MegaCuck Jordan Peterson Supports Jewish Supremacy

Alt-light cuck Jordan Peterson has numerously defended Jewish power by saying that Jews have higher average IQs than the general population, which he claims accounts for their disproportionate influence.

Peterson has made this claim in multiple YouTube videos, arguing that Jews are overrepresented in positions of authority because they’re just smarter than the rest of us and therefore deserve to rule us.

He sidestepped completely how Jews operate in tribal networks and scheme to elevate their co-religionists into positions of power. They slowly take over a given industry (often through criminal means) and then rig the system to favour their own kind. Nor does Peterson mention their propensity for unethical business practices that exploits Gentile naivity in order to accrue their illegitimate wealth. In Judaism, usury is, for example, prohibited for other Jews but permitted on Gentiles. Throughout history they’ve engaged in various financial scams that have made them rich. Once one of them becomes rich, they generously help the other Jews around them to achieve success as well, with interest-free loans, insider contacts, etc.

Peterson admitted that most of his friends are Jewish. He works at the University of Toronto, a Jewish-dominated institution. Since his scandal over gender neutral pronouns, Peterson has cozied up with the Zionist media boss Ezra Levant.

Pundits on the alt-light are more openly defining themselves as classical liberals. Paul Joseph Watson’s Twitter profile carries the tagline: “Classical liberal. Anti Alt-Right, anti Alt-Left.” Peterson has also defined himself as such. Both Watson and Peterson have rebuked the alt-right, white nationalism and critics of Jewish power. Watson infamously denied that Jews have any influence in the media.

The alt-light unanimously cuck out for the Jews and Israel, while hypocritically condemning the alt-right and white nationalism. Peterson even said that the far-right have a “pathology.” Other cucks like Faith Goldy and Gavin McInnes confided that their primary concern is to help the Jews conquer more of Palestine.

The classical liberals generally identify themselves with extreme individualism. They promote total atomization and advocate for a values-based society instead of an racial or religiously-derived one. Yet, astonishingly, they all support Israel which is a Jewish ethno-state bonded together by collective notions of Jewish identity and culture. How can these classical liberals square this discrepancy? It’s bad when whites think and act collectively, but it’s admirable when Jews do?

The truth is that it’s bad for Jews when whites think and act collectively, but it’s good when whites are atomized while Jews maintain their tribal solidarity. This shameless double standard demonstrates that the alt-light classical liberals are upholding the status quo which serves as the basis for continued Jewish domination and power in white countries, proving that, on some level, they’re working for Jewish interests against whites.

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3 Comments on “MegaCuck Jordan Peterson Supports Jewish Supremacy”

  1. At least the mask fell. Detaching from the religious element (those Israel-loving evancuck fanatics, confused Catholics, etc.) they wandered in secular territory having to reposition themselves – “libertarian” isn’t all that glamorous anymore – and under some pressure revealed to be nothing but “laissez-faire” status quo bitches. These people are just turbo-normies who defend the system, the new generation of priests preaching conformity/submissiveness to the peasantry, while arguing that the current system is not “neutral” enough – the rampant anti-whiteness threatens to provoke unwanted reactions, some peasants might get a little angry/uppity. “Let’s all be calm folks, grovel and obey – all of you, independently of color – the Invisible Hand will make it right”. They were (some still are) traditionally under the “conservative/right-wing” umbrella, now they’re out of it – overall a positive result. Things are becoming clear as the Gran Finale approaches, and whatever you may think, this is another step towards the brainchip.

  2. Peterson is an interesting guy. His specialty is understanding intelligence, but he definitely dropped the ball with the Jews. I’m reminded of Peterson’s big debate with (((Sam Harris))). It centered around the definition of truth. Harris took the mundane, everyday view of truth. In contrast, Harris said truth always comes down to Darwinian survival; what aids survival is true. But then he should use that criteria in evaluating the truth of Alt Right claims. If the claim that Jews are responsible for the attacks on Whites helps White to survive, then that claim is true… by Peterson’s own definition of truth.

  3. From Brandon’s post “Throughout history they’ve engaged in various financial scams that have made them rich. Once one of them becomes rich, they generously help the other Jews around them to achieve success as well, with interest-free loans, insider contacts, etc.”
    Then there is the Israel / Zionist Lobby and their corrupt activities.

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