Towards A Libertarian White Nationalism

Our movement is currently benefitting from the (often limited) freedom of speech that the ruling liberal-leftists continue to allow us to have. Originally the concept of freedom of speech was advocated for by liberals, Jews, etc., who wanted to be able to criticize ruling institutions such as the Church, monarchy and the aristocracy in hopes of breaking their long standing authoritarian hold on power in Europe and elsewhere. Liberals (backed by the Jews) particularly wanted to criticize the Church which was often previously not allowed under blasphemy laws. Once this alliance of malcontents succeeded in overthrowing the old European establishment, most notably in 1789, so called ‘liberal’ ideas became mainstream.

Fast forward to the present day where we see current European societies, founded largely on these ideas, crumbling, the ruling left-liberal establishment is now trying to end freedom of speech as it is their opposition who are now utilizing it. This is exactly what we are seeing with the treasonous British MP Yvette Cooper, the ‘Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee’, who is trying to pressure Youtube to remove Alt-Right channels which she feels threaten her ideological power. Here she is mentioning Red Ice as one of the channels she would like to ban.

Alt-Right authoritarians such as those who advocate a return of 1930s style National Socialism are hypocritical on this issue. They need freedom of speech to pontificate now, but they make clear that if and when they take power, they certainly won’t allow it for their opponents. They lament their own speech being suppressed by authoritarian leftists, yet cheer authoritarian regimes such as Russia when Putin’s opponents and critics are jailed. This approach is not entirely viable as it only works if the ruling authoritarian government ticks every box of ours in terms of policy. Even if we had a government which supported every one of our policies, as soon as there was a change of policy not in our favour, under an authoritarian system we would have no means to change it back to how we wanted it. Also there are differing opinions within the Alt-Right. No authoritarian Alt-Right government would please every section. Aspects of democracy would therefore be necessary in order to critique state and local policy.

In a recent interview, Sargon of Akkad posed various questions to Millennial Woes relating to authoritarianism, of which Woes was largely not sure of the answers. Sargon created a survey for Alt-Righters which included some of these questions. One of them was ‘Should interracial couples be forced to separate?’ Woes intelligently said they should not be forced, but that racial mixing should be discouraged culturally. Other questions were, ‘Should the government prevent citizens from leaving the country to preserve the race?’, ‘Should the state control the media?’ and ‘Should the state control the economy?’ These questions reflect more the stances of the statist and socialist National Socialist and National Bolshevik factions of the Alt-Right, not those of us who seek a society with many everyday freedoms but which is also ethnocentric.

We should have low taxation, extensive gun and self defense rights, freedom of speech and private property rights which make us more powerful in the face of what are often hostile statist entities who want to rule every aspect of our lives. All the state really has to do is patrol the borders and deport invaders. The problem with fascism is that it is too statist like the communists and modern socialists are. The problem with libertarianism is it’s lack of emphasis on ethnic/racial preservation and tribalism. Essentially what we need is libertarian ethno-nationalism so that we can have the best of both worlds. Europeans are traditionally both tribal and individualistic. Our heraldry is a great example of this with each individual having his own coat of arms based on his ancestral pride and heritage. One day we will brave the stars as our Viking forebarers did the seas, carving out new dominions for ourselves and our Volk.

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Hailing from a long line of traditionalists, I am an aristocratic pro-white pro-upper class activist who seeks to expand white male privilege globally.

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  1. There’s nothing workable in Libertarianism, it’s an ideology that only works in the vacuum of the realm of ideas, very similar to communism. Occidental Dissent also chastised and buried it intellectually to the ground extensively.
    Read Web of Debt, by Ellen Brown, if you haven’t yet, or at least watch The Money Masters.

      1. Yes, what you’re talking about is called British Enlightenment liberalism. It’s what Americans had at least from 1781 until 1861.

          1. From wikipedia
            Gobineau ended the Essai with the predication that the “Asian” Russian Empire would soon be the dominant power in Europe, which would superseded by China, once that state was modernized, and the Chinese would then conquer Europe . . .
            END QUOTE
            That is still the way it shaping up to be, unless we can prevent it somehow.

            1. “De Gobineau basically predicted Eurasianism.”
              Yes you are right and that’s exactly what I thought too.

          2. If you take close notice when the JWO began serious expansion, it was right after the printing press was invented which made possible 24/7 mind control. No one can deny that many more people were Jew-wise before the printing press than after. The printing press also enabled the Protestant Revolution, a Jewish psyop as big or bigger since it was the downfall of Catholicism dominance, the Jews main check on expansion. This created the Caesar popes that all the communist revolutions to follow were then to take out. England being the first modified the idea of removing the monarchy and just made them Jewish puppets
            I view National Socialism fairly simple and Jews echoed this definition in “THe Jewish Catechism
            Fascism is when the stup[id goy get the weird notion they can rule themselves without Jewish help. That’s all it is. Of course, that’s hidden by intellectual Jewish misdirection that will define it with the flavors Hitler used to make his variety
            Zthe quote
            “Fascism is not an accidental phenomenon. It arises in places where we (Jews)underestimate the local people’s efforts to be the owners of their own land.Fascism develops secretly (secretly, considering the Jews think it’s their right to be in everyone’s business) in all nations. Luckily for us, different nations arrive at it at different times and under different names.”

            1. Published in Tel Aviv in 1958.
              Scary stuff.
              I think maybe that is only one part of the dynamic.
              It is probably unfair to label them all as that extreme.
              However, when the extremists are in power.
              Then we have a problem.
              Like now.

  2. Charlemagne, I think you are taking a sane perspective and what you are calling for is in many ways the form of self government envisioned by Americans at the outset. There really is no problem with what you propose in theory. The problems encountered by Americans in the short history of that country have been all about the issues of self discipline and morality. The writings of the early thinkers and framers of the American system of self government considered it axiomatic that freedom was only possible amongst people who were already Christian and practicing the faith in deed and action. The idea that immoral people could be free for long was seen as a falsehood by them. The obvious problem being that if people don’t police themselves, then the necessity of a police state is going to emerge. We can see this today in the demoralized sub-philosophy of PC, where sodomy, fornication, drug addiction, prostitution and laziness all assume the qualities of virtues, and as a result these “free” people call forth a police state to protect them from criticism and censure of their lifestyles. In essence we have the paradox of liberty, which requires supreme self-denial and eternal vigilance over ourselves to hold on to it. As you correctly surmise, it is not possible to create an ideological leviathan to impose proper values systems upon a demoralized citizenry, without the cure being worse than the illness.

      1. Revelation (18 : 4) And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.”

        Jeremiah (51:9 ) We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country: for her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies.

      1. I rather like it. Besides, the juxtaposition of what most people assume are opposites gets the audience to stop and think.

        1. Every Fascist regime was authoritarian and statist. You would have to re-define what Fascism means. Anarchism is generally thought of as promoting lawlessness whereas Libertarianism does not garner that same image.

  3. Interesting concept. For a long time I have been what you could call a pro-identity, pro-free market, tribal anarchist, wary of both Capitalism and Communism as two sides of the same coin. Unfortunately, communists masquerading as “anarchists” have co-opted and ruined the anarchist term, while the capitalism promoted by the libertarian movement is simply one of apologia for Big Business and Big Banking. Both Communism and Capitalism degenerate into apologia for Usury and unfettered, Open Borders. Indeed, when we trace the origins we find the same Jewish banking houses and Globalist bankers guiding both ends of this dialectic.

    Clearly, a different way is necessary and this requires challenging many basic assumptions, including knowing the Big Government and Big Business/Banking relationship, so promoting one as the “solution” to the other is doomed to failure. Indeed, that’s exactly how “our” system is set up, enslaving people who only get one piece of the puzzle but not the broader picture – i.e. conservatives who rant against Big Government, but want unfettered Big Corporations and Wall Street running rampant. And liberals ranting against the latter but then advocating Big Government as the “solution”. Of course, both reveal their hypocrisy whenever their anointed ones are in power.

    Another is to recognize the crucial difference between Capitalism and Free-Market. We can look back to our own historical tradition, such as the Guilds. And we can look deeper, to what is innate to us as European-descended people, how our Germanic, Celtic and Iberian tribes were completely free from statism. How our ancestral tribal structures, before either Romanization or Judaization made itself felt upon our ancestors’ backs, were naturally libertarian and anarchistic (using those two terms strictly according to their original meaning).

    Their economic structures were far more naturalistic, nothing artificial such as “money out of money” (usury). Their social structure was about non-statist tribal cohesion that ensured the order, excepting some serious cases that required capital offense, the order was ensured through means such as being cast out of the tribe for a period of time, boycotted, and other non-coercive means but one where you lose part of yourself exactly because you are part of the tribe.

    It changed slightly from tribe to tribe, but generally the trajectory was the same just as our spiritual traditions as Indo-Europeans were generally centered around the same basic concepts and cognate terms. All these statist systems and ideologies are essentially imitations or outright foreign systems that were forced upon our ancestors even though it was innately oppose to our own traditions.

  4. Yeah there are different names for different kinds of capitalism. I’ve never been down on capitalism per se, but there are obviously certain types of capitalism that are not benevolent, to say the least.

    When big corporations/business are in bed with the government, this specifically is called ‘crony capitalism’:

    cro·ny cap·i·tal·ism
    an economic system characterized by close, mutually advantageous relationships between business leaders and government officials.
    “allegations of crony capitalism have plagued the government”

    Benito Mussolini referred to another type of capitalism he referred to as ‘supercapitalism’ which is very similar to crony capitalism. There has also been this popular quote:

    “The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control….”

    Laissez Faire capitalism is obviously entirely different though:

    “Laissez Faire Capitalism. “Laissez Faire” is French for “leave alone” which means that the government leaves the people alone regarding all economic activities. It is the separation of economy and state. There are two ways that a government typically is tempted to interfere with the economy.”

