Don’t Trust Faith Goldy

Faith Goldy, the exceedingly annoying former front woman for the Jew Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media, is becoming more friendly with the alt-right. She recently appeared on Red Ice where she talked about ethno-nationalism, claiming to support it.

I warn alt-righters to take what she says with a grain of salt. Her entire hoaky media career has been a cascading shill act for Israel and Jewish power. She got her start with a Jewish-dominated outlet in Canada called Sun News Network, and when that folded she joined Levant’s Rebel Media spin off, a veritable shtetl. There she pushed hardcore cuckservatism, the batshit kookery of Christian Zionism and disinformation to obscure Jewish power in the West.

Here she is encouraging the gullible Goyim to purchase Israeli assault rifles to fight the boycott movement:

Here’s Goldy on her ‘shill for Israel’ trip while working for Rebel:

What a brave jorno fighting the lies of the “anti-Semitic” mainstream media! I mean, come on, this cuck actually said that the mainstream media is anti-Israel. Only delusional Zionists say kook shit like that. So that would mean that the Jews who control most of that media are anti-Israel, Goldy?

Goldy got fired from Rebel Media because of her coverage of the alt-right Charlottesville rally and an interview she gave to an alt-right podcast. Levant decided that Goldy’s coverage of the alt-right was too favourable, so he canned her. At least that’s the official story. Maybe that whole thing was a ruse to give her some street cred and now Levant’s paying her to infiltrate and monitor the alt-right, and be Israel’s advocate from within it. She’s never actually criticized Levant after her alleged firing, which is odd.

Levant is an opponent of white nationalism, even though his entire shtick is to promote Jewish nationalism in Israel. He even got his negro cuckservative employee to bash the alt-right in a video:

Here’s Levant himself disavowing the alt-right:

At the end of the day, Goldy can’t be trusted. She’s shown herself to be an unprincipled opportunist willing to spew whatever disinformation her Jewish media bosses fed her. It’s not clear if she’s Jewish herself. ‘Goldy’ is certainly Jewish sounding. It may be a fake name, but it’s telling that she chose a Jewish-sounding pseudonym when embarking on a media career. Obviously she knew instinctively that sucking up to Jews would help her get ahead in the industry.

If anything, we should view Goldy as a subversive Zionist infiltrator in the alt-right whose probable mission is to sway alt-righters to support Israel and drop any criticism of Jewish power. Even in that Red Ice interview, she didn’t condemn Israel for its relentless lobbying, spying and scheming which has harmed the West, including actual terrorist attacks against Western countries, but said they’re “based” on immigration and should be admired as an example for our own nationalism. In other words, don’t worry about the AIPAC lobby folks, let’s cheer on the very Jews who sucked us into the pointless Iraq war, bankrupting us. She’s something akin to Laura Loomer, a cracked-out Jewess who cozied up to the alt-right and the pro-Trump movement, and who now works for Rebel Media.

The reason I doubt that Goldy is sincere in her shift towards the alt-right is because she has never disavowed her previous pro-Israel/pro-Jewish cuckery and refuses to identify the leading Jewish role in the leftist culture war against whites. She won’t talk about the Jewish motives to multiculturalize Goyim countries. She also blocked me on Twitter when I pointed all of this out to her. If she were truly coming around to alt-right ideas, why would she block me for pointing this out? Is she incapable of debate?

Women like Goldy, Lauren Southern and others are little more than fame-hungry opportunists who saw a growing niche market with the alt-light, alt-right and pro-Trump movements. They’re simply capitalizing on these sentiments in order to make money and get men to gawk at them on YouTube. That’s just what women do, always on the hunt for opportunities to increase their profile and status. And stupid men give it to them. Why do we need bimbo broads like these to become leading voices for nationalism when all they do is sell us half-truths and dumb cuckservative talking points that half-witted male alt-lighters like Cernovich, Yiannopoulos and Watson have been expressing more intelligently?

