Russian Army rolls through there and “saves” it ? I am quite sure that my detractors will start screaming that I work for the CIA or some other nonsense, but look what awaits you at your doorstep. Russia conducted its Zapad 2017 war games in Belarus this September and reports indicate that it never withdrew its units (that it denies ever being there like in Ukraine). Previous Zapad (West) exercises have provided cover for the invasion of Georgia and Crimea, so this is not a hysterical suspicion. What they are waiting for is Trump to enact plans for a lightning “counter-coup”, a term they use to describe what is actually a coup against the legitimate state investigating the Trump/Kushner collusion with Russia.

    Russia and Belarus insisted the drills were defensive and would involve fewer than 13,000 troops, despite claims from western states and senior Nato officers that about 100,000 soldiers would take part….Mr Macierewicz told Polish television that Zapad was “the biggest and most aggressive and multifunctional of all Russian exercises in the last 30 years”, and claimed they would not end on Wednesday “but continue and involve training in the use of nuclear weapons”.
    The Ukrainian military’s chief of staff says Russia left troops behind in Belarus after staging military exercises there, despite Moscow’s pledge not to do so, Reuters reports…There was no immediate comment from Russia on Muzhenko’s claim.
    For those who are unaware, the Trump administration has been the target of a slow motion coup d’état sometimes referred to as the Purple Revolution…The salient point is that the entire System has assumed an extremely aggressive posture toward the POTUS. Hence, Trump is compelled to formulate a counter-coup game plan that is infallible…Trump will have to think through every single part of what will have to be a perfectly controlled demolition. This can only be achieved by utilizing all 5 branches of the U.S. Armed Forces…Any such move – mass arrest of the traitors – can only be conducted when “everything is in good order” since it will immediately precipitate a severe reaction from Deep State…For the good of the Republic, President Trump will be compelled to take action against the many traitors throughout the U.S. Federal Government, state governments and municipal governments….Toward that end, Trump will be required to shut down the existing MSM (and take them over) among implementing several other radical initiatives which deny support (both material and moral) to the seditious criminal activity of these Bolsheviks.

    1. This video below is of a recent Infowars episode with Alex Jones, whom as far as most seasoned observers are concerned is a major disinfo purveyor – variously of Israeli or Russian employ. In it he takes and runs with the coup / counter-coup narrative and bemoans that people accuse him of being a Russian agent. As with “BeforeitsJews” above, we have the same exact line being aired by known black propaganda outlets. With the ubiquitous and prominent solicitation of donations common to well funded propaganda fronts, the conclusion is absolutely chilling.

      Marines Stopped CIA Attempted Coup Against President Trump Failed
      Voice America 103,829 views
      Published on Nov 23, 2017 Please Donate To Support Us, No ads Serving Yet –~–

    1. How would that explain the PRO-migrant coverage of RT and many other Russian media outlets? Putin has often decried what he terms the “virus” of “Nazism” and “racism” which he claims proliferates in Europe.

      1. Funny you should ask…

        Neutral Sweden has launched its biggest war games in two decades with support from NATO countries, drilling 19,000 troops after years of spending cuts that have left the country fearful of Russia’s growing military strength…“The security situation has taken a turn for the worse,” Micael Byden, the commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, said during a presentation of the three-week-long exercise…Sweden, like the Baltics, Poland and much of the West, has been deeply troubled by Russia’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula Crimea and its support for rebels in eastern Ukraine.
        END QUOTE

        Sean, I think your reasoning presumes intellectual honesty on the part of Putin’s regime, but you are perhaps forgetting the postmodern orientation taken by KGB power mongers. It is more in line with history to assume that the Kremlin lies without compunction to facilitate strategic imperatives, and this to them is worldly wisdom and a path to victory. So they recognize Sweden as an obstacle to be removed by hook or crook, and dissemination of false or exaggerated claims about Sweden’s immigration situation serve to strengthen their hand in some way. Perhaps to demoralize Swedes and Westerners and stir up internal strife between natives and immigrants at the same time the county needs to present a united front to Russian aggression. Classic divide and conquer.

