Trump Upholds Promise to Jews, but not Whites

Is Donald Trump endeavouring to make America great again, or to make Jews and Israel more powerful than they already are?

Trump has just recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a meaningless symbolic gesture that Jews have been begging for for decades.

Trump boasted of how he kept his promise on this issue while past presidents haven’t.

So Trump keeps his promises to Zionist Jews, but fails to deliver on all the campaign promises to the white American majority, such as building the border wall and deporting illegal immigrants.

This shows that Trump is far more beholden to the Jewsh supremacists than to his white American support base. He’s delaying actions that would begin to reverse the systematic ethnocide of white Americans, but has forcefully pushed through policies to help empower Jews in Israel, a foreign state that has attacked the United States.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism in order to marry the Jewish supremacist Jared Kushner who has become a mainstay in the Trump White House. Kushner directed the contacts of Michael Flynn with Russia in order to help Israel at the United Nations. He was thanked for that by Haim Saban, a Jewish-American billionaire and chief Hillary Clinton backer. Kushner is a member of Chabad Lubavitch, a Jewish supremacist cult that beckons the return of the Jewish Messiah, whereupon the Gentiles will be made into slaves for Jewish exploitation.

The Trump administration has been commandeered by Jews like Kushner who are watering down Trump’s nationalist agenda whilst amping up support for Zionism. This is what happens when you allow Jews to control your politics – they will inevitably subvert it against the will and interests of the majority, prioritizing the interests of their tribe.

To fix this Trump has to fire Kushner and force his daughter to divorce him and convert back to Christianity. In addition to the Muslim ban on immigration, Trump must enact a ban on Jews from entering government, replacing all current Jews in the White House, Senate, Congress, military and intelligence agencies with racialist WASPs who want to restore the old order of white Gentile patriarchy.

That’s the only way he can truly “Make American Great Again.”

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20 Comments on “Trump Upholds Promise to Jews, but not Whites”

  1. Yes. Only my interpretation of the Trump movement is that only his naive supporters were ever committed to his campaign slogans. He is a big showman and actor, a tool of the money power. He is part of the ‘controlled demolition’ of America, in fact an enemy of the people and ‘friend of Israel’. What he is doing is hindering every nationalist value he claims to stand for by making it slide downward to the ridiculous, mean and petty. He ought to be called Tramp for his cuckoldry.

    1. Agreed. He was put there to pose as the “anti-Establishment” candidate, to seem “tough” on some issues while cucking out for the Israeli-Putinist subversion within our midsts, including the Israeli stealing of American technology, their buying up American cyber-security firms, the various networks of Israeli-Russian Jewish oligarchs to which Trump has long been in bed with, etc..

      To “Make America Great Again” would not be praising Jerusalem as “the eternal capital of the Jewish people”. Its especially strange that many so-called Christians would support him, because such a claim by its very nature would exclude the central role of that city to Christian history and theology. But such are the deep pockets of Zionism.

      Yet, the diehard Trumpists will never see otherwise, especially those who (strangely) do so while proclaiming themselves “anti-Zionist”. Case in point, immediately after the Jerusalem announcement the jedi mind tricksters at “The Ugly Truth” spun Trump’s declaration as a “chess move” that would only “hurt” Israel in the long run.

      Three more years of broken promises about “MAGA” and continuous subservience to Israel and Goldman Sachs, and you’ll still be seeing these delusional Trumpists sticking their ostrich heads in the sand.

      1. A comical scenario would be him running for re-election against…Hillary Clinton. And losing. Imagine the revanchist spirit in America: “history corrects itself”.

      2. While yes American illegal immigration is out of control and yes they need to be deported and tougher laws need to be made and enforced this topic however has nothing to do with Israel. The idiot who wrote this article about Israel doesn’t get it that Jerusalem is and always has been the capital of Israel and you have radical Islamic terrorists and stupid leaders from white European countries all worried about Muslims being offended. The Palestinians has proven time and time again that they do not want peace and are linked to radical Islamic groups funded by Iran who is sponsors more terrorism than any other country in the world. This attack on Israel written here is not only 100% wrong but it shows how stupid the person is who wrote it knows nothing about the situation. Trump was 100% correct what he did to send a message to these radical Muslims that he is not weak. Now back to the immigration problem Trump has been trying it’s congress of both parties but more of the Democrats that have been standing in the way. I hope this racist idiot Brandon doesn’t think he is Christian because if he does he clearly doesn’t understand the Word of God as he speaks such hate against Israel which is the spirit of anti-Christ.