  5. Some of the best debaters and thinkers on economics have been people like Milton Freidman, Thomas Sowell, and Walter Williams. Of course not all of their views are accurate, (like they aren’t race realists, as an example, and race realism explains a significant portion of wealth distribution as well as crime all around the world), but they were very accurate on many things in regards to economics. I gained a new respect for free-market capitalism listening to these guys, and I also have to agree with this comment from the below vid, as an example:

    Popular Sovereignty
    3 years ago
    Capitalism in terms of a free market with limited collusion of government with business is a superior system because it leaves open the door for anyone with the will to take advantage of and create opportunity for themselves where as a socialist system provides a very narrow limited path to personal opportunity that quickly disappears if the government is not supportive of an effort. So even with its limits capitalism and it’s flaws born of human imperfections presents the best option for the most people to have the maximum potential for opportunity for advancement to build business industry etc. Capitalism allows for the concept of ‘failing fast’ which allows for ideas with no market or faulty implementation to self eliminate making room for new ideas and services. A socialist system run by government with waste money for years on ineffective & inefficient processes pretending as if it is an investment problem rather than a faulty policy /implementation. Government tends to be serial in nature and rigid where capitalism can occur anywhere in a very distributed flexible fashion especially when government has minimized it’s role. Capitalism allows quick adaptation based on supply and demand and tends to better give consumers what they desire. Socialism instead is built of the idea that the central Government knows best and aspires to give people only what they need.”

  6. So many good debates and lectures these dudes have given. There are probably at least a hundred hours worth of them on YouTube. Mises.Org and the Cato Institute are pretty good sites as well. Libtards most certainly don’t know any of this stuff and many probably never will because they’ve been so anti-capitalist their whole lives that they can never go back on it.

    1. Interesting discussion. Major influences shaping my view of economics has been the great French market anarchist Joseph Pierre Proudhon – a contemporary and staunch opponent of Marx and Engels, and advocate of the return to the Guilds and opponent of the banking houses – and the American individualist anarchists, Benjamin Tucker (before he changed his views in 1914) and Lysander Spooner.

      This perspective really clarified for me the crucial difference between a true free-market, and the system known as capitalism in any of its varieties. This is because capitalism from its very inception has meant the State intervening in the market. So while I can sympathize with those who conceive of basically a free market and still call it “capitalism”, its something I’ve opposed because capitalism means the four monopolies, including the artificial creation of money out of money (usury); it has meant the destruction of the Guilds and the enclosure of the ancient commons; it has meant the carving up of the organic market by State-guaranteed privileges of a privileged class.

      The likes of Cato and the Mises Institute suffer from two fundamental problems, in my view: A justification for usury, and an apologia for Big Business and Big Banks. I joined the Ron Paul movement in both 2008 and 2012, despite my reservations about those issues, so I don’t entirely reject the utility of that whole libertarian school of thought.

      I have outgrown it even more, as I’ve come more towards a pro-identity stance and now clearly oppose unfettered immigration and open borders. I also researched the links between Ludwig von Mises with Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, and through him a direct link with the Rothschilds and Max Warburg. Connect this with their ideological justification of Usury, and you already have two major planks of Globalism.

        The Great Transformation is a book by Karl Polanyi, a Hungarian-American political economist. First published in 1944 by Farrar & Rinehart, it deals with the social and political upheavals that took place in England during the rise of the market economy. Polanyi contends that the modern market economy and the modern nation-state should be understood not as discrete elements but as the single human invention he calls the “Market Society”.

        A distinguishing characteristic of the “Market Society” is that humanity’s economic mentalities were changed. Prior to the great transformation, people based their economies on reciprocity and redistribution and were not rational utility maximizers.[1] After the great transformation, people became more economically rational, behaving as neoclassical economic theory would predict.[2] The creation of capitalist institutions not only changed laws but also fundamentally altered humankind’s economic mentalities, such that prior to the great transformation, markets played a very minor role in human affairs and were not even capable of setting prices because of their diminutive size.[3] It was only after the creation of new market institutions and industrialization that the myth of humanity’s propensity to barter and trade became widespread in an effort to mold human nature to fit the new market based economic institutions.[4] Polanyi thus proposes an alternative ethnographic approach called “substantivism”, in opposition to “formalism”, both terms coined by Polanyi.
        END QUOTE

      2. Interesting about the link between Mises and Kalergi, Sean; was unaware of it, but when it comes to controlled opposition, there is just so much of it out there. Moreover, there are so many deep concepts and realizations to be made that when more than one is introduced, the more explaining and researching their speakers have to do because each new additional idea obviously goes against the grain of common thought and knowledge. Almost everybody is like that today where they’re speaking good truths on certain things but are either unknowingly or knowingly spreading mis-truths about other things, and oftentimes these truths are even over-lapping where one is naturally talked about with the other. Like Thomas Sowell: he has a lot of great stuff, but I don’t think the science on race-realism was very good or well-developed when he was giving all kinds of lectures and so he sees everything through the lens of economics without taking into account inherent race differences and even inherent gender differences.

        I had a stint when I was pro-Ron Paul as well, for about a year between 2010 and 2011 when I realized he was a chameleon on issues like 9/11, soft on Jewry, and was also a Freemason who had no problems giving Free-Masonic handshakes and flashing El-Diablo hand-signs, lol. It was no surprise to me when he dropped out of the election, either. I took a lot of heat for coming out against him but such is the nature of politics. It’s also true that a whole lot of Libertarians (probably even the vast majority) are libtards, unfortunately. Libertardianism is a well-fitting name for a lot of it, lol.

        1. @Dana: “Interesting about the link between Mises and Kalergi”

          In his autobiography, An Idea Conquers the World (London: Hutchinson, 1953, p. 247), Kalergi says that while both Mises and he were faculty members at New York University, Mises studied currency issues for Kalergi’s “Pan-Europa Movement”. One of the leading members of Kalergi’s movement was the aristocrat Otto von Habsburg, whose economic advisor was Mises.

          “Margit Herzfeld notes in her biography of Ludwig von Mises that he participated in Count Coudenhove-Kalergi’s Pan-Europe movement in 1943. He had been brought to the U.S. in 1940 by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation of $2500 a year to work at the Natl. Bureau of Economic Research, which grant was renewed in 1943. Von Mises’ pupils, Arthur Burns and Milton Friedman now expound the monetarist theory through a network of supersecret ‘conservative’ think tanks led by the Mont Pelerin Society. Herzfeld says that von Mises’ most famous protégé was the Soviet apologist Murray Rothbard.” (Eustace Mullins, The World Order: A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism, Chapter Eight: “The Rule of the Order”)

          – “I had a stint when I was pro-Ron Paul as well, for about a year between 2010 and 2011 when I realized he was a chameleon on issues like 9/11, soft on Jewry, and was also a Freemason who had no problems giving Free-Masonic handshakes and flashing El-Diablo hand-signs, lol. It was no surprise to me when he dropped out of the election, either. I took a lot of heat for coming out against him but such is the nature of politics. It’s also true that a whole lot of Libertarians (probably even the vast majority) are libtards, unfortunately. Libertardianism is a well-fitting name for a lot of it, lol.”

          I completely agree. I didn’t place much credence then on the Masonic symbols issue, although I overlooked his (and the Austrian Schools’) apologia for usury since he spoke against the excesses of Wall Street. I also overlooked his naivete on Jewry because he was a non-interventionist, so I figured he was going against them in this way.

          Of course, us and many other well-meaning people like us were mistaken, but then again its all part of the red pill process. When he suddenly dropped out and didn’t listen to our pleas that he continue as a third-party or independent candidate, and keep building on this grassroots momentum, I began to question whether he was a true liberty, anti-establishment candidate or just controlled opposition.

          When he has since cozied up to the Russians (like other “libertarians”), going beyond the actual non-interventionist position of avoiding wars into simply shilling for Russia’s wars and policies, and opposing Statism in the U.S. but having no problem being paid for speaking engagements on foreign stations operated by other governments, I knew there was something much deeper here: He was set up to demoralize and weaken America, of which he is obviously a willing participant since he still heavily promotes Russia’s pet projects as a faithful mouthpiece, never seeing anything wrong they do as similarly violating libertarian, non-statist, and non-interventionist principles.

          From the JQ standpoint, this position naturally deflects attention away from Zionism on solely on “America”, on faceless, nameless elites like “the State” and perhaps “the Globalists”, but never Zionism. And why should he, when his Kremlin paymasters similarly describe everything they oppose as this “America” and “Atlanticist” boogeyman, and never their Zionist allies.

          1. Yes the “shilling for Russia’s wars and policies” is the final straw.
            RT has won over many westerners and made them pro russian and anti american.
            RTs programmes are propaganda, it is not hard to spot that, for heaven’s sake.
            We see that Max Keiser on RT is obsessed with crypto currencies,
            Does that not ring alarm bells with anyone?
            Kremlin propaganda anyone?
            Or is this simply reverse psychology?
            Only time will tell.

        2. Dana and or Sean
          I bought a copy of Ron Paul’s ‘End The Fed’ book.
          Is it 100% spot on and worth reading or does it twist the facts?
          Ron Paul is a politician . . . so be wary . . . correct?

          1. @Dana: I definitely wasn’t thinking about Russia back then either. At least until summer of 2014, I actually believed in this myth of an “anti-NWO” Putin who was standing up to Globalists and Zionists. The weight was lifted from my eyes soon afterwards and quickly too, as I started researching Chabad and then found its links to Putin’s oligarchs, and then from that just one area of study quickly followed another so that now its something I take for granted. And once I saw that, it further distanced me from the likes of Ron Paul and the anointed ones of the American Libertarian movement.

            @Dorset: I would second Dana in the value of Ron Paul’s works. Certainly “End the Fed” is good in deconstructing the nature of the Federal Reserve and I would agree with nearly everything he writes therein. Just knowing the fundamental problem itself is Usury, so as long as he doesn’t challenge this basic, core feature o the banking system, he is merely attacking symptoms not at the roots, and any solution he proposes is doomed to fail. Still, he correctly diagnoses many problems with the central banking system.

            1. Thanks Sean.
              I bought the book because it was a famous best seller and I thought it would be “one to read”.
              Also got Trump’s “Think Like A Billionaire”.
              I don’t expect any comments on that one though.
              That’s okay.

      3. I meant something totally different when I used the term libertarian. Forget Milton Friedman haha. It’s obvious that the idea of a ‘market society’ is a Jewish subversive one. I was thinking much more pre-Christian European tribalism, Viking conquests, Norman Sicily, medieval lordship, being a mini king in your own land. In the modern era, the Kingdom of Sarawak and Republic of Rhodesia. I did not mean libertarianism in sense of allowing high finance to have power (no way). The whole world should tear down the Jewish financial system. Perhaps cryptocurrencies are a step in this direction?

        If you can find me a better word by all means. Anarcho-White Nationalism, Anarcho-Fascism or Feudal White Nationalism just don’t have as good of a ring to them. Tribal Sovereignism?

