Cuck Owen Shroyer Has Meltdown When Asked About Jewish Influence

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer exposed himself as a moronic Zionist lackey in an interview with an Infowars critic.

In the video Shroyer is confronted by a man questioning the sincerity of Infowars for their charlatanism on the Jewish question. The interviewee asks why Jones and his employees consistently avoid criticizing or naming Israel and powerful Jews as the head of the snake of globalism and the international banking system.

Shroyer was flustered and launched into pathetic strawman arguments, actually comparing Jewish power to kook claims about big foot. Shroyer pulled the classic Jones deflection that it’s “not just Jews,” but the “communist Chinese” and other groups. The interviewee said he was talking about Jewish influence in the West, not the rulers of mainland China, to which Shroyer had no answer. How revealing that the Infowars hacks are willing to scapegoat Chinese people for the actions of Jews! So criticizing Jews is off-limits, but the Chinese are fair game?

The interviewee asked Shroyer if Israel has a self-preservationist policy. Shroyer replied, “Who wouldn’t? … they’re surrounded by terrorists!” This is the same Infowars that opposes the alt-right and white nationalism, pushing civic race-blind patriotism. Alex Jones himself said that he doesn’t care if in 30 years 80% of Americans are non-white so long as they believe in gun rights and limited government. Jones has consistently disavowed and condemned white nationalists.

Yet, simultaneously, the shills at Infowars defend Israel’s racialist policy to preserve its Jewish majority. Shroyer, who’s normally confident when debating braindead SJWs, had a total meltdown in this interview and exposed himself as a tool of the Jews.

Denying the existence of Jewish power appears to be a top-down directive from Jones himself. Watson did the same deflection/denial routine when he was asked about it:

What more evidence do we need that Infowars is a bought-and-paid-for Zionist operation?

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15 Comments on “Cuck Owen Shroyer Has Meltdown When Asked About Jewish Influence”

  1. When you find out why InfoWars never goes that extra strip to finger actual names let me know.
    Alex Jones William name the foundation families and will admit to truths but they are buried.
    It’s not like he’s waving a big red flag and dropping the actual details on how to actually DO something to actually change things.
    I did catch this show and at 57:00 he admits Zionist Jews helped run the Holocaust and force Jews to populate Israel that London Jew Bankers got in a deal called the Balfour Declaration, which promised the Jews a homelands ex Middle East in exchange the bankers wouldn’t manipulate the USA into WWI because England was getting whooped by Germany.
    The declaration also specifically said the deal could not displace the current residents. SO you see where the deal wasn’t kept.
    57:00 in:, Alex Jones told role Zionist Jews played in WWII/Holocaust & Forced Jews to #Israel

  2. ClearChannel funded, Jewish controlled operation. He puts out lots and lots of half-truths, shotgun-style (often screaming), in a way that doesn’t lead to any effective action therefore not hurting the system in any way. It’s an infotainment commercial program. Whatever you may think of it, why would the system (megacorps who run these game dev companies) put something extremely similar, as if mockingly, in a top commercial game?

  3. Since my comments getting through, I just want to mention all the times you have supported Zionists recently such as Girt Wilders and England First. This pertaining to your otherwise good attack on Goldy. Your message is all over the lot. Why are you worrying about who Putin loving alt-righters kiss up to? All that said, you are doing modestly better this week. Remember, in the end Putin is a Jew tool but stupid ppl won’t connect them unless you hammer it in
    and obsessing on cold war mentality shit, in and of itself distracts from the JQ

    1. You’re a lying clown without a life. In both cases of Wilders and BF I criticized them for cucking to Jews. I said Wilders was the lesser of the evils in Holland as the rest of the parties are pro-immigration. I said BF was good on opposing Islamization and Islamic immigration, but are essentially alt-light cucks who can’t be taken totally seriously by the alt-right unless and until they address the Jewish question. It was never a full endorsement in either case. So you’re just a lying sack of shit and virtually nobody with a brain takes what you say seriously. You’re so kooky that you claim literally everyone who is good on the Jewish question is a “shill” anyway. So who other than yourself, a mentally ill hillbilly weedwacker, is “legitimate opposition”?

      You’re effectively no better than Britain First because you’re a pro-multicult, pro-race mixing cuck for Islam and non-whites. So you just have the opposite cuckery as them. You hate Jews but want to suck off Muslims, whereas they hate Muslims but suck off Jews. You’re both shit.

  4. Diversion from the Jews to the Chinese is like diversion from Americans to Australians. One may not be the other, but they have the same idea in their heads.

    The interviewee asked Shroyer if Israel has a self-preservationist policy. Shroyer replied, “Who wouldn’t? … they’re surrounded by terrorists!”

    RE: Who wouldn’t? (this is too easy) — the European Union. They invite them in whenever they claim to be refugees and require the natives to accept them in increasing numbers, just as long as they aren’t actually carrying their Kalishnikovs at the time these jihadis cross the border.

    Of course one could have taken Shroyer apart by asking him what he means that Israel is surrounded by “terrorists”. Does he mean Arabs? So all Arabs are terrorists? So everyone in the Middle East is a terrorist ? Isn’t that racist? Isn’t Infowars against racism? Or is Jewish racism an exception? Don’t Jewish rabbis teach that Gentiles are beasts without souls?

    And the Shroyer wearing a flak vest was a nice touch. Kind of reminds me of the Charlatanville street theater troupers. Kind of like Israeli settler meets Village People.