        1. You sound like a typical brainwashed Christian Zionist robot. If you’re against “racism” (you called me a “racist”) then why do you support the Jewish racial apartheid state of Israel that discriminates against non-Jews? Because you’re a stupid hypocrite servant of the Jews who wants whites to be lovvy dovvy Christians and the Jews to be ruthless racialists conquering the world for Yahweh.

        2. Michael, your argument is premised on an ahistorical view of the history of Jerusalem. If you read your Bible, you would be well aware that at the time of Abraham (before there was an “Israel”, because that was his grandson Jacobs name given him after he wrestled the angel) the city was called Jebus, the City of Peace and its priest-king was Melchizedek, who initiated Abraham into the true faith by breaking bread and sharing the cup of wine with him. Then a thousand years later it became the capital of the land of Israel briefly after Joshua entered Canaan, but then internal strife caused a division resulting in the formation of two kingdoms, Israel in the north and Judah in the south. And Jerusalem was capital of Judah not Israel. Then the naughty Israelites were taken into captivity in Assyria and then the naughty Jews were later taken into captivity in Babylon and Jerusalem was neither the capitol of Judah or Israel, but a fiefdom of the Babylonian empire. Later, the Babylonian king gave it back to some of the Jews to return and settle in it, and for a brief period it was the capitol again. But the Jews rebelled against God and murdered Him on the cross, and according to the words of the Prophets of old, their house was made desolate. The Romans sacked and razed old Jerusalem and drove the Jews into exile, according to the will of God who Himself had dispossessed them of the land He had once allowed them to hold. Then the Romans built a new city there with a different name. And the Jews didn’t have a capitol anymore because they had ceased to be the Chosen people of God by their own blindness and treachery. This is the view taken by all of the Christian world for at least 1000 years. The Jews attempt to reestablish Jerusalem is part of their demonic religion and is part and parcel of their plan to rebuild the old temple and annoint a King of the Jews again. This is their massianic longing and it is completely contrary to Christian messianic theology, because Jesus Christ was, is and will be the Messiah and King of the Jews. And the activity of the Jews towards the end of establishing a messiah in defiance of the real One is antichrist, and their coming Mashiach is Antichrist, and you my friend are in danger of hell fire and damnation.

  2. Sheldon Adelson stuffed his ass with 100 million to do exactly this. Consevacucks and “classical liberals” across the West and shitholes in Latin America are having orgasms this week over this.

    1. Adelson, another diehard Likudist Zionist who still subverts American politics and economy for Israel. Among other ventures, he fleeces billions from the goyim at his casinos, which he then turns around and uses towards subversion.

    1. Nice vid, Erin. We all know die-hard Trumpians will say he’s playing 5 dimensional chess, lmao.

      Fox News viewers love to criticize “the mainstream media”, as if Fox friggin News isn’t mainstream media itself. You see Ezra doing basically the same thing in that vid.

      For me, it wasn’t just because Trump was so pro-Jewish, but even if you knew nothing about Trump’s history, all his shady connections, how secret societies operate and how lethal they are when it comes to presidential politics, and his views on Israel and Jews… even if you knew none of this, you’d still have to say the dude loves to shoot his mouth off and has flip-flopped and lied so many times. Maybe it can be said he’s entertaining, but his antics are not good qualities at all for a leading politician. He can’t be taken seriously and it’s sad that he actually is a leading politician; just goes to show how dire America’s politics and current state of affairs is.

      1. I know this is a rhetorical question, but if one accepts the premise that Putin (through obviously dimwitted Trump) is playing 5 dimensional chess, then how can anyone with lesser mental powers be confident that they are not likewise being decieved by the chessmaster? Can you yourself win, much less understand the rules?