        1. SUBSTANTIVISM is a position, first proposed by Karl Polanyi in his work The Great Transformation (1944), which argues that the term ‘economics’ has two meanings. The formal meaning, used by today’s neoclassical economists, refers to economics as the logic of rational action and decision-making, as rational choice between the alternative uses of limited (scarce) means, as ‘economising,’ ‘maximizing,’ or ‘optimizing.'[1]

          The second, substantive meaning presupposes neither rational decision-making nor conditions of scarcity. It refers to how humans make a living interacting within their social and natural environments. A society’s livelihood strategy is seen as an adaptation to its environment and material conditions, a process which may or may not involve utility maximisation. The substantive meaning of ‘economics’ is seen in the broader sense of ‘provisioning.’ Economics is the way society meets material needs.[1]

          Source Wiki

            1. Charlemagne regarding your statement and possible solution.
              The whole world should tear down the Jewish financial system. Perhaps cryptocurrencies are a step in this direction?
              END QUOTE
              Well yes, in simple terms.
              However they are heavily into everything technical and cryptocurrencies are no exception.
              The tribe are very often behind or involved in anything and everything THAT IS ALLOWED to become successful, from website blogging platforms to world successful websites and programming languages and tools.
              That is a fact and not a deluded paranoia.
              All these platforms are vulnerable to at the very least surveillance, at worst malicious tampering.
              Be careful of online scams.
              Bitcoin Bubble anyone?
              22nd of last month saw a fairly large dip in the price.
              Also, although these currencies are said to have a limited number of coins issued, there is in fact an unlimited number of crypto currencies that can be started up, so speculators will simply hop from one to another with the supply and demand side being a constantly moving target, the intricate details of which are known only to a select few.
              Also when using a currency to buy and sell things it is nice to have a long term stable price, not wild volatility.
              If you are feeling lucky, then good luck to you,
              Sometimes the best investments are the ones you don’t make.

            2. Dorset Patriot, I see cryptocurrencies being forwarded now by the likes of Putin and the dictator of Belarus, the Communist Chinese etc.
              They are actually the perfect f#ck over because they allow complete realtime control over transactions and transactors. I would rather be bargaining haggis for wool or lumber for linen than caught up in that antichrist kikernet dystopia.

            3. Erin yes I agree.
              And . . . cryptocurrencies could eventually lead to the introducion of a world currency . . . we don’t really want to see that happen because it is a step towards ‘a one world government’.
              Using the tried and tested method of problem, reaction, solution, the problem would be all the chaos and unregulated scams, so the governments and banks would feel they have to enforce some sort of order . . . a regulated solution.
              So we are back to square one, with intrusive surveillance and control.
              New technological schemes are introduced on a voluntary basis for a few years, then they are eventually made compulsory (pet micro chipping is going that way, voluntary then compulsory).

              If you want to stay ‘off grid’ and exchange crypto privately, away from brokers and dealers and exchanges then you could end up being ripped off by shady sorts (criminals) from the underworld.
              There is also the ‘oh what a shame moment’ when you want to sell and the ‘computer says no’.
              I have also read that the only way to have complete anonymity is to run your own ‘full node’ and that means downloading the whole blockchain (several gigabytes) onto your computer. You can then transact anonymously.
              Unless you do the very risky technical stuff (and know what you are doing) then you are not anonymous, you have to give your bank details to someone.
              And guess what? Crypto DERIVATIVES are already being offered online so you can spread bet and lose more than your original stake . . .
              how exciting is that? Tiptoe through the crypto . . . . with me.
              Obviously we could both be wrong on this, but I very much doubt it.

            4. The above is only my opinion.
              I have only done some very basic research on cryptocurrencies and have never bought any myself.

              I have had some good reports from people regarding their experiences with crypto.
              They are in crypto mainly to speculate, although they do talk a lot about plastic crypto cards that can be used in shops.
              One guy told me he has done day (night) trading for 18 months and he does make money on it. I am told that some exchanges are difficult or give problems when it was time to sell crypto. I was told bitrex can be problematic whereas bitfinex were always very good.
              This is only what I have been told.
              Standard disclaimers apply.
              I will probably not ever be buying any and I don’t recommend anyone else to either.
              You can still watch the graphs and after a year, or after the crash or whatever, you can say . . . “I’m glad I kept away from that crypto craze”.
              It’s like with anything risky . . . good luck to those brave enough to try.

            5. And to finish my rant, yes it is a craze at the moment, most of those getting onboard with crypto are joining the mania to try to make some easy money or hope they can get rich quick.
              Will people never learn?
              There will be people getting rich from it, the brokers and exchanges that charge you a transaction fee (commission).
              The whole original point of crypto was to circumvent the banksters, sharks and governments and be able to transact freely, safely and anonymously across the world from anywhere to anywhere and to use it as a currency . . . which should mean a stable price and not one that fluctuates wildly.
              The price can be manipulated by big players.
              Crypto is turning out to be . . . not what had originally been hoped for.

        2. Charlemagne, I was only saying what I was saying for die-hard anti-capitalists, lol. I’ve seen all kinds of people who really do not like capitalism and it leaves me scratching my head. I mean, having a *single* employee makes you a capitalist. What is so ridiculous about this is that if you produce any product or service of value, especially something that nobody else has and/or in a way that nobody else does, you’re *naturally* going to find that the demand for your product/service outgrows your own capacity to produce/provide it, so you’ll seek help. You’ll also often find that whatever venture you may be in that there are other people who can bring added knowledge and skill that you do not have, and so you hire them as well.

          Extremely successful small businesses typically and naturally find themselves growing quickly. They might become middle-sized and even big businesses. I scratch my head again as to how in the world this is “immoral”. Just because someone with low ambition, skill, IQ, foresight, and any in-depth ability to strategize doesn’t commonly fit into this role, this is not the small business owners’ gotdamned fault, lol.

          Small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and even big businesses are not inherently ‘evil’. Who runs them and what they stand for/do is the deciding factor as to whether or not a business is ‘evil’.

          1. I don’t have any beef with the definition of libertarianism and am a libertarian myself:

            an extreme laissez-faire political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens.”

            The only way I’d ever change from being a libertarian is if, by some stroke of magic, the president’s and politicians’ positions with JFK-like people who actually operated morally and with the citizens’ best interests. Of course this will never happen, but if it could, I’d say make the government massive with all of these types of people you can find and have them crack down on corrupted institutions, monopolies, and organizations everywhere, lol.

            That said, many libertarians out there take a dilettante-style of approach when it comes to researching and understanding important issues in today’s world, and just because someone is a libertarian does not mean I harbor much respect at all for them, lol. 🙂

            1. “an extreme laissez-faire (political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens.)”

              I’d say only the second half applies. To be laissez-faire is a position of weakness. That’s basically what the west is now especially in regards to migration.

        3. @Charlemagne: I was aware what you meant and I agree. We should reclaim terms such as “libertarian” and “anarchist” from the Wall Street/corporate apologists and the Marxists who have co-opted it, respectively. The realities those two words originally conveyed actually described perfectly what was natural, organic, and truly ancestral and tribal to us. Many will get caught up on the labels, but many just don’t want to go beyond to the deeper reality behind the name. It shouldn’t detract from the message.

          I would agree with cryptocurrencies, but also would propose a general principle of counter-economics and free-currencies: they can take the place of crypto-currencies online, or gold or silver on a small scale (not on a national scale as of yet, since the banking houses still hoard and control most of the gold), various localized currencies, or whatever else is regarded as a medium of exchange.

          All of these various means will together attack the banksters’ system on all fronts, and the diversity of methods would ensure protection from their police power if they suppressed one we still have our eggs in numerable baskets.

  7. We need a state Church that recognizes Christ as king. Truth does not allow for error. There can be free speech as long as it does not undermine the King who is Christ.

  8. Right, Sean. Ron’s stance on Russia is another red flag, although I wasn’t judging him by this criterion then.

    Dorset, it’s not that Ron doesn’t say anything of value or even a lot of things of value, like Milton Friedman, but that he can so casually change his stance on different issues and do it with a straight face, like he’s being totally honest when he’s really being totally dishonest. This has to be the worst trait that any politician can have because not only does it mean that they’re dishonest, but they’re very likely to also be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are much more dangerous at being traitors and subversives because they’re so deceiving. We see this with Trump as well, it’s just that Trump does it all the friggin time, right in front of people’s faces, and they still don’t catch on.

    I haven’t read the book, but ending the Fed obviously makes perfect sense because the Fed’s existence is illegal and Congress is the one who is supposed to be loaning money to the government, interest free. There has been a lot of talk from other people who don’t like the Fed and are also on to Ron that ending the Fed would work in the banksters’ hands because of other systems of financial control they’d subsequently employ. I don’t know and haven’t really looked into it, other than Congress is the one who’s supposed to be issuing the money.

    Another thing I’m betwixt about is crypto-currency. It’s not something I’ve looked deeply into either and there are lots of arguments coming from both sides about it. I think if you did nothing else but research it for months, or it might even take longer, you could probably figure out if it’s something that was started with the ulterior motives by the banksters’, etc., to do away with cash, or not, but I definitely haven’t put the time into it. I’d sure love to believe that it was started with good intentions and can’t be majorly compromised because moving large amounts of cash everywhere is such a pain in the ass if you don’t like banks, lol, but truth is always much more important than blindly believing potential lies.

    1. Thanks Dana
      I think I found a typo maybe in your post. Yes?
      “would work in the banksters’ hands”
      “would not work in the banksters’ hands”

      I will read the “End The Fed” book and let you know what I think.

      Monty Python did a funny song once.
      “There is nothing quite as wonderful as money” or something similar.

      1. No typo there. I know I make a lot of typos, lol 🙂 but these people were talking about how the banksters might purposely end the Fed to intentionally move people over into a cashless society. Interestingly, the longer video I put up recently below on blockchain which is simply a longer version of Erin’s video also covers this in some detail.

        1. Ok it makes sense.
          I watched the film you posted, over an hour long.
          If enough people think that something is going to happen – then eventually it will happen.
          They all accept it as inevitable and so modify their talk and actions to literally ‘bring it on’.
          The micro chipping of pets (voluntary then compulsory).
          Leads people to realize that not only pets get lost, so do their children.
          So follows the micro chipping of children (voluntary then compulsory).
          Then other applications are suggested for the rest of us.
          Before we know it there is compulsory micro chipping for all.
          That to me is Tyranny.