Until and unless Goldy disavows Jews and Zionism, she shouldn’t be welcomed into the alt-right. She should go crawling back to Izzie Levant or go work as a goy slave on a Kibbutz in Israel. We don’t need her and she offers us nothing that isn’t already out there.

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  1. In truth anything on Jew Tube cannot be trusted. This includes red ice tv and the other woman that was present during the call. They’re shills that slowly go to the dark side. It tends to be gradual, but they shift from the problem to the symptoms very quickly. None of those clowns can be trusted. YouTube is going through major demonitization and is outright deleting channels that spoke the truth. The fact that red ice tv is still sitting relatively unscathed, is amazing. Despite their claim that they’re site “Was hacked.”

    1. Joe you are a moron or poser. Red Ice goes in depth on the JQ and Jewish elite subversives all the time. You obviously don’t listen or watch their stuff. Their latest Weekend Warrior is all about J hypocrisy and influence. They constantly discuss these topics using their real name. Red Ice was hit hard after the hack. What do you know? As if you are aware of what they go through. The only reason they did not go under was because of their listeners who sent donations. They said so in several shows. GTFO. You are useless.

      1. I think you missed the point bud. Red ice tv tends to talk more about symptoms than cures. On top of that, donations don’t affect googles ability to censor. They don’t give a shit about that. They’ve shut down thousands of channels, some with over a hundred thousand subscribers. Red Ice tv along with info wars, and press for yards are nothing but shill channels. Ask yourself this question, why would Faith Goldy be given a voice on their platform, along with many other Zionist shills?

  2. Emphasis on – “half-truths and dumb cuckservative talking points” . . . of those three.
    Thanks for the brilliant articles.
    These articles will hopefully make nationalists more cautious when deciding on who to trust.
    Even though nationalists are very principled and they doggedly stick to what they believe, it can work against them if they are led astray into believing the wrong things.
    The usual culprits and their sometimes unwitting accomplices are driving these deceptions.

  3. Exactly. She refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the room (or at least one of the elephants). Her sunburnt bimbo looks shouldn’t be enough for men with any self-respect at all. Thirsty beta Alt-Cucks will go for it of course, but that only helps to identify the imbeciles and infiltrators. Soon there’ll be disappointment in this “Lauren Rose” as well, as she also made a video saying “Western, not white, please” but now is pretending to go along with it all. I don’t like to agree with MGTOW/Anglin, but they do have a point about women. They wanna be accepted by society above all – they can’t be proper rebels.

  4. Great article! Goldy is very Jewish sounding indeed. Her goal is clearly to infiltrate Red Ice. I can’t believe they’ll have her on but not you again. Red Ice needs to get rid of cucks like Goldy and Jay Dyer.

    1. Goldy isn’t Jewish, as much as some need it to be true. Stop being paranoid. Everyone wakes up in stages and many of us weren’t aware of Jewish influence and hypocrisy. She’s Christian and many Christians have been brainwashed on this topic. Lana interviewing her was a plus. That interview has over 50k views already and people are talking about ethno-nationalism. It was one interview, so what. It’s not her “infiltrating” Red Ice. Women need to hear other women talk about these things and they need it in stages, not some hardcore aggressive bitter male shouting “it’s the Jews.” Don’t expect women to be like men.

      1. Goldy blocked me for bringing up these points on Jews. This information has been handed to her on a silver platter and she knowingly continued working for a Zionist Jew, shilling her tits off for Israel, until he allegedly fired her. Why should we trust this sunburned skank? At best she’s in it for the money. What has she done that’s praiseworthy besides stick her tits in front of a camera and tell us to support Israel? She’s a female version of Geert Wilders. Certainly not alt-right.

