Europeans Must Resist Liberal Authoritarianism

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has fallen under the dark totalitarian grip of Liberal Authoritarianism. In order to keep together their crumbling multicultural utopia, the liberals are falling back on Orwellian speech control laws to suppress nationalist criticism of their failed Kalergite policies. The UK establishment will do anything to protect their precious multiculturalism, implementing an anti-racist police state bent on enforcing the co-existence of the medley of racial groups they’ve brought into the country. A nationalist organization known as National Action was recently banned last year on terrorism grounds as was an associated group Scottish Dawn, led by the outlaw Ruaidrhi McKim also known as ‘Fraser’. Despite the ban the website of Scottish Dawn is still up but it is no longer active. Many members of these groups have been arrested and are facing years in jail

According to Prime Minister Theresa May last week, confronting the far-right is just as important as fighting the Islamic extremist threat. This came in response to Trump retweeting Britain First’s videos depicting Islamic radicals carrying out various acts of savagery. Even though May is a Kalergite multiculturalist promoting the ethnocide of white Britons, several Islamic terrorists were just busted plotting her assassination. Ignoring her appeasement of Islam and Muslim immigration in the UK, these particular radical Muslims obviously carried a grudge against May for continuing the fight against ISIS in the Middle East.

Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, last month declared that people viewing so called ‘far-right terrorist propaganda’ online are to receive up to 15 years imprisonment.  If rotten women like Amber Rudd had their way they would have everyone with alt-right views behind bars. This is the essence of Liberal Authoritarianism. All people, even if they are not right wing, conservative or even white should oppose this, as these policies mean the end of a free and democratic society. The elite are now using totalitarian methods to enforce cultural marxist doctrines on the public. Paradoxically, it was authoritarian totalitarianism that the Frankfurt School originally claimed to be against. Decades later, those responsible for implementing their ideas on Western society are adopting the same totalitarian methods they were originally criticizing, such as locking up political dissidents and branding them enemies of the state. In an attempt to solidify this process, there is a strong government effort to increase as much as possible the percentage of ethnic minorities in the military and police, in order to give these aliens access to heavy weaponry which will give them enforcement power. 

Even crazier is that it is so-called ‘conservatives’ and ‘right wingers’ (Conservative Party) who are enforcing this draconian doctrine on their native white populations, replacing them with brown skinned savages who have no connection whatsoever to the soil of Europe. With every decade that passes the native population of Britain becomes 10% less than it was the previous decade. Here are the numbers:

1991: 94.1% White British

2001: 85.67% White British

2011: 79.8% White British

2021 (predicted): 70% White British

This state of affairs is projected to worsen, as you are likely to see by the 2020 U.K. elections a shift to the extreme far-left, whereby Jeremy Corbyn will likely be in power in conjunction with the crypto-Jew Martin Schulz in Germany. It was Martin Schulz who famously said to a Haaretz reporter, “For me, the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.” That statement is in line with the viewpoints of the radical communist Anti-German Movement. This is a real movement which opposes other leftists who support Palestine and seeks to destroy German ethnicity and identity in favour of Jewish supremacism and racial mixing. Their justification is that German-ness is historically tied to anti-Semitism. This has no grounds as the Germanic peoples have a thousands of years old history predating their initial contact with Jews during late-antiquity (c. 500 – 1000 A.D.) The Anti-Germans regularly cite the critical theory of Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer (both Frankfurt School) as well as guilt for the Holocaust as the philosophical inspiration for their ideology. While the Anti-Germans exist on the fringes of the far-left as a street protest movement, their ideas are very much mainstream. Angela Merkel, Martin Schulz and Gregor Gysi all work to implement the goals of the Anti-Germans as German government policy. Gregor Gysi (half Jewish) has publicly hailed the replacement of native Germans as a wonderful thing. In this video Gysi repeats the Anti-German lie that German ethnicity is intrinsically tied to Anti-Semitism and Nazism, therefore it is “very fortunate” that “Every year more native Germans die than are born”. Even more so than in Britain, dissidents in Germany who protest their genocide merely on Facebook are being locked up by the anti-German Liberal Authoritarian government. The German government also has a list of over 500 nationalist dissidents in hiding who have been issued arrest warrants, but who have managed to evade capture.  

