Squatting Slav Exposes Anti-Whites

Squatting Slav, a Serbian-Canadian YouTuber covering the leftist culture war against the West, approached people on the street with an “It’s Okay to be White” poster, provoking deranged and hysterical anti-white responses.

People responded by variously saying the innocuous and inoffensive poster was “unnecessary,” “disgusting” and “racist.”

One overweight white woman was indignant at the sight of the poster because it “wasn’t inclusive” to other races.

Two other white women repeated mantras about diversity being a strength and denounced the rise of white identity movements in the wake of Trump. Squatting Slav asked the two women if the poster said it’s ok to be black, Asian or another race, would they be fine with it, to which they responded yes, proving that at the heart of their thinking is a deep antipathy towards whites and white identity.

These braindead leftists believe that expressing any kind of white identity or solidarity is “racism” and “fascism,” but hypocritically contend that other non-white groups are allowed to be proud of their races and openly celebrate their heritage.

This would be equivalent to a European going to China and expressing offence at a poster that said “it’s okay to be Chinese” in the Chinese homeland.

Leftist and progressive whites are self-hating imbeciles that literally want to hand over the entire white world, which took centuries to build, to non-white interlopers who simply stumbled over our borders looking for free handouts.

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4 Comments on “Squatting Slav Exposes Anti-Whites”

  1. He should have just gone with, “It’s okay to be rich, privileged and have a high IQ.” Nobody seems to mind that as much. He must be another Hitlahh. The nerve of the guy. I mean, these Slavs come flooding into the West to work in convenience stores and pushing brooms. If that’s the kind of White he’s talking about, they don’t even want the ones born here. At least they can send this Slav back to Poland when the boom is over.

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