          Thomas Jefferson said:
          When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
          END QUOTE

          1. I have also read quite a bit about the health and privacy dangers of smart meters (and wifi and cellphones and the internet of things) and then of course there’s controversial vaccination programmes, sometimes compulsory.
            Just remember nothing is compulsory, the utility firms lie to you and say you must have a smart meter. You don;t have to do anything.
            I read somewhere that Americans fear their own government more than terrorists.
            Well with a global government and smart everything, we are soon to be entering George Orwell’s 1984 for real.
            Just DISOBEY.

    2. We liked Ron a while back. He was kind of alt-right in the sense that he wasn’t pro-Israel and stronger on immigration. Today he seems like a total cuck to us retrospectively though. He seems to care less about immigration than he used to and is for some reason fixated on gold which is like Jew shit anyway.

      1. Well yes, as we all know they like gold and almost coversely the jew dominated FED manipulates the gold price, we are led to believe. Can’t trust anyone or anything these days.

      2. Maybe he fixates on gold because the FED manipulates the gold price.
        I will have to read Ron Paul’s”End The Fed” book and let you know.

      3. Tier 1 capital (risk) as defined by the central bank of central banks the BIS “Bank of International Settlements” has an effect on asset prices a such as gold.
        Also the other way around the BIS assesses the risk of a fluctuating gold price and uses that risk assessment to determine how to rate gold and other assets, whether they are acceptable assets. If gold is ever excluded that will surely affect the price.
        So the BIS has great influence on the medium term gold price as does the FED as does the London gold pool. Then you have ETFs which are derivatives and can be used to manipulate the price in minutes by dumpimg (selling) tons of paper gold at the flick of a switch.
        So everything is trapped within a control mechanism that the banks and governments like to own. Corrupt government officials and bankers can get very rich,

        1. And of course a lot of people who would otherwise be into gold, have decided to sell that and get into crypto, so that has obviously affected the gold price negatively.
          Now what happens when they all realize that crypto is not as profitable as they first thought and in fact is a very risky “house of cards”.

          They might all decide to ditch crypto and head for more traditional assets instead?
          Looking to the future …
          Too late . . . what happened? . . . the jews (and China) bought all the gold whilst it was cheap and now we have a supply and demand problem, Huge demand and difficult supply. So the price of gold skyrockets.
          Jews as we have learnt in other articles are very involved with running the show in china and have been there for decades (they helped set up communism there).
          Neither Ron Paul, Trump, Putin or Crypto are going to save us.
          Too many people jump too readily onboard with hyped up mainstrem answers.

        2. Dorset, you said, “Then you have ETFs which are derivatives and can be used to manipulate the price in minutes by dumpimg (selling) tons of paper gold at the flick of a switch.”

          Yeah, and the same thing can be done with any crypto-currency, with the potential to make it not only suddenly unstable at the banksters’ and big finance’s command, but also with the obvious potential to make them more and more money while you’re at their whim/s the whole time. This is one of the obvious questions/skepticisms I’ve had about it for a long time.

          1. Yes Dana
            You have got the idea.
            Absolutely 100%.
            But the players able to do that would have to be big or be in a position to employ unforseen methods.
            Then certain powerful groups also in control of the media and they can easily make people think in a certain way financially.
            Buy this and sell that.
            Statistics can be skewed to suit a narrative..
            Mass mania as we have seen can inflate prices and also make people nervous causing them all to jump ship and lower the price drastically.
            Fear and greed feeding the volatility.

            1. However if your are that fascinated and obsessed with money and financial technical analysis (TA is probably similar in effectiveness to reading chicken entrails) then go ahead and sign up to a variety of exchanges, buy and sell daily when the markets move every day (usually at about 3am GMT). I know people who do this, they link their bank accounts and always keep a set float in them, every day skimming off the daily trading proceeds.
              They also set trigger levels on their computers to buy if the price drops to a certain value.
              All great fun . . . or to some that would be very nerdy and boring.
              Others buy a crypto currency for the long term and leave it alone and then are hooked on looking at their smartphones, wanting to check the price several times a day, to cheer themselves up probably.
              They would be the ones who might lose in a crash.
              The day traders stand more of a chance, as they are closely monitoring the graphs and can act quickly and be very nimble.

      4. “he used to and is for some reason fixated on gold which is like Jew shit anyway”
        It might not be obvious to you but so is crypto currency JS, magnitudes more so than gold, they are definitely getting stuck into it.
        Same old same old.
        They are attracted to things like this and probably not for altruistic reasons.
        Just saying . . .

    1. Still can’t figure out how to embed a video in comments. Whatever. This one is excellent in the amount of evidene it provides about globalist institutions and their involvement with blockchain technologies, both identity and currency. It leaves very little doubt about where cryptocurrency is taking us, and why it is the darling of Eurasion dictatorships.

    2. Erin here it is
      use this without the spaces:
      h t t p s : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = 5 V r A N f y z u W 8
      Thomas Sowell: Welfare Does Not Work

      1. and your second video
        use this without the spaces:
        h t t p s : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = h m v L I 8 K a G X o
        Blockchain: the DNA of the Mark of the Beast, Artificial Intelligence

          1. Erin, thanks for that vid on blockchain; great stuff. Yeah, anytime you see names like Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates, and the likes, you know you’re dealing with the Luciferian agenda. I see that video was shortened from this video and I just finished it… great stuff to know, not only for those dealing in crypto-currencies, but also for anyone who isn’t aware of the agenda to track and to ultimately control every human being on the planet. I see Trump is on-board as well (not a surprise):

            1. When it comes to crypto-currencies, there are things you can do with them in the short-term. I know this IT computer whiz who started in Bitcoin right from it’s very beginning, and he also mined for it when it was more profitable. He invested in it, and then right before it massively fell, some years back, he got out. He did really well with it. There are things that can definitely be done with it in the short-term, but in the long-term, it’s looking like an eventual and inevitable total dead-end where you’re going to need other kinds of currency and forms of barter besides blockchain. Who knows when exactly this will be. I’ll definitely continue researching these things though, now that I’m finally off FB and have the time for it and need to know it. I take it Jeff Berwick, for example, isn’t very aware of this stuff.

              When it comes to Bible prophesies, one can definitely resonate with those passages that are straightforward and unambiguous. One has to admit that some of those prophecies from thousands of years ago like the number of the Beast: 666, is ubiquitous today amongst Kabbalists/Luciferians. They have multiple symbols they use for it, even like the OK hand-sign. The bar-code itself is based on the number 666. He also quoted Revelation 13:16-17 many times in the video: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, to receive a mark in their right hand or their foreheads… and that no man may buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” They’ve been working on insert-able microchips for many years now, and it’s no BS, and the video above covers what they’re doing to promote it in recent times quite extensively. The Bible was way ahead in certain ways, as well as when it comes to spirituality; demons, angels, God and Lucifer. Something else they’ve found is Noah’s Ark. I know Joe Rogan has this rant where he totally mocks the story of the Ark, but the same boat that was found some decades ago has basically the exact same dimensions as the Ark did.

              That said, I stick to the passages that are clear. There are many other prophesies out of books like Revelation and Daniel that can be and are interpreted so many different ways by so many people that they’re practically useless. Like I say, it never pays to get too crazy or over-the-top with verses that either aren’t clear, or aren’t even close to clear.

              Definitely looking like it’s getting down to the end times though, no doubt:


            2. Dana
              I hope you are not convinced the end times are inevitable and are fast approaching? It sounds like you believe that.
              That is the view held by Christian Zionists.
              In cahhoots or at least concurrent with the tribe and with Israel.

              From my post here:
              The worrying thing about all these fanatical christian zionists is their “bring it on attitude” regarding the end times and armageddon.
              I read a book in the 70’s called ‘Supernature’ by Lyall Watson and I think it was from there I learnt the concept of self fulfilling prophesies.
              The concept was referred to there as the ‘power of causative thought’.
              In other words, if enough people think that something is going to happen – then eventually it will happen.
              They all accept it as inevitable and so modify their talk and actions to literally ‘bring it on’.
              The process continues even though they are being deceived.
              Sheep? Lemmings?
              It would not be so bad if this did not affect the rest of us.
              The only thing that can halt this process is to convince them that they are wrong.
              Problem is at the moment they all believe every word of the ‘tampered with by the zionists’ bible.
              Even if nukes were not real (the nuke hoax theory is worth investigating . . . there are plenty of other nasty methods of mass destruction that the ‘powers that be’ can unleash.
              Christian zionists love Israel.
              Israel’s influence is extremely dangerous.
              They are pulling a lot of strings and need to be stopped.
              END QUOTE
              and here:
              Christian zionists will always point you to the book of revelation and say it is all in there.
              Darby and Scofield’s bible tampering aside . . . what I say is you don’t have to believe everything you read.
              Israel is not the absolute central theme of christian doctrine . . . though in the last century it has been made to be so.
              You can be a good christian without all that Israel nonsense.
              Keep praying for peace (not war, war is where you are being led).
              My 2 cents.
              END QUOTE

            3. Dana and Erin
              It seems to me that the film, although it is alerting us to many things . . . it is also preparing us for those things too.
              It does this by constantly referring to the bible, to which many people believe holds clues to the future.
              These prophesies are dangerous when they become self fulfilling.
              I think you know that already.
              It is best not to pander to the big story.

            4. Also who is to say the wearable, embeddable technology will not be hackable or even copyable.
              Criminals may eventually find a way around curfew leg tagging.
              Certain “chosen people” may be secretly given multiple identities changeable at the flick of a switch.
              So I don’t think the technology will be infallibe or not have back doors (no pun intended).
              As with all government announcements on things like this, there is the reason A, that they tell you and then there is the real reason B. A and B are not always the same.
              This applies to reasons for war, reasons for vaccines, reasons for smart meters and also reasons for microchipping.
              Convenience is the advertised reason.
              Surveillance and Control is the real reason.
              Once the RFID embedded chips are accepted then they will start trying to include very sinister sensory and remote control technology.
              The mind boggles.
              Right who here is Brian?
              I’m Brian . . . no I’m Brian . . . I’m Brian . . . . . RFID scanner to the rescue . . . ok you’re Brian.