      2. He worked with criminal elements his whole life – one of his personal lawyers defended the Five Families in New York, for example. His father was a brothel-owner, of Jewish descent. There’s suspicion of him washing money for foreign mafias, like the Russians (in one of his “Towers” almost all of the apartments were owned at some point by shady Russians). The guy is rotten to the core, but protected. It’s like the aristocracy of the underworld – as above, so below. The cattle will worship anything, they’re mindless animals:

  3. Those are good, natural questions that the cultists apparently never ask themselves. I’ve asked myself over and over again, why it is that certain people can swallow red pills with seemingly little problem, whereas others couldn’t swallow one if their very lives depended on it. Still can’t really figure it out, but in the Trumpians’ case, I think a significant part of the problem is that they just want to believe so badly that somebody has their best interests at heart and can make things better, and/or evil to such a scale can’t exist in the world.

    Yeah these peeps saying he’s playing this super-deep, super-complex chess is pretty arrogant because it’s also implying that they’re smart enough to spot it themselves to begin with so they can’t be deceived by Trump to begin with. This kind of thinking is why poker is a profitable game and always will be, because there are always those people out there who delude themselves into thinking they’re much better at the game than they actually are, and that they are, in essence, mind readers themselves. Pretty stupid, but at least for the time being, they’re spending their time playing poker and not in some kind of activism or in some kind of forums bothering the shit out of other people, lol.

  4. A classic example of “watch what the hands are doing, not what the mouth is saying”:
    On Thursday the Washington Post published a long article about how Donald Trump is dealing with Russia as president. It wasn’t exactly reassuring…The article is a portrait of a man-child, so deeply over his head that you wonder if he isn’t literally going to hold his breath until he turns blue before it’s all over…After reading both of these articles you get the sense that somebody in the White House has decided that the best defense against charges that Trump colluded with Russia is for people to believe that he behaves as he does because he’s a narcissistic simpleton who can’t deal with the fact that he didn’t win the popular vote…Furthermore, the authors seem to take at face value the assertion that Trump’s insistence that the Russians played no part in the election is because “the idea that he’s been put into office by Vladi­mir Putin is pretty insulting.” Trump is essentially depicted as a juvenile egomaniac who lacks the capacity or imagination to have done anything as sophisticated as collude with a foreign country.
    In the last week of November, Donald Trump launched a coup attempt at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB, or “the Bureau”). In direct violation of federal law, he purported to install a man under his direct control – Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney, whom he can hire and fire at will and who considers the Bureau a “joke” – at the head of an independent federal agency established by Congress. He did this without the advice and consent of the Senate, which is legally required. In this sense, he did the administrative equivalent of “appointing” a new Justice to the Supreme Court of the United States without Senate confirmation. And for this reason, the action will be rebuffed and reversed by the courts. But it will have posed a serious threat both to our financial system and to our constitutional democracy in the mean while.

  5. Happy Hanukkah from the Don: Chabad rabbi with ties to Kushner, Putin pardoned for horrific crimes.
    Is President Donald Trump making a play for the Jewish vote?

    It might seem like it after tens of thousands of religious Jews took to the streets of Brooklyn Wednesday night to celebrate President Trump’s decision to commute the sentence of former Agriprocessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin.

    The reasons for presidential pardons and commutations over the years have almost always been political and/or meant to send a grand message. But finding a clear reason for this decision isn’t easy.

    The Chasidic Jewish Rubashkin was convicted in 2009 of several crimes connected to his family’s massive kosher slaughterhouse operation headquartered in Postville, Iowa. They included money laundering and financial fraud. Moreover, the financial prosecution came after federal authorities raided the Agriprocessors plant and arrested 389 illegal immigrants working there in 2008.

    Rusbashkin’s guilt was really never in doubt. But his sentence was another story. Federal Judge Linda Reade slapped the now 57-year-old Rubashkin with 27 years behind bars; what many argued was essentially a life sentence.
    That set off a series of protests first from Rubashkin’s own Chasidic community and then from a series of Democrat and Republican elected leaders who noted he was getting a more severe punishment than Enron’s Jeff Skilling.

