Jordan Peterson vs. Faith Goldy Cuckfest

The Canadian right is so hopelessly cucked that even Zionist attention whore Faith Goldy is “too hot to handle” for Canadian supercucks like Jordan Peterson.

Peterson and other weak cuckservatives and classical liberals put on some hoaky “free speech” event recently, but disinvited Faith Goldy because of her association with the alt-right. Peterson’s individualist creed prevents him from recognizing group traits and differences, but he somehow manages to put that aside when praising the Jews as “more intelligent” than the average population and thus collectively deserving of disproportionate power.

As I’ve highlighted before, Goldy is a no good Zionist infiltrator who spent her entire media career shilling for Jewish causes. She gobbled up those shekels in exchange for slapping a fake tan and pair of shiksa tits on Zionist ideology. She’s operated as the sexed up, slutty sugar tits used by Canadian Zionists to hoodwink young white men into supporting Israel and Jewish supremacy.

That she is too controversial for these Canadian cucks is laughable.

Goldy should be quarantined in the no-man’s land between the alt-light and alt-right. Unfortunately, she’s being given a platform by the female “tradthots” in the alt-right (Lauren Southern, Tara McCarthy, Brittany Pettibone, etc.) who never pass up a chance to promote their own sex into more prominent positions.

This problem of fame-hungry women hijacking the alt-right persists. Notice how they all cling together and cross-promote each other on their clickbait YouTube channels? It’s not surprising to see this female empowerment phenomenon within the alt-right as these women try to take charge of it and steer it into gynocentrism. They pretend to care about men and men’s issues, yet ultimately seek to dominate over men in the movement and have weak, pussified beta orbiters compliment their highly superficial looks.

Faith Goldy seems to have more make-up on in each subsequent interview; her spray tan darker every time. Is this who we want representing “nationalism” in the West? An Israel-worshipping Christian Zionist who served as Ezra Levant’s bootlicking shiksa stooge? She’s never denounced her Zio-worshipping past, continues to defend and promote Israel as our friend, and says nothing that we don’t already know.

We need to dump these cucks like a sack of rotten potatoes!

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16 Comments on “Jordan Peterson vs. Faith Goldy Cuckfest”

  1. This isn’t some sort of collusion to help give Faith Goldy ‘street creds’ as a seriously edgy reporter? I can’t believe anyone even cares. Misses the point by a mile, and maybe that is the point. These Canadians are such milktoasts, they consider this skeptical? Yawns.

    Well, maybe these Tradhots have done their homework : apparently there is a sizable market for their product. All very cynical, very rational. Get the enemy fapping into submission. Trivialize the hell out of it, repackage it as entertainment and sell it. Good thing there are no Jews in the movement, they would be the first ones to think of something like that and take the money for themselves.

  2. Mr. Martinez, I’m no fan of these women either, for various reasons, but from your latest posts, it sounds like you are going the way of the MGTOW cult. Is there any truth to this?

      1. Oye, Cabron, tranquilo, mi amigo. Relax, man, it’s possible to not be a fan of these girls, but think your language sounds MGTOWy. There’s no fallacy there. I don’t disagree with everything the MGTOW movement stands for, by the way.

        Hey, how much Spanish do you speak. You said you speak it pretty well. If you’d like, podemos hablar en espanol. Te gustaria?

        1. Well if my arguments sound MGTWOy that’s probably because MGTOW are correct about many things. Some in that fold may take it a bit too far, but they’re generally correct about the nature of women and the rotten feminist system in the West. I see too many guys being total slavish cucks in order to keep their girlfriends happy, literally willing to suffer constant emotional attacks and outbursts just to get in that hole once in awhile.

          Si, puedo hablar Espanol bastante bien. De donde eres? Si eres un fan de J Balvin supongo que eres de Colombia?

          1. Estoy de acuerdo sobre hombres y sus mujeres hoy. Estos dias, matrimonio, por lo menos en Los Estados Unidos Y Canada es muy peligroso por los hombres para muchas razones. Pero, yo sinceramente todavia creo que hay algunas buenas mujeres. Por eso no puedo juntar la comunidad de MGTOW. Sin Embargo, en mi opinion, matrimonio a cualquiera mujer es peligroso estos dias en el oeste.

            Si, soy un aficionado de J Balvin y reggaeton….pero no soy de Colombia. Soy un gringo de Los Estados Unidos, pero me encanta el idioma de Espanol y hablar Espanol.