  5. Brandon, 1 woman I highly recommend is Sinead McCarthy from Renegade Broadcasting. She is able to use logic to talk about the Jewish problem. They expose all the (((controlled opposition))). Also did you hear recently David Duke supporting Donald Trump’s decision to announce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

        1. That is so twisted. And Duke’s given rationale for why it is actuually goint to be bad for the Jews to get what they want (giving them enough rope to hang themselves) is as logically flawed as the old ‘5th dimensional chess’ canard. First of all it ignores the necessity for virtue in a statesman, intead allowing a despicable immoral pragmatism to be enough provided it eventually brings “White” victory. The possibility that such a move could cause untold suffering to innocent children caught in a new outburst of violence is given no creedence. Nor is the possibility that making the Jews any stronger and encouraging them in every way could help them gain positive victory over the world. Whoops. Duke is an intellectual whore : a man of intelligence whose only use for it is to get his hands on the levers of power himself by any means. Duke worships the day that America will fall into a White Sharia dystopia, narrowly pursuing this one goal as the only hope for his racist materialist fear based philosophy. And he has been assured that Trump is taking us there, so he has sold his soul to bring the Ragnarok on the race mixers and liberal Yankees.

  6. Brandon? You supported Geert Wilders, remember? Also, you support Britain First, remember? Good article but why should we believe anything you say when you, yourself are all over the lot? Then again, why are you concerned about the alt-right Putin lovers getting taken in by these chick? Like I told you after you outed Cole, where were you when David sold his books two years prior? Interviewing him, that’s where. I always saw great potential in you but you really come off compromised yourself looking at your 24/7 content.
    The alt-right as much as invited these girls in and remember, Red Ice is officially alt-right

    1. There is an element of baby stepping that has to be conducted in order to get people unified and on similar pages. I personally don’t have the patience/tolerance for it, but Lana does to some extent, it seems.

      Lana is a dilettante on topics like feminism and the Palestine/Israel conflict, but at least she’s not some Islamophile and at least she has come along on issues like Trump. She was originally very pro-Trump and people like myself would go to her page talking about how we don’t like Trump and I don’t think she liked that at all, lol, but as of more recently, she has expressed some of her displeasure with Trump. It really sucks that in the alt-right, there are quite a few folks who will automatically dislike you if you don’t like Trump (some will even just straight up hate you).

      Another good thing about Lana is that she doesn’t block me for giving contrarian views on her page. I put up Brandon’s original article about Faith on Lana’s page and if she took the time to read it, I’m sure she knows what Brandon is talking about.

      Where alt-righters are way ahead of the typical 9/11 truthers are on the topics like multiculturalism, race and crime, race and IQ, and various other Marxist agendas like the agendas against heterosexuals, whites, cisgenders etc. The average 9/11 truther is very Marxist in thinking, I’ve noticed. It’s as if they think all they needed to know the so-called “truth” was/is that 9/11 was an inside job, but the mainstream media and gubments be ‘telling the truth’ about everything else and they don’t get much beyond that point.

      To be honest, I’m really impressed with Brittany Pettibone as an alt-right female. She’s got wisdom way beyond her years and she’s just good spirited. She’s smart on all kinds of different topics for her age, but there really is a shit load of information to know out there, and I don’t think she has delved deeply into the JQ yet. Will all these chicks ever come full circle? I guess time will tell, but it is very important to try to get the masses on as many of the same pages as possible. It seems like Faith very likely never will be though, and yeah, she could easily be some kind of shill/controlled opposition herself, IMO.

      1. Lana is a shill, PERIOD. Any person who gives zionists a platform to speak are nothing but compromised. These people should be rejected wholesale considering they are part of the agenda to “Genocide the white race”.

        1. When I call somebody a “shill”, like Alex Jones, I try to make sure I have enough evidence to back that claim up before I make it. If I can’t prove somebody is a shill, I might say something like so and so seems shillish to me, or they could very possibly be a shill, or they might be a shill, etc.

          Here’s the urban dictionary definition of shill:

          A person engaged in covert advertising. The shill attempts to spread buzz by personally endorsing the product in public forums with the pretense of sincerity, when in fact he is being paid for his services.”