            5. Dorset Patriot and Dana Hart,
              Prophesy is a bit of a “what came first, the chicken or the egg,” type of connundrum. To maintain skepticism while remaining open minded and observant is probably the best. One thing seems fairly certain : the Jews have their entire religion constructed around the eventual coming of their Mashiach, the King of the World. To that end they are a powerful financial, political and social force. They are literally going to make the prophesies come true by their fanatical and singleminded pursuit of that goal. Christian Zionists are going along with them in making them come true too, but they are completely deceived just like the Jews whom they follow, as to what it all will yield. We are aware that they expect the ‘Rapture’ to occur before the advent of the Antichrist (Mashiach), so they literally will ignore the evidence of their senses about what is really happening.

              Authentic Christian consciousness dreads these events and prays for them to be held back as long as possible, and it would never try to precipitate them. However, a proper patristic understanding of the prophesies enables the Christian to see what is occuring and not be deceived. So the authentic Christian approach is to internalize Christ’s commandments and clean the windows of the soul so that the clear light of truth shines through, and then the rest will fall into place according to Providence. I see the main divergence between Christians and the world being about to occur around this issue of whether or not to trust God and live flying by the seat of one’s pants, so to speak; or, to take refuge in the security of the fully controlled AI social system and economy. It is like the temptation of Christ to turn stones into bread, that is what the ‘Sustainable Development’ model will promise mankind, that they will never go hungry again. Heard that before, but how quickly they forget…

            6. “Blockchain is not bad. Anyone can start a cryptocurrency. its decentralized which is what we want.”
              Agreed decentralized is good, if this does indeed circumvent the governments, central banks and sharks.
              Completely private and anonymous is more important though and the blockchain is not that, it is a public ledger of every transaction in the scheme.
              It is not possible to be completely anonymous as IP addresses are traceable and governments also have access to vast databases of behavior tracking artificial intelligence algorithms.
              All your activity with crypto is identifiable by the ‘powers that be’.

          1. Charlemagne
            Yes you have just spent over an hour watching a tecnological video about crypto as interpreted by some true hard core religious fanatics.
            Perhaps you would also be intersted in waving your hands in the air, falling over backwards or speaking in tounges maybe?
            No, oh well then . . . . can’t please everyone.

  9. Dorset, I don’t buy the belief that if enough people think something is going to happen, then it’s going to happen. Too many things suddenly happen when nobody expects them to happen or thinks they’ll ever happen, for example.

    Yeah, I’m a firm believer that things are going to keep getting worse and worse. How bad will they get? I don’t know, but it’s not hard to see the direction things are pointing.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever looked into NDEs but they’re real. Not just the heavenly type, but so are the hellish type. One way I’ve noticed these are real is because dudes can’t cry on command like women can. Not that the female hellish testimonies are false, but a dude who cries is far more credible than a female who cries.

    In any case, I’ve watched all kinds of these out of curiosity and fascination. This dude died from a heart attack from a drug overdose and went to hell. From 13:45 to 14:20, he explains when being rescued from hell that God told him the things he was taught as a youngster are getting ready to happen and that God urged him to help him out:

    1. Well I think you will find it does explain self fulfilling prophesies to some degree.
      I mentioned it in one place without explaining the context.
      Elsewhere I mentioned it with my understanding of it . . . in full
      The worrying thing about all these fanatical christian zionists is their “bring it on attitude” regarding the end times and armageddon.
      I read a book in the 70’s called ‘Supernature’ by Lyall Watson and I think it was from there I learnt the concept of self fulfilling prophesies.
      The concept was referred to there as the ‘power of causative thought’.
      In other words, if enough people think that something is going to happen – then eventually it will happen.
      They all accept it as inevitable and so modify their talk and actions to literally ‘bring it on’.
      The power of propaganda is used in war time . . . where leaflets are dropped and scattered over a population. Some truth is in them along with clever lies and a “you might as well surrender now rather than later, it will be better for you.” message.
      The consensus then becomes we are almost defeated we might as well give up.
      So what the majority thinks becomes enabled as the path of future events.
      They surrender.
      Websites such as t h r e e w o r l d w a r s . com explain how history is viewed by some as accidental (random and unpredictable) and by others as conspiratorial (planned and with an agenda pushing things along).
      Two Views of History
      1. Accidental History
      2. Conspiratorial History
      I respect your pessimistic view that things are going from bad to worse.
      I prefer to be the eternal optimist and always count my blessings and look for ways to make things better.
      It has been said that:
      If one knew how powerful thoughts were . . . one would never dare have any negative thoughts ever again.
      This is why I avoid watching horror films and other horrible and scary things.
      I try to look for the good in everyone (usually not too difficult).
      Yes I have heard lots of real life testimonies from christians about NDEs, some of them travel the world telling their stories and many have also written books about their experiences.
      Supernatural things do not really fascinate me as they seem to do with some people.
      I prefer not to dabble in such dodgy areas.

      1. I understand the things you’re saying and have never subscribed to any belief that everything is ‘hopeless anyway, so why even try’.

        You know in the SEAL program, people who think things are hopeless don’t stick around long. You might be associating me with the typical run-of-the-mill pussy you find online, lol. The mind and body are capable of things far beyond what the average human thinks they’re capable of. One of those is handling pain and another is the amount of work they can both put out.

        Guaranteed things are going to get much worse before they get better, though. I’m a realist, not a pessimist.

        Spirituality is not ‘dodgy’. That would be like saying Jews practice Jewish ritual murder or sucking the blood of circumcised baby penises and a host of other Satanic rituals just for the hell of it. Well they most certainly don’t. They do these things to gather power from the demonic realm. Countless people have talked about literally signing contracts with Lucifer and it’s exactly what they do. It’s not like this minority of Jews have gained all this power because they “just work together as a cohesive group and they’re ruthless and they have higher IQs than everybody else”, lol.

        1. They do these things to gather power . . .
          They do manage to do that very effectively . . . it seems to be “the end justifies the means” with them.
          If it did not affect us then it would not be so bad.
          We don’t like to be tricked or scammed or taken for fools.
          Or to be told to shut up by PC cultural marxists.
          Europe is being flooded with millions of immigrants deliberately.
          Barbara Lerner Spectre explained to us why this is necessary.
          Necessary my a((())).

            1. Marxists and Liberals (the establishment) argue that a conspiratorial view of history is invalid. This seems to be because they want to believe that they have risen to power due to ‘natural factors’ and ‘natural economics’ Its a bunch of bullcrap. Of course external factors influence what happens and everyone has to react to them. Nevertheless does that mean no one plans anything? They actually meet in rooms and plan to do things? Of course no one does that… Both external factors and conspiratorial type planning are important in terms of history, the latter probably more so. Todays establishment sell a version of history which is a pretty much lies. It’s really sad when you think about it.

              This is again why we have to avoid totalitarianism because history has to be debated and discussed. Right now in academia there is hardly any debate about controversial issues, especially the holocaust. We have to avoid simply having the flipside of that in any future alt-right government.

  10. Charlemagne, I find it hard to believe you actually watched that entire video, man, because red flags are everywhere. No man, we don’t even know blockchain is ‘legit’ and not some alphabet agency invention.

    Really, the more and more I’m looking at this, the worse and worse it’s looking. It’s already compromised to a degree, but that’s the best case scenario. There are good uses for crypto, but beyond that, these are going to be relatively short-lived. And as for ‘decentralized’, maybe according to their definition, but not really according to my definition.

    For instance though (some excerpts out of this article):

    “The creator of Bitcoin is officially a name, “Satoshi Nakamoto” – very few people believe that it was a single male from Japan. For more detailed analysis about who is Satoshi Nakamoto see this article and the official Wikipedia entry. In the early days of Bitcoin development this name is associated with original key-creation and communications on message boards, and then the project was officially handed over to others at which point this Satoshi character never appeared again (Although from time to time someone will come forward saying they are the real Satoshi Nakamoto, and then have their posts deleted).

    Bitcoin could very well be the ‘one world currency’ that conspiracy theorists have been talking about for some time. It’s a kill five birds with one stone solution – not only is Bitcoin an ideal one world currency, it allows law enforcement a perfect record of all transactions on the network. It states very clearly on (the official site) in big letters “Bitcoin is not anonymous””

    “THE WINNER: It was the NSA

    The NSA has the capability, the motive, and the operational capacity – they have teams of cryptographers, the biggest fastest supercomputers in the world, and they see the need. Whether instructed by their friends at the Fed, in cooperation with their owners (i.e. Illuminati banking families), or as part of a DARPA project – is not clear and will never be known (unless a whistleblower comes forward). In fact, the NSA employs some of the best mathematicians and cryptographers in the world. Few know about their work because it’s a secret, and this isn’t the kind of job you leave to start your own cryptography company.

    But the real smoking Gun, aside from the huge amount of circumstantial evidence and lack of a credible alternative, is the 1996 paper authored by NSA “HOW TO MAKE A MINT: THE CRYPTOGRAPHY OF ANONYMOUS ELECTRONIC CASH” available here.

    This author agrees:

    The NSA was one of the first organizations to describe a Bitcoin-like system. About twelve years before Satoshi Nakamotopublished his legendary white paper to the cryptography mailing list, a group of NSA information security researchers published a paper entitled How to Make a Mint: the Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash in two prominent places, the first being an MIT mailing list and the second being much more prominent, The American Law Review (Vol. 46, Issue 4 ).

    The paper outlines a system very much like Bitcoin in which secure financial transactions are possible through the use of a decentralized network the researchers refer informally to as a Bank. They list four things as indispensable in their proposed network: privacy, user identification (protection against impersonation), message integrity (protection against tampering/substitution of transaction information – that is, protection against double-spending), and nonrepudiation (protection against later denial of a transaction – a blockchain!).

    “We will assume throughout the remainder of this paper that some authentication infrastructure is in place, providing the four security features.” (Section 1.2)

    It is evident that SHA-256, the algorithm Satoshi used to secure Bitcoin, was not available because it came about in 2001. However, SHA-1 would have been available to them, having been published in 1993.

    Why would the NSA want to do this? One simple reason: Control.

    As we explain in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex – the primary means the US dominates the world is through economic policy, although backed by bombs. And the critical support of the US Dollar is primarily, the military. The connection between the military and the US Dollar system is intertwined inextricably. There are thousands of great examples only one of them being how Iraq switched to the Euro right before the Army’s invasion.