        1. Every Swede I’ve heard from decries the rapidly changing demographics of their country. I’ve seen innumerable videos and documentaries about migrants flooding into Sweden, especially Malmo and Stockholm. The innumerable reports about the no-go zones in Malmo, the migrant crimes and the rapes in Swedish cities….All of this attests to the reality, so I don’t see how any of that can be denied.

          I agree with you about the postmodern orientation of the Kremlin, but to me this is manifest in their efforts to control both sides. So they’ve been supporting both far-left pro-migration parties, and far-right anti-migration parties, but do so with the latter around a false narrative.

          What’s the false narrative? RT puts the onus completely on the Western elites, presenting all the migrants as war refugees that are the result of the wars. Thus, they ignore the vast majority that are actually economic migrants. Putin also promotes this disinformation in his statements, and has never condemned the actions of the migrants or Islamization of Europe in general.

          This is even while RT also promotes many pro-migration voices, such as Anetta Kahane, Sukant Chandran, Pinchas Goldschmidt, etc.. And also numerous reports raising the alarm at “neo-Nazis” and “Fascists” who are merely those consistently opposing the flood of migrants.

          Sputnik and the various Duginite websites also don’t decry the actions of the migrants or say anything about the Jewish-Zionist predominant role in the migrations, only putting the onus on America and NATO as suits the Kremlin’s propaganda. They control the discourse in a way that excuses or even apologizes for the actions of the migrants, deflecting all the attention away to the Kremlin’s pet enemies.

          At the same time, the Kremlin plays both sides – part of Dugin’s Eurasianist agenda of “supporting the fringe of the left and right against the ‘center'”. So the Kremlin co-opts far-right nationalist movements by having them water-down their nationalism (turning into a purely PC civic nationalism) and moderate their opposition to the migrants. The dual role of Israel and Russia is at play there, as these movements happen to be both pro-Israel and pro-Putin.

          So that’s how the Kremlin’s game operates.

          1. For the record, I don’t doubt the fact that there is a problem with some Muslim immigrants. It seems like there are some who even fit the profile of militants.

  3. Not only muslims are the problem in Europe, but the whole third world invaders. Mexicans, indians, colombians, philippinos and other brownskins are destroying the West. I hope you post more about dirty mexicans.

  4. Sean, RT has both a PRO-migrant an ANTI-migrant coverage. Putin plays both sides. He wants Europeans to believe that their societies are collapsing. This includes to invent all kind of hoaxes related to immigration and terrorism in Europe. They even report accidental gas explosions as islamic terrorist attacks, while hiding real islamic attacks in Russia.

    Most news related to immigration in Sweden are fake. The existence of “non-go zones” is one of these fakes. And the source of that fake news are Russia (for frightening Europeans and avoiding Sweden’s entry on NATO) and Israel (who hate the anti-zionist stance of Swedish Government and also want to frighten Europe to stop its support for Palestine).

    With this I don’t mean that there is not a problem with immigration and natality in Europe. There is a problem but it is inflated and falsified by Russian propaganda which in collaboration with Israel wants to destroy Europe.

    Sorry for my broken English (I’m a native Spanish speaker and don’t know how to express well in English). Thank you for your work, which I really appreciate.

    1. ‘Non-go zones’ in Sweden are fake? How in the world do you come to that conclusion? I mean the hood is essentially a no-go zone for whites, and hood blacks aren’t even Muslims. You don’t think Muslims are tribal and territorial, and that many don’t have some kind of antipathy towards whites? If you don’t, I’d say you’re smoking some good shit, lol.

    2. There’s some truth to this. It’s the “chaos-normalization strategy” (Applied Duginism) they even use inside Russia (Adam Curtis the British doc-maker showed it, criticizing from a leftist perspective). But RT, while at least allowing the ANTI side to make their case sometimes, is still heavily biased towards the PRO. They want chaos/dysfunction to grow so it makes it easier for an eventual invasion.

  5. Whilst the muslims flood into Sweden, many of the Swedish workers migrate to Norway to find work and quite often have to do menial jobs.
    Oslo has 10% Swedish, I read somewhere.
    There are many interesting internet articles to be found about the “Norwegian to Swedish worker dynamic” and how the two sides of the deal perceive each other.
    Just my 2 cents.

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