          I’m afraid that doesn’t fit Lana’s description. The way Lana and Red Ice operate is that they allow people of different opinions to speak on their show. Just because they do this, it doesn’t mean they’re gotdamned shills. Am I speaking to Joe Sigur again, or another Joe? I’ve even attacked certain people on Lana’s FB page giving my dissenting views of both Trump and Putin, and she never blocked me for it. You could say she was giving me a platform to speak though. When I do no-block tags on FB, I’m giving people I really can’t stand, and people I’d rather bust in the head than say hi to, a platform to speak for argument’s sake. Not that I enjoy arguing with imbeciles or that I get paid to do it like a Tom Leykis, but just given that these trash-talking buffoons need to get beaten in debate and other people who haven’t studied the topics need to know how easy it is to defeat Marxists in debate because they start off with all the wrong premises/paradigms to begin with.

          No, I don’t think Lana is a shill just because she gives people with different views a platform to speak on. I think people making bogus claims and arguments though are either dummies, and/or they might be shills themselves.

      2. 9/11 truthers are a mix of burnout hipsters/New Agers/proto-leftists Kevin Barret-style (muslims are good people, “white” is a social construct. I’m-a-good-boy-look-at-me). They descended to such a level that even normies who go along with the narrative and hate muslims for it are more respectable. Typical example of when “open-mindedness” becomes effeminacy/intellectual cowardice.

        1. Indeed. Ken O’Keefe also comes to mind for me as well. As good as a speaker as Ken is, and how on point he is on many different things, the friggin dude is just a total joke on the Marxism issue, and his girlfriend gives off the impression to me as being a whack job herself, but don’t tell Ken that, lolz. He tried to say that her ‘artwork’ is “exposing” the occult, and he said he was going to produce a video of her explaining it, (I mean, he must think everybody is just really goddamned stupid or something because that broad is totally into the occult and thinks it’s cool), but he never did. He also says he’s “not a liberal” while in the next breaths he proceeds to tell you about his liberal viewpoints, lmao. Dude has seriously deluded himself in a lot of ways, and/but these people call themselves “truthers” – a total misnomer.