    In October 2000 Iraq insisted on dumping the US dollar – ‘the currency of the enemy’ – for the more multilateral euro. The changeover was announced on almost exactly the same day that the euro reached its lowest ebb, buying just $0.82, and the G7 Finance Ministers were forced to bail out the currency. On Friday the euro had reached $1.08, up 30 per cent from that time.

    Almost all of Iraq’s oil exports under the United Nations oil-for-food programme have been paid in euros since 2001. Around 26 billion euros (£17.4bn) has been paid for 3.3 billion barrels of oil into an escrow account in New York. The Iraqi account, held at BNP Paribas, has also been earning a higher rate of interest in euros than it would have in dollars.

    The point here is there are a lot of different types of control. The NSA monitors and collects literally all electronic communications; internet, phone calls, everything. They listen in even to encrypted voice calls with high powered microphones, devices like cellphones equipped with recording devices (See original “Clipper” chip). It’s very difficult to communicate on planet Earth in private, without the NSA listening. So it is only logical that they would also want complete control of the financial system, including records of all electronic transactions, which Bitcoin provides.

    Could there be an ‘additional’ security layer baked into the Blockchain that is undetectable, that allows the NSA to see more information about transactions, such as network location data? It wouldn’t be so far fetched, considering their past work, such as Xerox copy machines that kept a record of all copies made (this is going back to the 70’s, now it’s common). Of course security experts will point to the fact that this layer remains invisible, but if this does exist – of course it would be hidden.”

  11. I see even Jeff Berwick is questioning it now as well (hadn’t checked anytime recently). Excerpt:

    “After being one of the biggest cheerleaders of bitcoin for the last five years what I am about to say may shock some people. In fact, as I began to connect the dots, I shocked myself.

    I have been a defender of bitcoin as being a product of the free market since nearly day one. My main line of reasoning was this: Bitcoin was such an innovation that there was no way that soulless robotic drones, of the like who often work for “intelligence” agencies, like the CIA, could have come up with it on their own.

    I still lean towards that line of reasoning but evidence is beginning to come out that leads me to believe there may have been some involvement from “intelligence” agencies… or, at the very least, there certainly is now.

    This epiphany came to me just this week when Gavin Andresen set the media world on fire after he posted an online message explaining that Craig Steven Wright was actually the founder of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

    “Craig Wright?” I thought. The Aussie who sort-of said he was Satoshi Nakamoto late last year? And then received a quick response: Within hours the Australian police were combing through his house looking for taxable evidence. In fact, I had been wondering whatever happened to him.

    Andresen emphatically endorsing the claim of Wright to be Satoshi was big news because no one has done much more to promote bitcoin than Andresen. Additionally, according to Andresen himself, Satoshi designated him as his heir, the man who was supposed to support bitcoin’s progress.

    Andresen has been intimately involved in bitcoin via the Bitcoin Foundation and has been a relentless promoter of the technology. Meanwhile, Nakamoto “retired” from the fray and basically vanished. Until now. Suddenly Nakamoto has made a return as Wright.

    Also, please note, Satoshi’s immense bitcoin wealth is supposedly tied up in a trust. If Wright is Satoshi, it’s perfectly possible he can leverage liquidity from a position of being asset-rich and cash poor.

    That’s a damn good reason to let people know you’re Nakamoto, whether you are or not. That’s what has been pointed out in the past about Wright, because rumors have circulated around him for a while. He is supposedly prone to exaggeration and his personal claims about his background have not always seemed to be true.

    One thing does seem obvious… A peripatetic career has seemingly featured contacts with top level executives and technologists in the industry. It’s perfectly possible that Wright is familiar with intelligence types. In fact, so is Andresen who has admitted to meeting with the CIA in order to “give a talk.”

    It’s been speculated that Satoshi removed himself from bitcoin after Andresen informed him of the meeting. But that’s only one interpretation.

    Another is that bitcoin was assembled by the CIA and other intel groups. Plenty of people have speculated that Satoshi Nakamoto was a group of people. Those who have analyzed Nakamoto’s online activities reportedly found they seemed to drop to little or nothing at night. He was sleeping when people in the United States sleep, in other words. If he was Japanese, as he claimed, then either he worked at night or had decided to live in the US.

    Some of his notes reportedly use word like “bloody” and this is congruent with intelligence agency cooperation. British intel often works closely with US intel. Keep in mind I wrote the foreword to The Book Of Satoshi: The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto so I have some experience in analyzing his past writing.

    And, yes, the entire story about Nakamoto sounds “Hollywood-ish.” Anonymous, brilliant Japanese technologist writes a white paper, dumps it online and others begin to utilize its information simply because of the compelling brilliance of the argument. I’m not saying it didn’t happen that way, but usually you’d find a group surrounding an individual… and this group would promote the work from the beginning along with the individual. The tale involving Nakamoto is certainly a dramatic one.

    Meanwhile, the CIA permeates the top levels of US technology, especially. The CIA even set up a technology fund to invest in startups. There is plenty of reason to believe that the CIA was instrumental in the success of both Google and Facebook. Thus there is no reason to pooh-pooh the idea that the CIA is involved behind the scenes in bitcoin.

    It is perfectly possible, or not impossible, that both Andresen and Wright have CIA contacts and are in a sense cooperative – or more. That would make sense given what’s occurring, as there is suddenly a huge push to create a digital technology that has a resemblance to bitcoin.

    This is how the powers-that-be like to work. They set up expectations in society for certain technologies. Usually they do so via movies. In this case, they may have created or at least allowed an electronic currency to survive and thrive with the knowledge that other “controlled” technologies would be unveiled to accompany or supersede it (such as the Bank of England’s RSCoin).”

  12. “With approximately $70 billion in bitcoins in circulation and more than 100,000 merchants around the world—including Russia’s largest online retailer, Ulmart—accepting similar forms of payment, “suddenly everyone has to take cryptocurrency seriously,” says Richard Titus, an investor of cybermoney. Virtual currencies are also a potential bonanza for money launderers, online blackmailers and cybercriminals—especially in Russia. And with the market still basically unregulated, Titus warns, “it’s definitely the Wild West.” Even JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, usually a bull on tech innovation, warned in September that virtual currencies are “a fraud.… It won’t end well. Someone is going to get killed. It will blow up.”Russians have been involved in cryptocurrencies since their inception in the mid-2000s. Criminals used the first virtual currencies, such as e-gold, to commit cross-border credit card fraud. The original technology was “mostly U.S.-based, but it was always linked to Russia,” where 80 to 90 percent of global card fraud activity took place, says Alexander Klimburg, author of The Darkening Web, a newly published examination of cybersecurity threats.
    Penis-Whitening Procedure Goes Viral in Thailand
    Penis-Whitening Procedure Goes Viral in Thailand
    Watch Times Square New Year’s Eve 2018 Online, on TV
    Watch Times Square New Year’s Eve 2018 Online, on TV
    North Korea Hit Own City in Failed Test: Report
    North Korea Hit Own City in Failed Test: Report
    Eric Trump Says Ellen Is Part of the Deep State
    Eric Trump Says Ellen Is Part of the Deep State
    U.S. Ignores Terrorists, Pakistan Says, Following Tweet
    U.S. Ignores Terrorists, Pakistan Says, Following Tweet
    Related: A Russian accused of using bitcoin to launder $4 billion is indicted by a U.S. juryThe Kremlin has long been wary of cryptocurrencies, which are technically illegal in Russia—yet the government recently signaled it’s changing its stance. At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June, President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was considering launching its own “digital ruble” and praised the possibilities of virtual currencies. A group of financial institutions under the supervision of the Russian Central Bank is testing a proprietary “master chain” based on a popular platform called Ethereum that could be used to issue bit-rubles.There’s even been talk of creating a supranational cryptocurrency for the emerging BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa—as “a good alternative to the dollar,” Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, told state-run news agency Ria Novosti in August. Though the entire sum of cryptocurrencies in the world remains under $100 billion, a long way off the estimated 10.2 trillion U.S. dollars, the idea of undermining America’s dominion as owner of the world’s chief reserve currency appeals to Putin, who recently called for the BRICS nations “to overcome the excessive domination of the limited number of reserve currencies.”
    There are other legitimate reasons Moscow is interested in cashing in on cryptocurrencies. The Kremlin is keen to attract the enormous cash flow being poured into blockchain projects around the world. It also wants to open up Russia to the bitcoin mining industry, in which anyone can claim newly issued bitcoins—generated automatically by a preprogrammed, blockchain-based computer network—by solving extremely complex codes that unlock each new coin.China is the world leader in bitcoin mining, with miners deploying huge power-hungry computer server banks to crunch the necessary numbers—and Moscow is eager to get into that business. Putin aide Dmitry Marinichev predicts that “Russia has the potential to reach up to 30 percent share in global cryptocurrency mining in the future,” which at current values would mean a $100 million annual market share for Russia.”

  13. Yeah, ‘anonymous’ it most certainly is not:

    “In Ulbricht’s trial Thursday, former FBI special agent Ilhwan Yum described how he traced 3,760 bitcoin transactions over 12 months ending in late August 2013 from servers seized in the Silk Road investigation to Ross Ulbricht’s Samsung 700z laptop, which the FBI seized at the time of his arrest in October of that year. In all, he followed more than 700,000 bitcoins along the public ledger of bitcoin transactions, known as the blockchain, from the marketplace to what seemed to be Ulbricht’s personal wallets. Based on exchange rates at the time of each transaction, Yum calculated that the transferred coins were worth a total of $13.4 million.

    “You mean direct, one-to-one transfers?” prosecutor Timothy Howard asked Yum.

    “Yes, direct, one-to-one transfers,” Yum responded.”

    “More broadly, Yum’s testimony confirms what most savvy bitcoin users already know: that the cryptocurrency is by no means untraceable or anonymous by default. Although using bitcoins doesn’t necessarily require revealing any identifying information, all bitcoin transactions are traced on the blockchain, the same widely distributed list of transactions designed to make counterfeiting bitcoins impossible. If someone can identify a user’s bitcoin addresses—in Ulbricht’s case, by seizing the laptop he was actively using at the moment of his arrest—then they can often be used to trace his or her transactions.

    In fact, Berkeley computer science researcher Nicholas Weaver had already shown that he was able to follow more than 29,000 bitcoins from the Silk Road to Ulbricht’s laptop based only on publicly available information. The prosecution, with access to Ulbricht’s hard drive, had far more success. Nearly 500,000 bitcoins of the 700,253 bitcoins were transferred from September to November 2012, explaining their relatively low total exchange rate.”

