Millenial Woes Exposes Antifa Jew

Millenial Woes debated a Jewish Antifa ring leader about the politics of white nationalism and identitarianism. This was rather sad for the Jew who mid-way through the show essentially conceded defeat and, pretending to be bored, started painting his nails and putting on eyeliner like a tranny. Woes pointed out that the Antifa goon had a clear Jewish identity despite trying to say that white ethnic groups don’t really exist or aren’t important. The hypocrite admitted that he advocates violence to shut down the speech of “fascists” but would not like it if fascists shut down his speech. The Antifa Jew starts acting strange at about the 30:00 mark:

The Antifa Jew avoids total Schlomo-tier chutzpah by saying he doesn’t believe Israel should exist and fronts as an anti-Zionist. But this is done only to keep up appearances with the Goyim. These anti-white Jews are not lobbying to change Israel’s ethnonationalist laws. They spend all of their time in white countries trying to dethrone and discredit the white majority.

Woes pointed out that this guy is a typical diaspora Jew who doesn’t fit in and therefore feels an instinctual desire to deconstruct the society in which he lives.

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  1. There are 3 different groups of people when it comes to identitarian politics:

    1. Anti-whites who believe in identitarian politics for all groups but whites.

    2. Those who shun all forms of identitarian politics like the Gilad Atzmons out there.

    3. Identitarians who actually recognize legitimate differences between the races and the sexes and believe in identarian politics for all, because the races and the /sexes really are different, both mentally and physically/athletically.

    The most red-pilled of the three are obviously the identitarians who believe in ID politics for all groups of people, in the sense that everyone should identify as whatever group/s they actually are because acting like we’re “all the same” is lunacy. The first group is entirely blue-pilled, and the second group has at least delved a bit into how “oppressed” groups have used ID politics in their favor at the expense of majority groups in the West, but they typically haven’t spent much time researching it because if they had, they would generally and naturally find themselves in position 3. I’ve found that people in position 2 often think of themselves as being far more “sophisticated” than they actually are. They’ve done some research and made some realizations and they know it, but they’re still clearly dilettantes and have done/made far less than they could/should. I find a lot of people spend way too much time talking/bullshitting and way too little time actually researching and thinking for themselves.

    When it comes to Jews like Ben Shapiro, he at least has recognized there is a victim hierarchy in the West and white, male, heterosexual, cisgender Christians are at the very bottom of it. Whether or not he becomes a race realist (I’m not sure if he’s a gender realist because I haven’t checked), I do not know, but not only does he need to, he also needs to wake up to the realities of Zionism and Jewish crime in depth, because he is a Zionist. He may never though, because he could be some kind of gate-keeper who knows what he’s doing. People like Gilad Atzmon will probably never come full circle either… we’re in a time where a lot of research is required. And in the last 5 years, if you’ve been travelling around doing tours/shows at a time when massive amounts of new information/truths have been coming to the forefront and you haven’t been doing your research, you might as well say you haven’t been eating your Wheaties, lol. Obviously groups 1 and 2 can’t debate their positions either and they still haven’t learned that if you can’t debate your position, you’re probably dead WRONG about it, and you’re holding onto complete lies and/or delusions.

    1. The Matrix was a movie written by 2 Jewish trannies. If you take the red pill, you go to Zion. I choose to take neither pill. Though I used to be in group 2 now I am in group 3.

      1. Use whatever metaphor/s or label/s you’re most comfortable with. I use the terms blue-pill and red-pill because many people know what I mean, and I’m also aware of the Gnostic agenda behind the movie series. In the place of blue-pill, someone might be more comfortable saying fiction or delusion, and in the place of red-pill, someone might be more comfortable using labels like fact or hidden truth, etc. I’m comfortable using them all from time to time.

        But yeah, the Wachowski brothers (‘sisters’ now) are indeed two, degenerate, Kabbalistic (Luciferian) Jews who created the Matrix:

        “Part 6. The Four Worlds of Neo
        Thus far we’ve taken a brief look at how some of the characters and concepts of the Matrix are aligned with the “Sefirot” – the various emanations of G-d that we related to in our understanding of G-d and Creation and its purpose, and the “paths” formed by and between various Sefirot. Another key idea to introduce is that of the various “levels of existence” that the sages have grouped into what are called the “Four Worlds” (of existence).

        The words are:

        Atziltut (Nearness)

        Beriah (Creation)

        Yetzirah (Formation)

        Asiyah (Making)

        These four worlds are found together in Isaiah 43:7: Even every one that is called by My name; for I have created him for My Glory, I have formed him: yea I have made him.

        These worlds correspond to; the Sefirot themselves, the levels of the soul, the four-letter name of G-d and many other things from Torah. It is important to note that all of the Sefirot exist in some “form” in each of the Four Worlds, though one or more are said to be the “dominant” Sefirah (or Partzufim) of each world.

        Again, this study is not meant to be a primer on the basics of Kabbalah, so we defer to other traditional sources to learn the basics about concepts such as the four worlds. One source is:

        A concept related to both the 10 Sefirot and the Four Worlds is that one can study them from “the top down” or from “the bottom up.” In general terms, when we consider these things “from G-d’s point of view” (i.e., from the beginning/Creation) we look them from the top down. This type of study is associated with the revelation from the book of Genesis.

        When we consider either the Sefirot or the Four Worlds as a means for us to connect/return to G-d, we usually look at them from the “bottom up.” (See previous references to Neo/Trinity-Malkhut as the first gate.) This type of study is associated with the revelation from the book of Ezekiel. An “exception” to this would be during the Omer Count where we begin with Chesed and work down to Malkhut. There is a reason for each approach and the two may be considered/studied concurrently.

        Back to the Matrix … As the movie is mostly concerned with the ascent of Neo to become “the One (tzadik) that saves Zion,” the action follows the “bottom up” approach, beginning with Neo’s meeting of Trinity, as discussed in an earlier section of the study.

        However, the Wachowski brothers do give us a glimpse of the “top down” view. This can be seen at the very beginning of the second move, “The Matrix Reloaded.”

        This chart shows the four worlds, along with the “dominant” Sefirah or Partzuf for each World, the primary character from the Matrix, the associated letter from the most holy 4-letter name of G-d and the associated concepts with regard to how G-d interacts with Creation. Note that the latter are very important for what the directors imbedded in the introduction to the second movie.”

        “Let’s look at the blockbuster 1999 sci-fi thriller, “The Matrix” by the Wachowski Brothers, which won four Academy Awards for its filmmaking flair. It tells the story of Thomas A. Anderson, played by Keanu Reeves, a corporate drone and genius computer hacker, who emerges as the Messiah to deliver humankind from a nightmarish form of high-tech bondage. (I had nothing to do with the film and, alas—for the thing has been an astounding success—I have no financial interest in the original or the upcoming sequels. But watching the movie, if you have never seen it or don’t remember it vividly, will help you to understand how each sphere adds more and more layers as the plot literally thickens, just as they add more and more complexity, more and more life, to your own journey on the Tree).”

        1. Good Fight Ministries also did a good expose on the Gnostic (Kabbalistic) theme of the movie. The only people disliking this video are the same brain-dead cultists who idolize Hollywood celebs no matter how degenerate they are, and they take offense to any criticism of their hero/es:

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