    It was that bipartisan push for leniency for Rubashkin that the White House used as an explanation for the president’s decision.

    I am still waiting for the FOX news room to explode with indignation the way they did about an FBI agent having once in a private email criticised the God King. They are so sensitive to ethics and all. And the fact that thus Rubashkin is a Russian Jew, well that has nothing to do with anything, we are all aware.

    But the fact that these Hasids would turn out in the tens of thousands to celebrate what is after all the failure of justice to be done to a grotesque criminal whose only redeeming quality involves a moyle is just stupefying.

    As this is contrary to common sense, I immediately started looking for a link to CHABAD, and guess what?

    The reactions beyond the world of Chabad were immediate, and largely critical. Inside the world of Chabad however, the contrast couldn’t be stronger. There was elation, celebration and praise for Trump. At 770 Eastern Parkway, there was singing and dancing. Men and boys in black hats and jackets spilled into the service lane in front of the landmark synagogue and held hands, waved flags and sang a song titled “Didan Notzch” (“We will be victorious”).

    Many of my own friends were repulsed. One of my vegan friends was distressed, because Agriprocessors, the company Rubashkin was CEO of and the center of his crimes, had been accused of truly horrific animal cruelty. On its face, it seemed at best unseemly—and at worst sick and callous—to celebrate the release of a man found guilty of terrible crimes solely on the basis of tribal affiliation.”

    Of course the author of the article goes on to apoligize for THIS TOO, noting that poor Chabdiniks are sensitive to imprisonment.

    1. Down the memory hole with Slimy Hymie:

      JTA, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

      Federal authorities charged that a methamphetamine laboratory was operating at the nation`s largest kosher slaughterhouse and that employees carried weapons to work.

      The charges were among the most explosive details to emerge following the massive raid Monday at Agriprocessors in Postville, Iowa.

      Interestingly, though, Jewish sources are mainly responsible for reporting the most shocking allegations, immunized as they are from allegations of antisemitism, and often the most candid about Jewish internal affairs. Some further reading indicates that the story may have gone that the methlab belonged to the employees themselves, and while this probably shielded the rabbis from legal blame, most familiar with organized crime techniques will recognize this shell game and see through it. Chabad is notorious for illegal drug traffic.


      Three days before the presidential election, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump visited the Queens gravesite of (Chabad) Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson and, according to The Times of Israel, they prayed for Donald Trump’s victory…

      It takes a little more doing to understand the Trump family’s connections to Lev Leviev. To begin with, we need to go back to Bayrock, the company that Donald Trump teamed up with to build his Trump Soho project. There were three main actors in that enterprise. One was convicted mob associate and murky FBI informant Felix Sater. Another was Tevfik Arif, a shady man with likely Russian intelligence connections who was once was arrested by the Turks on Mustafa Kamal Ataturk’s yacht and “charged with running an international underage prostitution ring.” The third was the late Tamir Sapir, another man with ties to Russian intelligence….

      Interestingly, all these men have connections to the Chabad movement. Felix Sater was honored as Man of the Year in 2014 by the Port Washington Chabad house. The same Chabad house’s website lists Tevfik Arif, who is not Jewish, “among its top 13 benefactors.”

      But it’s Tamir Sapir who links Trump back directly to Lev Leviev.

      Pay close attention to this:

      …the late billionaire Tamir Sapir, was born in the Soviet state of Georgia and arrived in 1976 in New York, where he opened an electronics store in the Flatiron district that, according to the New York Times, catered largely to KGB agents.

      Trump has called Sapir “a great friend.” In December 2007, he hosted the wedding of Sapir’s daughter, Zina, at Mar-a-Lago. The event featured performances by Lionel Ritchie and the Pussycat Dolls. The groom, Rotem Rosen, was the CEO of the American branch of Africa Israel, the Putin oligarch Leviev’s holding company.

      Five months later, in early June 2008, Zina Sapir and Rosen held a bris for their newborn son. Invitations to the bris described Rosen as Leviev’s “right-hand man.” By then, Leviev had become the single largest funder of Chabad worldwide, and he personally arranged for the bris to take place at Schneerson’s grave, Chabad’s most holy site.


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