Poisonous Muslim SJW Linda Sarsour Teams Up With Anti-White Jews

Muslim “feminist” Linda Sarsour is a poisonous social justice warrior who has helped choreograph a street protest insurgency against Donald Trump. She helped organize the pathetic “Women’s March” where unattractive, menopausal feminist trannies marched with pouty faces through the streets of America’s biggest cities to sully Trump’s glorious victory over the globalist henchwoman Hillary Clinton.

The Jewish-controlled news media has given Linda Sarsour much undeserved attention, largely owing to her social justice crusade for feminism, immigrants, Muslims, disabled people, and all the lower classes. She has become the face of leftist/SJW “resistance” to Trump and his civic nationalist regime.

Sarsour peddles all the familiar anti-white tropes straight from the Frankfurt School. She’s decried the “white supremacy” of Trump who rightly sought to put a limited ban on Muslims entering the United States to prevent more terrorism. If anything, Trump is not nearly “white supremacist” enough, and is in fact too soft on immigration. He has yet to build the border wall or deport all the illegals, which he explicitly promised to do, so Sarsour’s whining is petulant.

It’s puzzling to see a character like Sarsour, a “proud” Muslim and apologist for anti-human Sharia Law, champion feminism in America where there is absolutely no need for it. Why does she not bring her SJW circus act to Saudi Arabia or other ultra-conservative Muslim countries, where women are treated like cattle, kept caged in the house and led around like a dog on a leash for the amusement of the man. Sarsour is not protesting the horrid treatment of women in the Muslim world, or at least isn’t that vocal about it, because her mission is, like all SJWs, to further degrade the West with liberalism. Her motive seems to be to weaken the West with further liberalism in order to ripen it for an Islamic Sharia conquest.

Although she criticizes Israel from her Muslim-centric perspective, Sarsour has reached out to the anti-white Jewish establishment in the US, recently speaking at an anti-Semitism conference. Evidently, she’s hoping to collaborate more on the joint Semitic project to expedite white genocide in the West. Following Trump’s shock election, the Muslim-Jewish alliance began to take shape, with both groups seeing rising nationalism and populism as a threat to their respective subversive agendas here in the West. An Al Jazeera article summed up their common interest in opposing Trump’s populist agenda: “Since the election of Donald Trump, there has been a renewed interest across the country in Muslim-Jewish partnership. Trump’s ascension to power on a platform of racism and xenophobia has caused many to fear what lies ahead.”

The Muslim-Jewish partnership codified formally with the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council, established post-Trump election by theĀ American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), with the stated intent to “allow for both groups to better safeguard against discrimination and fortify their faith communities.”

I’ve warned about this Muslim-Jewish anti-white common front for more than a year now, writing numerous article about it on my old website. What we’re seeing with the likes of Sarsour is a growing coalition of Islamists, leftists and Jewish elites working in lock-step to smash our growing nationalism, which has ballooned at a rapid pace in response to the Kalergite push to genocide the white race in our own homelands. Like they did during the Moorish conquest of Spain 1400 years ago, the Jewish elite engineers of multiculturalism have opened our gates to hordes of Muslims and others, using them as cannon fodder to achieve white displacement and genocide, all of which is aimed at establishing Judaism and Israel supreme over the planet.

Sarsour is evidence that, while they disagree on issues like Palestine, Muslims and Jews have a common interest to destroy white identity and nationalist movements as we rise to take back our nations from these ruthless Semitic outsiders.

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10 Comments on “Poisonous Muslim SJW Linda Sarsour Teams Up With Anti-White Jews”

  1. But, according to Skid Mark Glenn, the “moozlims” are no problem at all ….. The Islamization of Europe and America and White genocide is just the delusions and Islamophobia of “white trashionalists”.

    It seems like Skid Mark has an extreme hatred and envy of all things White and nutural.

    1. Mark Glenn is effectively an Arab-Islamic lobbyist in the West. More precisely, he’s an agent of Iran. He’s also an unhinged kook. His following consists of mostly English-speaking Arab and Muslim immigrants in the West, so of course he must shill for immigration.

      1. Mark Glenn is devoted to his Orthodox-Shi’ite alliance, which is also why he makes a career out of cucking out for Putin. He wants us white Europeans/Westerners ignoring our own issues, and being obsessed around his pet issues centered on the Middle East and to also turn a blind eye to Putinist expansionism.

        I’d posit that his (and those of his ilk) alleged “anti-Zionism” is only as it directly relates to the Middle East. Perhaps until such a time as his beloved Assad and Iran will reach an understanding with Israel, at which time his “anti-Zionism” would disappear overnight. He certainly enables Zionism whenever it comes to Kalergite displacement of our lands, and his championing of Zionist puppets Trump and Putin.

        Indeed, towards his subversion we’re supposed to accept economic migrants obsessed about money and consumerism, under the guise that they’ll be our “allies” against Israel. It matters nothing to him that our cultures and heritage become extinct in the process!

        1. If anything, he’s committed to our extinction and is serving as one of Dugin’s Shiite Muslim pawns in that gambit. It’s widely suspected that Glenn is in fact a Shiite Muslim with Lebanese roots… he’s an agent of the Iranian Ayatollahs and by extension, Putin’s Russia.

  2. Who benefits? As far as I can tell only Trump, since this sort of illogical extreme nonsense actually makes him look like the one holding the center together. I mean really : Sharia law feminism? That’s as silly as neo-nazi human rights.

    1. True. Out-of-control, kamikaze Left makes a dumb, populist Right sound smart. Beauty of the dialectic: one side’s excesses legitimize the other. This happens worldwide.

  3. Excellent article. “Her motive seems to be to weaken the West with further liberalism in order to ripen it for an Islamic Sharia conquest.”…. This is exactly the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood program, as stated in their publications and speeches. Sarsour (whose name appropriately means “cockroach” in Arabic! – of which he admitted pride https://twitter.com/lsarsour/status/12319983351?lang=en – is definitely a Brotherhood operative and holds their ideology, as seen from her various activities.

    According to this ideology, societies can be separated into either “Makkan” or “Madinan” periods. The “Madinan” is their desired full-fledged Islamic state, with the wholesale implementation of Shari’a. It is where Muslims are the majority, OR where Islamic law once held sway as conquerors since its considered a “sin” for any land that was once controlled by Muslims to “revert” to the control of “the kuffar”.

    Societies where Muslim are the minority and cannot fully implement Shari’a are considered “Makkan”, which means they have to work within the system and make short-term sacrifices if need be, so long as the long-term strategic goal remains. In their ideology, exhibited for example in the writings of Hasan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb etc., the ends justifies the means.

    This means that hardcore advocates of Shari’a in Muslim lands, those who support only the most socially conservative and even puritanical positions among themselves, make alliances with the most decadent elements. They’ve found the perfect ally in the various SJWs, who decry anything traditional and socially conservative among the hated white, but excuse it or even justify those very same things (and even worse) among Muslims.

    Rhetorical opposition to Israel was always a show, a front, for Linda the Cockroach, as seen in her buddying with pro-Israel politicians who align with the cultural Marxist agenda. The latter is obviously her main concern and not even her own Palestinian people. She likes the comfort of her upper-middle-class New York City upbringing and the unfettered free speech against the West.

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