By 2020, you will likely see Western Europe under the grip of the extreme far-left, with Corbyn in power in Britain, Schulz in power in Germany and likely other leftist leaders in power in France and other European countries. If Trump does not win re-election you will likely see a Bernie Sanders type figure in power in the United States in three years time. A Trump re-election would mean simply delaying this inevitability until 2024. In conjunction, these incoming authoritarian liberal-communist fusion regimes will most definitely impose their policies with heavy totalitarian force, locking up many anti-genocide dissidents. On a positive note this will likely trigger an explosion of the far-right in the white world where we will then have an opportunity to take power and triumph over those seeking to destroy our people. 

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  1. General comment:
    I can understand why a lot of people just don’t want to even think about all these problems and they just “stick their heads in the sand”.
    It is all very, very scary.
    One strategy . . . research and learn as much as possible . . . then try not to worry too much.
    With knowledge, it might be possible to see a way through and get us out of this mess.

  2. Charlemagne, you make many good points: the ominous prospect of strict sentences for viewing material on the internet (entrapment), pathological anti-Germanism and associated racist pseudo-science, and the suppression of political participation for far-right parties. What remains unclear to me is whether you profess Authoritarianism as a legitimate vehicle for your own political views while decrying it for “Liberals”. Of course there is a valid question of whether philosemitism and reverse racism is actually liberal, since it excludes democratic participation by it opponents and weilds immigration policy as a bludgeon to suppress the democratic sydicate of the natives in a way that is clearly subversive to justice. So are you an authoritarian waiting for his day to act, or what?

    1. I think that in the ideal society on issues like race and ethnicity all must agree about preservation, that should be a given. However I would be more libertarian on personal freedoms, such as the right to bear arms, freedom of speech and low taxation. People within ethnic groups who advocate against the preservation of the ethnic group should logically be marginalized from that ethnic group. This is just common sense. I suppose for me the ideal would be somewhere along the lines of libertarian white nationalism. The more volatile the situation the more authoritarian things will naturally have to be until stability is restored. It would also be much easier to have freedom of speech in a homogenous society where everyone agreed on the issue of ethnic preservation. This was the case a century or two ago when ideas such as of freedom of speech originally came to prominence.

  3. I have been doing some studying of the issues surrounding the EU and monetary union. I think that it is probably agreed upon here that the EU is a Liberal Authoritarian institution and that it rules undemocratically from behind closed doors for a narrow interest group. On the other hand the need for a united federated Europe, distinct from the EU, is needed now more than ever. “Worse than the Soviet Union” is how Yanis Varoufakis describes the EU system, based on the observation that, “at least under the Soviets the people knew what was going on.” Instead the EU preserves secrecy around nearly every aspect of its actual functioning. In essence, the EU blocks any progress towards a federated Europe by blocking that potential with a coercive treaty structure binding European nations to its undemocratic rule.

    In essence, the EU is Germany. Germany is the bully. Yet German working people are suffering on par with the other economically depressed European nations. So saying that it is Germany is misleading because it is not German popular nationalism which is in effect, or logically this wealth and power seated in Germany would benefit the people more. What I observe is that the system governing Germany is the model which has been imposed on the rest of Europe, and that system is founded on the Basic Law, a state of affairs imposed on the German nation by the victors of WW2 which was never ratified democratically. This Basic Law was puportedly a temporary measure which was supposed to school the naughty Germans in proper regard for liberal values until 1990, hoping they had matured enough to take off the training wheels and ride on their own. But in 1990 there was never a democratically ratified constitution or a return of power to the German people from the occupational government. The Germans were defrauded of their promised return to self rule, and then their institutions were integrated with the ultra repressive East German ones. Then this whole state of affairs was scaled up and sold/imposed on all of Europe. What this had the effect of doing was abrogating the democratic governments of every nation signing the treaty and replacing them with the direct rule of the fraudulent crypto-Stalinism of the punitive occupational government over Germany. Does anybody want to venture a guess as to what the orientation towards Jewish interests and Zionism is in this particular state, and how that reflects on its Liberal Authoritarian mission?