    1. Dana
      Thanks for going the ‘extra mile’ with all this research and useful information.
      I am sure it is appreciated by many who were at first unsure and were ready to simply ‘follow the herd’.

      1. No worries. Also thanks for your own contributions. Damn, so much can be found on all this stuff, and this is really just scratching the surface. When in doubt, you’ve just gotta whip-it-out, lol. 🙂
        But like any red-pill, one must take it and use it to their advantage in any way they can.

  14. Looks like this dude was way ahead of the curve. I didn’t even know what the ‘truth movement’ was in 2008, lol. But Zeitgeist was phony in so many ways as well:

    “The architects of the Federal Reserve openly want a “cashless society”. This society would be given a certain amount of credits issued onto cards or onto chips implanted into people or onto their cards. This would be ultimate control. With a flick of a switch all your computer generated “credits” would disappear. Today they are pretty close to this cashless society. Most credit cards are issued with an RFID tracking device. All port workers are issued a TWIC card with an RFID locator chip. Many U.S. states are close to issuing a global drivers license with an RFID chip. Now the world’s newspapers are simultaneously calling for a Global Government and heralding an economic collapse so devastating that Global Government will be controlled by banks.

    The zeitgeist plan calls for a “moneyless society”. No credits would be issued, no money of any sort would change hands. The only thing people would have to worry about is what to do with their day. I’ve already blogged about the possible ways automation and self sufficiency has been acheived in other, smaller societies. The challenge will be reshaping man’s warped vision of life on earth. As I have said in earlier blogs this challenge will not be forced onto people, but like the Amish some will recognize its promise of a better life. Unlike the Amish, resource economists won’t reject technology besides the technology of tracking individuals and items for personal gain or control. The only tracking will be to determine the community’s needs versus the resources they can produce. And no central governing figure will determine the community’s needs, it will be done by the most skilled technicians in that community.

    The nuances of a cashless society versus a moneyless society can all be boiled down to control. In the New World Order sponsored cashless society an oligarchy of wealthy people decide how much purchasing power a person has. In a resource economy no one has any purchasing power, but everyone is responsible for maintaining their community. The control in a resource economy is enforced by personal self interest and community awareness. The only way this control can be implemented is by education about the benefits away from central authority and towards a community based society.”

    1. There was (probably still is) a project called zeitgeist in ubuntu linux, which claimed to innocently try to predict what you were about to do based on your previous activity and then helpfully present you with your next likely action.
      Uninstall zeitgeist is my advice and go for a minimal linux without any tracking of activities, Learn to customize your distro and only have stuff in there that you know is not collecting data, and maybe sending it somewhere. Try to become savvy on networking and securing your computer and network.
      Find a browser that does not include a database within its install.
      If you type about:config into your firefox address bar you will be shocked at the amount of configurability and hidden parameters . . . here be dragons . . . that phrase is trying to scare you away from experimenting or even viewing the multititude of settings.
      I read a law enforcement website (US police officer’s) a long time ago that demonstrated how easy it was for them to access an unseen database in firefox and see everything you have done and every site you visited even if you have cleared your cookies and thought you cleared the history database.
      When I see an unknown file of size in the megabytes I always think what is that? If I can’t find out then I delete it.
      People who say “if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about” are crazy.

      1. Oh and if you are using a closed source proprietary operating system then all bets are definitely off.
        I mean microsoft windows and apple products.
        Windows 10 particularly is known to be a surveillance engine in that it harvests your activity, because microsoft needs to know about your activity.
        Upgrading operating systems and downloading updates and installing your own apps also slows down you device.
        Planned obselesnce means the big software and hardware companies want you to get fed up with your worsening computer performance, so you go out and buy a new one every 2 years.
        A windows 98 computer with a newly installed OS on hardware from that era, works better and faster than some hugely more advanced hardware with all the code bloat.
        Yes microsoft can be thanked enormously for their positive contributions to computing, but the downside is all to clear to see for those who care to look.

        1. Indeed. These agendas have been in place for a long time and it won’t be stopping until enough people recognize it and do something about.

  15. “A bitcoin entrepreneur and ‘biohacking’ enthusiast has found an unlikely place to store digital currency – under his skin. Martijn Wismeijer, also known as ‘Mr Bitcoin’, had two NFC (near-field communication) chips injected into the back of his hands during a biohacking event organised by Permanent Beta last week. Speaking to CoinDesk, Wismeijer said he has so far experimented with storing litecoin, darkcoin, dogecoin and bitcoin on the tiny devices, which can hold up to 888 bytes of data each. “As long as you can export your private key, you can write that into your hands,” he added…..”

    1. Many people now carry their ‘chip and pin’ cards and passports in electromagnetically secure pouches and wallets.
      These are screened faraday shields that prevent criminals from brushing past you and skimming your card details.
      With RFID devices implanted under the skin, then there will be a lot of people resorting to wearing woven metal mesh gloves as a security measure.

      1. Use cash or bartering.
        Never use cards or proximity RFID payment methods in stores.
        I noticed that women seem to love these new payment methods and use them all the time.
        Old dudes stick with cash.

    2. This video takes excerpts from a much longer interview, which is also available in related searches. The salient point here is the connection between the massive decentalized neural network of computing power which people have voluntarily constructed out of greed, and the way this provides the ideal platform for atrificial intelligence to operate, and how this is not a coincidence, but possible one of the chief motives for the introduction of cryptos.


        Russian President Vladimir Putin says that whoever reaches a breakthrough in developing artificial intelligence will come to dominate the world.

        Putin, speaking Friday at a meeting with students, said the development of AI raises ‘colossal opportunities and threats that are difficult to predict now.’

        He warned that ‘the one who becomes the leader in this sphere will be the ruler of the world.’

        Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind,’ Putin said during the discussion, according to RT.

        But, he warned that ‘it would be strongly undesirable if someone wins a monopolist position,’ vowing that Russia would be ready to share its progress in artificial intelligence with other nations.

        ‘If we become leaders in this area, we will share this know-how with the entire world, the same way we share our nuclear technologies today,’ Putin said…

        And, he predicted that future wars will be fought by drones, and ‘when one party’s drones are destroyed by drones of another, it will have no other choice but to surrender.’

        END QUOTE

        1. Nice. The promotion of artificial intelligence is basically also the transhumanist agenda that the ‘globalists’ and all these celebs from Murray Rothstein to Johnny Depp to Justin Timberlake are all promoting. Man can become a god, is the basic idea. A Kabbalistic mantra promoted over and over again is ‘I am God’.

          Mark Dice in particular has covered the transhumanist agenda very well. Anyone can just YouTube ‘Mark Dice, Transhumanism’ and see good finds of his on the subject. Of course he has no idea about much of the shit we’re talking about though, lol.

      2. Thanks for the video.
        “The ideal platform for atrificial intelligence to operate”.
        We need to stop robots and AI from getting too powerful.
        Resist all this, if we don’t then some robot some day might decide that we are surplus to its requirements.

  16. As I see it, “libertarian White nationalism” is a contradiction in terms. Libertarianism is inherently anti-nationalist.

    1. You’re assuming Libertarianism is some rigidly set out doctrine. What we mean is a form of government that affords robust freedom on issues like free speech, gun laws, freedom of association, etc. A government like that could also be strong on immigration like the US was before the 1965 immigration act. The US has had a more or less libertarian approach to free speech and gun laws yet maintained strong borders up until that aforementioned act. Do you want to live in a country where you could go to jail for “insulting” the president like we see in Putin’s Russia and communist China?

      1. If you’re only speaking about a couple of issues, like free speech and gun control, then you’re not referring to libertarianism.

        In my opinion, the basic premises of libertarianism are in direct contradiction with nationalism. In a libertarian system, there is no legitimate way to stop immigration, outsourcing or degenerate practices. All of these issues would be strictly private issues or, at best, regulated at a very local level. A libertarian system has no way to deal with the jewish question – jews will very quickly re-assert their domination, since they will act collectively and in a cohesive manner against the atomized individuals of a libertarian society.

        1. I think much of the issue is merely a semantic issue because libertarianism seems to mean different things to different people, and different definitions are given for it. If you go to Google and enter ‘define libertarianism’ you get a very simple definition of it, which I totally agree with:

          an extreme laissez-faire political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens.”

          Then if you pull up articles like this below, you see people with different perspectives on it with more rules added to the definition:

          “With a long intellectual tradition spanning hundreds of years, libertarian ideas of individual rights, economic liberty, and limited government have contributed to history-changing movements like abolition, women’s suffrage, and the civil rights movement.

          Libertarian is not a single viewpoint, but includes a wide variety of perspectives. Libertarians can range from market anarchists to advocates of a limited welfare state, but they are all united by a belief in personal liberty, economic freedom, and a skepticism of government power.”

          ^That definition right there is quite different than the first definition. I am against quite a bit of the second definition: screw women’s suffrage and screw the snivel rights movement. I’m definitely on board with things like the limited welfare state, abolition, economic liberty (at least looking at it from a classical Marxist/Communist perspective), and other such things.

          Semantics and what the exact definition of the word and philosophy seems to be mostly what we’re disagreeing about here, or maybe even all we’re disagreeing about.

        2. You can call it whatever you want. We use the word libertarian because it implies liberty/freedom. We’re not advocating total atomization. That’s mainly a cultural issue anyway and can be fixed by promoting a better culture through the media and academia. We want a government that isn’t an authoritarian police state, but also opposes mass immigration. There’s no reason why we can’t have both. The best political systems are mixed, just as the best economies are mixed and not following some rigid doctrine like communism or fascism. Sub-groups of communists and fascists can’t even agree on a lot of things either when it comes to doctrine.

  17. This can’t work. The whole purpose of libertarian/liberal ideals that stem from the enlightment and modernity is to ‘liberate’ the individual from any collective sense of being. You can have individualism or you can have collectivism but not both. And by the way no nazbol in their right mind would associate with the ‘alt-right’. European new right for sure but none of this liberalism for white people especially since the enlightment and liberalism are the reasons that the world looks like a bag of ass today.

    1. The collectivist nightmare : a gray dystopia there will be no waking up from. Are you a bot? How do I know that you’re not?

    2. @Krieg NRU: “The whole purpose of libertarian/liberal ideals that stem from the enlightment and modernity is to ‘liberate’ the individual from any collective sense of being.”