  7. Yo Brandon Martinez,
    This is off-topic, but I don’t see any mode to send messages to you. No reply required. Recently somewhere I read a comment by your dismissing the Old Testament as silly fake history stories or something like that. And it afterward occurred to me to suggest what I think may be a deeper truth
    at least abut the Hebrew Bible, which is that it is impregnated with cryptic Warfare Ttemplates disguised as historical narratives. Fir instance the BABEL Story, [who would ever think such a war template was viable?] being deployed against the USA . And the Multicultural Society mode of Jewish Utopia, is just lipstick on the beast , as they, Wall St. & Congress also engineered the removal of most of the US manufacturing apparatus, still on-going, to ‘off-shore’ locations, principally to Communist China which subsequently has become a lender nation loaning billions annually to Congress . This is concurrent with the decades of massive legal immigrants numbers, at least one million Legal immigrants annually in the last 30 years of whom at least 90% are specifically Third-World non-White per the Jewish writ immigration law of 1965, who have been methodically placed in small and midsized towns and cities across America ; plus massive numbers, but officially not estimated as such, of Illegal numbers, estimated by Ann Coulter’s research for her book “Adios America”, to be, 30 million in the last 30 years; an estimate that she claims is accurate and conservative.
    Another plausible War Template observed as deployed on America is the Jericho narrative of distraction of the population away from the defense walls by compelling entertainment while a long established cabal of covert agents open the gates and drop ropes and ladders from the unguarded walls which provides entry for the invading hordes to enter and destroy all except those in dwellings with a red signifier, a red tapestry for Jericho, hung from the roof signaling their agency with the cunning conquerors.
    Another comment you made in some interview, in which you observed that one sign of a False Flag
    Operation was that the guilty party is identified from the onset in the media. This was the case with Charlottesville VA mid-August 2017 and clearly revealed in the August 15, Tuesday, 2017 Presidential press conference where a most aggressive press corps demanded that President Trump blame only the white marchers which to his credit he resisted. It is worth seeing the part of the press conference about Charlottesville and it is on You Tube. In Sept the Federal Civil Rights Commission issued a ststement condemning just the WHite people and specifically refused to include ANTIFA which is a group that exists for deployment of violent tactics against it’s target; and it’s only current target is White people who engage in PUBLIC POLITICAL activity for their own group self interests.
    Something that does not happen very much so far, but it happen too much & perhaps is being helped a bit by the men who organized the Charlottesville march. of whom Richard Spencer seems a probably innocent party [I think]. But the quilt narrative was pre-set and the media and government stayed
    with it. I noticed the Psy-Op Nazi putative march on Skokie IL that generated a year long court case thanks to the pro bono legal assist of ACLU and which was used by the national media to repeatedly evoke the solidified official narrative of Jewish suffering of WW II at the hands of the Nazis. It was said that every day, during that year, somewhere in aamerica there was an articlle inspired by the Skokie IL drama which introduced the narrative of Jewish suffering, extermination etc. Skokie Il had a very large number of Jews who had been in German forced labor camps [but not exterminated.]
    But the most important thing never mentioned was that the ‘charismatice’ nazi leader “Frank Collin” was in fact an agent provocateur Frank Joseph Collin. That Psy-Op climaxed with the announcement that Congress passed a Bill signed by Pres. carter which provided prime land in wash. D.C . and $400 million to build a HOLOCAUST MUSEUM and a TV network released a 4 day TV mini-series called “Holocaust”. Henceforth the word ” Holocaust ” was to be a de facto brand -name word for the Jewish-persecution-suffering narrative of WW II. In fact the ACLU was involved in the Charlottesville event and available for the key organizer [Whose name is Kessler, Jason who not very long ago was on the opposite of the ideological aisle according to Kyle Hunt and others]; and previously was a journalist employed by CNN. Perhaps most significant is the joint RESOLUTION passed by Congress in late September or so to condemn the violence of Charlottesville in which the Congress also refuses to include Jewish attack organization known to be funded by SOROS but also
    by other rich Jews and even Mozilla-Firefox management, ANTIFA [ =ANTI-Free-Speech-By Any Means Necessary-BAMN] . Congress acted to protect and stand with ANTIFA in a lynch-mob stance which symbolically lynched the White marchers of the Charlottesvielle VA psy-op which had included the usual city police stand-down which ANTIFA mysteriously enjoys repeatedly. The vote of the Civil Rights Commission on Charlottesville is viewable on You Tube and CSPAN. President trump signed the joint Congressional RESOLUTION which called upon the Attorney General Sessions to investigate the only the White groups involved in the Charlottesville march. But does that mean the AG must not investigate ANTIFA [which is a psychopath magnet group , which would not be what it is without the supportive mystery of repeated Police Stand Downs. In the Sacramento event the police were present [many videos of this event are eon You Tube] but did not interfere with the ANTIFA assaults except in a couple of instances where the kicking phase was close to cops, and all were being video recorded by bystanders. The ANTIFA attacks on video have 3 visible stages. First pepper spray the target’s eyes, then, or concurrently by another member, attempt to crack the skull by clubbing the skull and then tripping the target to be on the ground at which point all available ANTIFANS gather around the target on the ground to commence viciously kicked the target for an extended period.
    So for mass media coordinated Psy-Ops the narrative of blame is pre-set and deployed from the commencement of mass media news coverage and does not change. A key nuance of the Charlottesville event is emphasized in the Aug. 15 Trump Press Conference where the press corps
    insisted that the White marchers [who had a permit to march] White Supremacism-Nazis cannot be equated with the actions [violent assault] of ANTIFA which is anti-Fascist -anti-Nazi [and therefore implicitly moral] . And that meme of ANNTIFA being above criticism because it is moral to be self-described as ANTI-Fascist -anti-nazi-anti-white supremacist. The US Congress concurs; and they used the ANTIFA terminology for the White Americans victimized in Charlottesville.