    1. Economics are actually secondary to what’s going on. The Germanic peoples were set to come to the leadership of Europe under Hitler. In economic terms this inevitability happened today anyway, as Germans are some of the most industrious of the Europeans. They however are infected with a suicidal disease to follow the Kalergi plan which threatens to destroy them and the rest of Europe, once and for all. Europe has a chance to pull itself out of this mess and if it does it will emerge stronger than ever. If it capitulates to the plan as it seems it will, then it will fall and never rise again except perhaps as a mulatto continent in the future.

    2. @Erin go Bragh: I completely agree about the need for a true united federalized Europa. We have a precedence in the thought of the various nationalists, at both a national and regional level throughout the continent. They were very adamant in proposing this organic, federalized, truly European Europa, in contrast to what they correctly diagnosed as the Judeo-Masonic “European Union” of the oligarchs and bureaucrats.

      The latter is nothing but an economic and political entity, where ethnicity or ancestry means nothing when it comes to nationality; only one’s role within the economic system. This is also a playground for the Kalergite social engineers.

      One of their schemes is to pit Northern and Southern European peoples against each other, to place the blame on the E.U. on Germany itself, where Germans are blamed and not the banksters. This “kills two birds with one stone” as well, allowing them to keep the “holocaust” and the scepter of “Nazism” and WWII alive and dividing Europeans.

      This is even though its the very same elite that has robbed the Greeks and has stolen the tax wealth of the Germans – and all towards the same Judaic ends.

      At the same time, we should be careful that the kosher cuckservative “Euroskeptic” parties that do want out of the E.U., are still playing into this same system. For example, Marine Le Pen also blames Merkel and Germany for France’s woes, rather than Jews and bankers.

      1. Unfortunately nationalism is too easy to corrupt into civic nationalism. Europeans would be much more powerful if they organized along racial lines, spanning Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay and Argentina. If Russia dropped Eurasianism and were included in this empire it would span 3 and a half continents, giving people of European descent de facto world hegemony, especially if we had a military alliance with India and Japan, containing the power of the Chinese, the Jews, the Africans and non-European South Americans. This empire would be a major world superpower which could contain the aspirations of the other races from engulfing the Europeans. The racial balance of power in the world would look again more like it did in 1900, this time with all of the world’s Europeans united together. If we could only get all Europeans to think this way.

  4. And Southern Brazilians. 🙂

    Not long ago, I was talking to this American-born dude of Russian descent who has family in Russia and he visits them from time to time. He said they detest Putin. I don’t know what the exact number of white Russians who don’t like Putin is and I don’t know if their numbers are increasing or decreasing, but they definitely exist. They just don’t have a voice or much of any leeway, as we know, just like every other group who is being truly oppressed. But yeah, it’d be great to see this minority of Russians all jumping on board and their numbers growing. 🙂

    1. Putin’s popularity is very low amongst Russians. You would never know this by reading the Kremlin’s WN/Alt-right propaganda targeting Western audiences, where the Trumpian masses think it is a nonstop fest of folkdancing Tradhots and tatted Ivans celebrating their ethnic heritage and hegemony in a thriving economy and good governing state. A more realistic view:

      TUE JUN 13, 2017 / 6:37 AM EDT
      Anti-Kremlin protesters fill Russian streets, Putin critic Navalny jailed

      (Reuters) – Baton-wielding riot police broke up anti-corruption protests and detained hundreds of demonstrators in Moscow and other Russian cities on Monday, before a court sentenced opposition leader Alexei Navalny to his second prison term this year.


      Of course their answer to this is the well worn, “liberal Western media bias fake news blah blah blah (heavy Russian ach-SENT’).” But it is all a load of shit. They realize better than most people in the West that the Jewish commisars stole the Russian people blind in the nineties and became the new oligarchy who privately own the former state assets of the ‘people’s democratic workers proletariat.’ And that they continue to rule while Ruskies drool.

      I hate to throw cold water on everyone, but what we are realizing here between the lot of us about what could and should be, has already been modelled and pre-emptively planned for. And what we are about to get is World War fucking Three. It will discipline the rebellious Russian anti-corruption dissidents with some good old hard right boot-up-the-ass repression, and demolish the European nations, unable to save themselves by federating in time because there is a big old hairy Jewish Soviet EU cock-blocking them.

      Just sayin’. Better get ready to fight, and you need to study drone evasion, particularly against Infrared and night vision. And there needs to be particualr focus on broadband jamming in order to break up their information networks on the battlefield.

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