            1. The MGTOW philosophy doesn’t deny that there are honorable and cool women out there, man. There is indeed a faction of MGTOW who will say all women are the same and all women are cunts, sluts, etc., but they are definitely the minority. Every group in existence has extremists. I mean there are people who are on to the gay agenda and aren’t a fan of gays and/but they’re also very extreme and they’ll say all gays are pedophiles, trash, sub-humans, etc. It’s true that gays are pedophiles at significantly higher rates than heterosexuals, but all gays pedophiles? Let’s just say that would be impossible to prove because it isn’t true. Of course there are also people on the other side of the spectrum who think ‘homophobes’ are the scum of the earth.

              What people with cognitive dissonance often love to do is put words in other people’s mouths. So when I was adminning the Boycott American Women page, there’d be American women who heard next to nothing in their lives other than the typical spiel about how ‘special’, ‘precious’, and ‘benefical’ women are and about the so-called “war on women”, and they absolutely couldn’t fathom that I was targeting AMERICAN WOMEN. Even some Westernized foreign women would attack me for it. They’d say things like, you just hate all women. I would say, no dumb cunts, I don’t like American women and I also don’t like Westernized/feminized/Judaized women because the problem isn’t merely with American women but America does happen to be one of the places where their syndrome is most pronounced. If you could combine all the traits and characteristics of American women into one woman, the product would be inferior to the average combined non-Westernized woman. This is obviously a generalization and there are exceptions to every rule, but this doesn’t mean the average American woman leaves a whole, whole lot to be desired. I also noticed the foreign Westernized women who’d attack me did so because they harbored many of the same views as the typical Ameriskank and they’d tell me the same dumb shit and they’d try to use the same shaming tactics.

              No, MGTOW doesn’t mean a dude doesn’t date or have kids. What it *does* mean though is that the dude avoids marriage in the West and he’s well aware of the pervasive misandry and gynocentrism in society while also being in tune to female nature (female nature is much different than the idea that women are “sugar and spice and everything nice”). This means a myriad of things like these men are very cautious when it comes to cohabiting with women because the laws are such that a female can make any claim against you and you’re guilty until proven innocent; they don’t want female bosses and female coworkers as a general rule; they like having their own male spaces even though according to the Marxist narrative, men forming their own group/s is “oppressive” and “dangerous”; they know men and women are different mentally and physically, etc.

              The detractors of the movement who have no idea WTF they’re talking about (a problem that is massively ubiquitous in society today), especially a lot of tradcons love jumping to false conclusions they made up in their own silly imaginations about MGTOW like those I’ve mentioned, and some even call it a “Jewish movement”, or a “cult”. A cult implies the people belonging to any particular movement/ideology can’t think for themselves and fact-check for themselves, like any hardcore Marxist lemming, or for this occasion, the white knight and mangina CULTS. This is not the case with MGTOW.

            2. Entonces, no estamos en desacuerdo sobre nada. Como decía, hay algunas personas en MGTOW que creen todas mujeres son malas, pero no es su creencia oficial, que yo sepa.

              Un hombre necesita una mujer en su vida para ser contento, pero en estos días hay que aguantar con tantas tonterías con estas mujeres para mantenerlas felices, y por supuesto matrimonio es un peligro solamente para los hombres.

  3. As long as she’s friendly towards the alt-right, who cares? She doesn’t need to devote herself to denouncing the Jewish supremacist agenda as long as she’s no longer promoting it. Attacking her for not being hostile enough towards Ezra Levant or other Jewish supremacists is no better than übercuck Peterson attacking her for “not sufficiently denouncing” the alt-right.

    1. The alt-right doesn’t need her and her fake tan. Shady pro-Jewish individuals, especially women, should not be promoted as leading voices for nationalism, unless we want it to fail and get coopted by the Jews. Don’t be a cuck for the fake tan.

      1. There’s been an influx of shady characters into this revamped “New Right”, many from lefty-radical backgrounds, Alex Jones kooks, random pretty girls, etc. They had to draw new blood as the old Boomer appeal isn’t that effective anymore. But they’re all *National Review for Kids* – classical liberals of the internet age, AKA part of the problem. Classical liberalism won’t complain when production is heavily automatized, and governments resort to UBI schemes to keep the peasants calm (the plan all along). After all, technology is progress, scientific advancement is sacred, etc. – those who can’t adapt should, well, make way (eugenics lives on).

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