    1. Being raised as a Christian Zionist and undergoing years of brainwashing, one of the reasons I first started to seriously question the faith was by looking into 9/11, followed by looking into Jewish crime.
      This then got me asking questions about the Bible, including the Old Testament. After lots of research and I’d say a loss of respect for the Bible, I had a resurgence of new respect for it after conducting my own research on it.

      Many people talk about the Old Testament as if it’s “Jewish”. First of all, the first time the word “Jew” is even mentioned in the OT is in II Kings, and no, these weren’t the “chosen” people as Christian Zionists are led to believe. Secondly, the Kabbalah INVERTS the gotdamned OT. It means that they see God the creator as the bad buy, and Lucifer as the ‘light-bringer’; the ‘illuminator’ and ‘liberator’ of humanity. Gnostics get their philosophy from Kabbalah. They think Jesus was the bad guy and Judas Iscariot was the good guy. They invert crosses and all kinds of other such Luciferian practices. The ruling Kabal is not going off the OT literally, but in an INVERTED fashion.

      In any case, this is a good vid on the ‘evil’ OT… it’s not nearly as evil as lots of Christian haters and the blooming Pagan population. Paganism is truly inferior to Christianity, and one of the reasons for this is that Christians are aware that this all is a spiritual battle and that there truly are evil entities who not only operate on Earth, but in other dimensions. Pagans don’t seem to realize these things. It pains me to see so many identitarians getting involved in it. Some examples of what I’m talking about though:

      Sam here is a smart dude and he had no problems with me bringing up Kabbalah and it’s Luciferianism on his page:

        1. Excerpt out of this article:

          “Judaism — Tree Worship
          Tree worship, one of the oldest forms of paganism, is based on the belief that trees are inhabited by spirits of fecundity.

          Another of the regular Babylonian Talmudic synagogue festivals today is “New Year for Trees.” Its Talmudic name is “Hamishshah-‘asar bi-shevat,” under which title it is listed in the Babylonian, or synagogue calendar, given in the American Jewish Year Books. It fell, for example, on the 15th of Shevat, 1964, which in our calendar was January 29th.

          In his work, The Golden Bough — A Study in Magic and Religion, Sir James George Frazer devotes much space, even in the abridged edition (MacMillan, 1951), to “Tree Worship,” which he traces through different countries as a pagan observance. He says of Buddhist monks who, believing that trees have souls, “will not break a branch of a tree ‘as they will not break the arm of an innocent person.’ These monks are Buddhists. But Buddhist animism is not a philosophical theory. It is simply a common savage dogma incorporated in the system of an historical religion. To suppose, with Benfrey and others, that the theories of animism and transmigration current among rude peoples of Asia are derived from Buddhism, is to reverse the facts.”

          What Frazer writes about the animistic, transmigration doctrines of Buddhism applies with equal force to so-called “Judaism,” which is poles apart from basic Bible beliefs.

          Looking upon the individual tree as a soul, or merely the abode of a soul, says Frazer, marks the line between animism, the simplest nature-worship, and Polytheism, or tribute to many gods. He says: “When a tree comes to be viewed, no longer as the body of the Tree-Spirit, but simply as its abode which it can quit at pleasure, an important advance has been made in religious thought. Animism is passing into Polytheism. In other words, instead of regarding each tree as a living and conscious being, man now sees in it merely a lifeless, inert mass, tenanted for a longer or shorter time by a supernatural being … [who] enjoys a certain right of possession or lordship over the trees, and, ceasing to be a tree-soul, becomes a forest ‘god.’ “(pp. 129, 135)

          The Christian reader may be perplexed at Biblical excoriations against trees. The fact was that owing to the fertility myth, individual and mass harlotry was carried on under trees, and these were planted for that purpose in groves.