  5. As far as China goes, guess who gave them communism in the first place?
    Grigori Naumovich Voitinsky
    Jakob Rosenfeld
    Stanislaw (Moishe) FIato
    Ruth F. Weiss
    Sidney Rittenberg
    Sidney Shapiro
    Israel Epstein

  6. “In the book series “Library of Political Secrets #4 – Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews (1969)” written under the pseudonym Istvan Bakony, there is a chapter dedicated to the clandestine jews in China, usually referred to as “crypto Jews” throughout the ages and throughout the world. These jews converted to various religions but in secret many of them worshipped the Kabbalah (a satanic heresy of Judaism). One such example are the “Marranos” who spread across Europe and South America.

    After the Jews lost the battle of Jerusalem in AD 70, which was said to be divine retribution for crucifying Jesus Christ, they spread across the globe in their diaspora. Many of these Jews married local people wherever they settled. Hence it is impossible to identify a Chinese, Tartarian, African or Indian Jew by his looks today.

    Jews entered China already during the Han dynasty about 1800 years ago and then spread everywhere. The mixed Chinese Jews belonging to the ultra-secret sect practicing black magic are called “Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou” Jews. (This roughly means “those who remove their tendon” during ritual slaughter.) It is believed that these jews exerted a great political influence in China since ancient times. Since many Jews were busy with international trade they could maintain an international network of rich and influential people across the world, something very useful if you have global ambitions.

    To get a picture of the hidden historic process of the Chinese Jews we note that in the 13th century book “Travels of Marco Polo”: “Some accidental observations…show that jews were sufficient enough to be able to exert political influence in China and Tartary”.

    The Chinese jews usually converted to Confucianism or Buddhism over time but they worshipped satanic Kabbalah in secret and they passed on their secrets to their sons when they were 13-years-old. Every Friday they held ceremonies in their local secret fraternity to update the progress of their schemes to take over political, religious, military or commercial power from the gentiles or “goyim” as these people refer to “non-jews”.

    Jews were expelled from China already in AD 845 during the Tang dynasty, indicating that they were scheming already as elsewhere across the globe.

    Bakony writes that no outsider knows how many TKK jews there are in China today. The number is a well kept secret among the international Jewry. Someone claimed they had more than two million TKK Jews in China while others think that the number may be many times higher. What is clear in the book is that the TKK jews have infiltrated the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the very top levels since 1949. What is also known is that the whole setup of the CCP was arranged in cooperation with Western Jews.


    Communism was spread across the world by the black crypto Jewish network, sometimes referred to as “International jewry” – a global criminal organization practicing black magic.

    These people infiltrated all the major countries of the world including the whole Europe, the US, all the middle East, India, China and Japan. With this kind of global network of traitorous people, they became “the chosen” people and have been able to destroy the world as we know it and put an end our divinely inspired civilization. They even think that they are doing good things as they believe that they can usher in the arrival of the Messiah by doing more evil things so that the Universe collapses.

    The “Communist Manifesto” states in a famous sentence: “Workers of the world, unite!”

    I believe a more truthful version would be: “Crypto jewish traitors of the world, unite!”

    The whole Communist infiltration of the world was carried out by the same type of traitorous people in every country – and they cooperated between the countries and set up both world wars and have been responsible for countless deaths. These traitors parade under various covers of religion like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism etc but in secret they think of themselves as satanist Jews. Of course, their Jewishness is another falsity since they are no real jews whatsoever. The truth is that they first hijacked and destroyed Judaism with their satanic Kaballah just as they later destroyed the other religions and the nations of the world. These people practice “holiness through sin.”


    Since the beginning of the Opium trade in 1831, Jews like David Sassoon cooperated exclusively with Jews (ie the Kaifeng jews) inside China to destroy the strength of China and its divinely inspired 5000 year old culture. One such example is the destruction of the Summer Palace, called “Yuanmingyuan – Garden of Perfect Brightness” outside Beijing in 1860. It was considered the prime cultural treasure of China, its size being five times bigger than the “forbidden city” in Beijing. The destruction of Chinese culture by the Jews is now replicated by cultural Marxism destroying the Western culture.

    We know from the history books that many western jews such as Sidney Rittenberg, Sidney Shapiro and Israel Epstein “advised” the CCP when it took power in 1949. Today it´s obvious that the whole creation of the CCP was the final step towards creating a “Jewish World Dynasty” with all other countries following CCP´s orders. ”

  7. You people are so brainwashed it is hilarious! You could never see the whole picture because you don’t have any brain cells left to see a picture. Maybe one day you will wake up but when you suck methane from the crack of Hitllary’s Butt, you can’t expect to know anything. Keep spewing your bullshit and we will keep on laughing at your ridiculous news. I got to keep watching you guys cause this is the best laugh I have had in a long time.

    Any sane individual would be overwhelmed by the complete idiocy that you guys put out. Your questions make no sense, you notions are nonsense, and your delusions are ridiculous. Combine these together, you are no better than the fake news of CNN.

    Chew on that one LITTLE BOYS! Are you Triggered Yet?

    1. Master of the Trolls… how do you know I won’t master your wife or your girlfriend? Maybe your IQ is too low to ever conceive of such a possibility though. I might just master you too, while I’m at it.

      Sounds like we’ve got a die-hard Trumptard over here. Hey DUMMY, yeah we ALL KNOW Hillary is a douche bag. What you don’t seem to be able to understand though is that SO IS TRUMP.

      BTW, is it just me or have you noticed a lotta Trumpians have big mouths just like Trump does? I mean the clowns act just like goddamned Trump. Must be “just me” though, n stuff.

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