King Cuck Steve Bannon Disavows Semite-Skeptic Paul Nehlen

King Cuck Steven Bannon, Trump’s former chief advisor who went back to overseeing the kosher conservative propaganda factory called Breitbart, has “cut ties” with congressional candidate Paul Nehlen after the latter Tweeted critically about the chosen tribe.

Nehlen has ruffled feathers with some red-pilled Tweets calling out Jewish supremacy and hypocrisy, as well as plugging Kevin MacDonald’s classic expose of Jewish group behaviour, The Culture of Critique. Nehlen’s also come out as pro-white.

Last year Nehlen ran against cuck Paul Ryan but lost badly. During the campaign Breitbart, the kosher cuckservative news outlet run by Bannon, supported Nehlen. But after recent Tweeting against the tribe, Bannon and Breitbart have disavowed the candidate citing his “anti-Semitic” outbursts on Twitter.

One of Bannon’s Jewish advisors, Arthur Schwartz, said “Nehlen is dead to us.” Another Jewish Breitbart big-wig Joel Pollack piled on in denouncing Nehlen.

Breitbart was always a total limited hangout operation pushing weak cuckservatism and hardcore Zionism. The outlet was founded by two Jews who conceived the company in Israel as a way to fight back against “anti-Israel” sentiment. Bannon is complicit with the astounding hypocrisy pushed by the Breitbart Jews as they shill for hardcore racialist Zionism in Israel but impugn white nationalism in the West.

Bannon’s caving to Jewish pressure on Nehlen proves he is a worthless, slobbering cuck. There was never much hope for him anyway as he has numerously declared himself a Zionist, recently giving a speech at the Zionist Organization of America dinner to profess his loyalty to his chosen masters. Meanwhile, he rebukes white nationalism in the West and bloviates about “economic nationalism” which is, in other words, little more than a protection racket for Jewish monopolies.

Bannon represents dinosaur boomer cuckservatism. That’s why he’s always promoting other dinosaur conservatives like Roy Moore. These guys are only slightly better than their Democrat counterparts on issues like illegal immigration, but they’re even more hog-tied to the parasite nation of Israel and even more favourable to the Jewish oligarchic class running Wall Street and Big Business. Bannon is a Jewish stooge, plain and simple, and must be condemned to his grave as a Gentile traitor.

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6 Comments on “King Cuck Steve Bannon Disavows Semite-Skeptic Paul Nehlen”

  1. IT’s hard to laud McDonald given his zionist complicity agenda since at least getting on the Trump bandwagon and supporting the alt-right, I don’t care what truths he exposes about Jews. All the signs of being “controlled”. It’s important to out such and why I have to do so with you Brandon till you fully uncompromise yourself

    1. By the way, what I sdee with a quick glance overtime, is a Brandon Martinez op disguised as a joint venture, an excuse to help you get away from your past. You put out 9/10ths of the content here

      1. Joe

        Well I can quite clearly see several different written styles within the site content.
        Brandon, Charlemagne and Sean.
        It would be very difficult to consistently disguise one person into a collection of individuals.
        Unless you are saying we have a very clever linguistic genius fraudster within our midst.

        How Forensic Linguistics Outed J.K. Rowling (Not to Mention James Madison, Barack Obama, and the Rest of Us)

        I am sure marketing firms, government and law enforcement can make good educated guesses from our written trails.
        Finally there is speech and body language . . . remember the various audio and video interviews of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong that have been extensively studied.

      2. @Joe: “disguised as a joint venture”

        No, its definitely three of us here and I’ve spoken with both on Skype. Brandon is a more active and prolific writer, usually shorter and concise, so obviously his writings are more numerous here. My style is just different, as I write longer essay-type articles and so don’t produce as much. Charlemagne tends to write articles reflecting his interests in philosophy and political theory, complete with proposed solutions and how to get there.

        That each of us have a different style and manner of writing is obvious to the observer. And incidentally, I’m the only one of the three based here in the United States, in your neck of the words actually (I live an hour and 15 minutes west of Atlanta. in east AL near the state-line).

        I can only speak for myself, but something I can’t stress enough is that we should oppose Jewry across the board and consistently. This obviously includes speaking out against their various movements, their Kalergite displacement and breaking down of societies, and those who have fallen for their phony “opposition” setups, such as Duginism, National-Bolshevism and Putinism. If there weren’t so many people in the alt-media and truth movements falling for these new Jewish schemes, whether it be shilling for Muslim pawns of Kalergite Jews, or those who are Duginite and Putin cultist subversives. We speak against these factors because they are part and parcel of the Jewish-Zionist program, just more sides to their dialectics.

    2. Since supporting the alt-right? Why doesn’t your low-IQ punk ass ‘enlighten’ us on what the problem is with being pro-white, pro-male, pro-heterosexual, pro-cisgender, pro-gun ownership, anti-immigration, anti-diversity, and anti-welfare?

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