          Two kings of Judah, Hezekiah and Josiah, were commended because they “cut down the groves.” (II Kings 18:4 and 23:14) God promised Moses He would bless the people he was leading into Palestine providing they drove out the pagan abominators, the Canaanites, saying:

          “Take heed lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants whither thou goest, lest it be for a snare … But ye shall destroy their altars … and cut down their groves.” (Exodus 34:12-13) “Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods … under every green tree. And ye shall … burn their groves with fire.” (Deut. 12:2-3) Deuteronomy 7:5, etc., repeat the same command. This was about 1450 B.C.

          Read the varying, equivocating, hedging variety of reasons given by the Jewish authorities as to why some of their holidays are celebrated. “What goes on here?” is the natural reaction to all this evasiveness, or to direct contradictions by top sources.

          Under “New Year for Trees” in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1943) we are told that Shammai set this holiday for the 1st of Shebat (around February) and Hillel, the most popular of these two 1st Century Pharisees set it for the 15th of Shebat — and, of course, Hillel won. The “eating of many species of fruits” is cited for this occasion and: “No special liturgy … is prescribed for the day.”

          Under “New Year for Trees” in the Jewish Encyclopedia, (1905), however, we read that “it is celebrated by eating various kinds of fruits and by a special liturgy arranged for the Day.” Take your choice. Then this older source cites that “the custom was to plant a cedar-tree for every new-born [page 40] male and a cypress-tree for every female. When a marriage was about to take place the trees were cut down and used as posts for the nuptial canopy. (Gittin 57b)”

          The Gittin 57b passage of the Jewish Talmud referred to as the source of trees in connection with weddings, follows the Talmud [Gittin] 57a passage about Christians being in hell under boiling “excrement,” and every foul blasphemy of Christ. This followed by a “dainty” tale about David: “He went into a privy and a snake came, and he dropped his gut from fright and died.” (page 252 Soncino edition, not reproduced) Then, Gittin 57b:

          “It was the custom when a boy was born to plant a cedar tree and when a girl was born to plant a pine tree, and when they married, the tree was cut down and a canopy made of the branches.””

          1. The secret of the ages. This is one of the best channels out there on NDEs (near death experiences… in actuality quite a few are life-after-death experiences because some of these cases are of people who were clinically dead for not just minutes, but many hours… a few cases are up to days). I’ve watched almost every one of these videos; found ’em very fascinating.

            NDEs are thousands of years old, but to shorten up what they say without having to watch hundreds of hours on NDEs is basically that, yes, life after death exists. In this world, all that mattered was what you did for your fellow man. There are the heavenly experiences which are blissful, and then there are the hellish experiences which are terrifying. Something else many people talk about is encountering a Jesus-like figure who is the supreme ruler/master of not only this universe, but of many others. This doesn’t mean that everyone encounters a Jesus-like figure, though, and there are reports from people of other religions (like Hindus) having experiences that are aligned with the Hindu faith, etc.


  8. “Maybe that whole thing was a ruse to give her some street cred and now Levant’s paying her to infiltrate and monitor the alt-right, and be Israel’s advocate from within it.”

    yeah, sure

    btw, i shouldnt trust Faith Goldy but i should trust “Brandon Martinez”??

  9. I noticed something about the first video with the black man. He says that ‘well if whites are declining, whose fault is that?… the Whites’ So he says we should do something about it. That’s exactly what we are doing and the cuckservatives are still against us.

  10. I listened to a couple Faith Goldy interviews over the weekend and then went back and reviewed the Ezra Levant video where he announced he had to let go after Charlottesville because she’d crossed the line there by talking to The Daily Stormer, or whatever. I thought she was entertaining. I don’t need to be warned about alt. media podcasters as if I’m some uninformed rube ready to be roped into a Kabbalistic Zio-rodeo by some crafty Hebrew handler lurking behind the curtain. Also, I prefer Jay Dyer than to the screaming hillbilly Bible thumpers above. I don’t care if he’s cucked he’s a living library.

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