      Yes, the movement of libertarianism, but there were also distinctly anti-liberal trends within early libertarian/anarchist thought, opposing such defining features of liberalism as crass individualism or banking/usury. Furthermore, they didn’t accept this false dichotomy between “collectivism” or “individualism”, because while affirming rights of the individual they also recognized him as part of a society.

      This is actually innate to our ancestors, our Germanic, Celtic, and Iberian tribes, who had this strong sense of individual freedom but still connected to the tribe, with responsibilities and duties to the tribe, folk and family, even to future progeny. And I mean individual freedom in the sense that there was much freedom of thought and action, so long as they weren’t harming the tribe, folk or family, and it was also “libertarian” in that people knew their duties and responsibilities innately; so there was no need for coercion.

      “You can have individualism or you can have collectivism but not both. ”

      Nature itself is a balance of the two – they’re complementary, not diametrical. We should avoid the excesses of each, as reflections of each other. I think, for example, of the similarities between Capitalism and Communism. The excesses of one leads to the excesses of the other, whereas knowing the complementary balance of the innate freedom of an individual and his place to something higher than himself, avoids those excesses. This is the organic and natural position.

      “And by the way no nazbol in their right mind would associate with the ‘alt-right’. ”

      Is that why your Nazbol cult is so closely in bed with the “alt-right”? The likes of Matt Heimbach, Richard Spencer and his cronies, etc. are closely aligned with Duginism and the feelings are mutual, as seen by Dugin’s close personal cooperation with those elements.

      Btw, I checked out your website and I see nothing but the talking points of Nazbol and blind Russophilia, indeed not even one word about Jewry or Zionism (perhaps because of your beloved Putin and Dugin’s alliances with Zionists). What’s worse, I see co-opting of the great thought of Strasserism and Falange. For both ethnic and intellectual reasons, Otto Strasser and Jose Antonio de Rivera are among my philosophical heroes.

      This is the same Otto Strasser who spoke eloquently on the federalization of Deutschland, eschewing statism and authoritarianism as foreign to the German soul. But even more than that, this was the same Otto Strasser who, after the war, spoke eloquently on the need to liberate Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic nations from what he rightly termed as Soviet enslavement, exactly because he recognized those territories as European. Its thus an aberration and a repudiation of his actual legacy and thought (especially as it developed during and after the war, not his early thought) that Nazbol cultists are co-opting as their own.

      As for Rivera, he wanted to restore much freedom to the Spanish workers and peasants, which was why he was opposed by and to both Communists and reactionaries (philosophically, because he recognized this balance of the individual with the community). The strength of the Falange among the Castilian peasantry shows clearly what I mean here, as they enjoyed their innate freedom but also were very aware of their community. Nazbols would erode all of this, submerging all to the cauldron of blind statism.

      Incidentally, if libertarianism doesn’t work – and I certainly agree, if we’re talking about the Austrian School and certain other Corporate and Capitalist apologists – then what more can we say about your Nazbol ideology masquerading as “National Revolutionary”? Stalin’s “socialism in one country” was not self-sufficient, but relied on heavy aid from Western industrialists and governments to even stay afloat. This is despite the false dichotomy Duginists make between “Eurasianist” and “Atlanticist”. Or perhaps you mean the strange hybrid of Ernst Niekisch, between Bolshevism and Prussian militarism? In other words, its ahistorical and contradictory.

    3. You’re presenting a false dichotomy that forces us to accept either some authoritarian Nazbol ideology or total individualism. We’re proposing a middle ground where we take the best from the libertarian style of government and merge it with a strong national culture/identity. You authoritarians think in simplistic black and white terms because you must stamp out anything that isn’t totally conformist to your proposed one-party or one-man tyranny.


    Meaning no disrespect to the author of the article, rather to highlight the extreme peril to those living in the United States today. If I understand things correctly, there is a Constitutional crisis brewing with the Trump-Russia investigation. After much research into this topic. it seems apparent to me that the entire thing is staged. For one thing. no shit Trump is up to his eyeballs in Russian Jewish mafia debt. If I knew this before the election, then so did the RNC and the DNC and they all colluded to LIHOP/MIHOP. This is the slow motion train wreck guaranteed to result in martial law, which has really been in the works for years as the United States has been transitioning into a command and control economy dominated by endless monetized debt given to politically connected business.

    Americans were now rethinking the desirability and necessity of that resistance. They compared the military’s principled competence with the chicanery and ineptitude of many elected officials, and found the latter wanting. Commentator James Fallows expressed the new thinking in an August 1991 article in Atlantic magazine. Musing on the contributions of the military to American society, Fallows wrote: I am beginning to think that the only way the national government can do anything worthwhile is to invent a security threat and turn the job over to the military.” He elaborated on his reasoning:

    According to our economic and political theories, most agencies of
    the government have no special standing to speak about the general
    national welfare. Each represents a certain constituency; the interest
    groups fight it out. The military, strangely, is the one government
    institution that has been assigned legitimacy to act on its notion of
    the collective good. “National defense” can make us do things—train
    engineers, build highways—that long-term good of the nation or common sense cannot.”

    If you look around on the search term “Trump Coup”, you will find wall to wall references to some imagined “Deep State” coup in the works against the Teflon Don. There is almost no information available to indicate that Trump, with his obvious politicking of the military and bizarre choice of retired generals throughout his cabinet, could possibly be fronting a full bankster takeover. In classic reverse psychology, everything is laid out to justify Trump pulling a “counter-coup”. The real truth is that there is only one Deep State, only one PTB in America, and they are doing a controlled opposition, problem-reaction-solution scam to give a sufficient pretext for open rebellion and a planned, prepared, clockwork like crackdown.

      1. One thing is that the threat of martial law in the US has been in the works for many years. When I first started doing ‘truth research’ in ’09, there was all kinds of talk about impending martial law. It actually had me kind of freaked out. Anyway, these kinds of mass transports of military equipment and large scale military and police drills have also been going on for many years, since I first started researching, and there is always something to be alarmed about in certain people’s view.

        Some people have made false claims and predictions saying that they know for a ‘fact’ that martial law (or any other kind of catastrophe like a massive EMP being set off) is going to happen in the next few days, or this drill is going to lead to this or that. They’ve been alarmist and false, of course. Alex Jones is one of these people who loves to hype things like this up: at times making extremely strong claims and predictions about certain mass death and destruction right around the corner, and/but they have never come to fruition, obviously. Eventual martial law and mass economic collapse are on the horizon at some point, but the kinds of things going on in that video have been happening all around the country for many years and are not reason to be alarmed by themselves.

        1. Consider everything I wrote above and don’t cherry pick what you want to answer. Just how do you think the whole Mueller investigation / 25th Amendment removal drive / impeachment agitation / Antifa Provokation are going to play out with the whole country staged for martial law.

          I don’t know about where you live, but in Maine over the past two years there have been unmistakable signs of impending martial law. ‘Evacuation Route’ signs have appeared all over the place (and there is no natural disaster that has ever struck). Reflective stickers with what appear to be area/route numbes are appearing on both the front and back of road signs at various places.

          People’s mailboxes have been marked with red and/or green reflective dots (which can’t be newspaper delivery because it is a felony to tamper with a mailbox, since it is a federal enclave within the ZIP code it belongs to). The red ones seem to indicate armed resistors, the green ones political dissidents. These dots appear overnight and nobody seems to know where they come from.

          There are foreign troops living in Loring AFB, the place has new barracks and a huge solar power array. Strange military aircraft fly low both night and day. Most people are happy to remain ignorant and return to their fodder.

          1. I’m aware that in certain areas of the country things like this have been going on for many years, including of course what you see in the video. I’m not saying bad things aren’t being planned, because they are and have been. Yes, even certain people’s mailboxes have been being marked with red and green dots for many years… this has been going on since at least 2009 when I started researching it, if not long before. FEMA camps have continued to be built and there are such things like areas where large numbers of containers that appear to possibly be coffins exist, just like deep underground military bases. Foreign troops have also been on American soil for many years. It sure looks to me that some kind of Bolshevik-style event is on the horizon in America.

            When did you first start researching these things, Erin? I’m not kidding when I tell you I started this back in ’09. That video is nothing new by any means, is all I’m saying though; and also not saying there isn’t only one ‘deep state’ and that Trump isn’t a part of it, because he definitely is. Also, if you remember when Obama was in, there was lots of talk about martial law in certain circles. Nothing new at all is what I’m saying. You’re catching that, right?

            1. Lol, this isn’t ‘cherry picking’… I said this has been going on for *many years* man… since *at least* 2009, if not long before. You started researching this stuff in what year?

      2. Erin
        It is ok to be aware of and to investigate these happenings and to occasionally mention them, but I don’t think we should side-track too far.
        We might end up discussing ufos and aliens, god forbid.
        When we are trying to tune people into our narrative, the addition of stuff like this might cause people to think that we are all a lot of conspiracy nuts.
        However I could be wrong.
        Elsewhere we talked about crypto currencies, that was another side-track issue.
        The title of this post:
        So both crypto currencies and government military activity in the homeland are side issues but definitely worth discussing as they deal with alarming developments.
        So whether you bring these topics up in this or another article, if that’s what you want to do, that’s fine by me.
        Hopefuly newcomers looking here will be interested and not get the wrong idea.

        Erin you might like to check out Dave Hodges and the Common Sense Show . . . “Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time”
        I link to Zionist Report from my website and they consistently go on about Satan and Nukes and illuminati hand signals and other alarmist conspiracy stuff. Sometimes it is cringe worthy and wacky, but the general theme and their observations, one has to admit are correct.
        So really . . . all I am saying is “be specific to be terrific” and don’t digress too far.
        I also tend to agree with Dana Hart’s comments on this.

        1. Also if this martial law stuff is repeated too far and wide . . . that will create a positive feedback loop and a self fulfilling prophesy.
          Not what we really want.
          Better to play it down than to hype it up.

            1. We do know that fear is a means of control as used in ‘false flags’.
              So we could rationally treat all this as a slow motion false flag.
              Also as the soldier said it is simply a preparation drill.
              Got to keep the military on its toes.

            2. The military hardware could be being taken to a port for export abroad.
              In a foreign emergency they would also fly the hardware in transport planes.
              Or maybe it is being taken to the scrap yard in preparation for surrender?

            3. The military industrial complex is very big and is spread over a large geographical area, so is the military.
              They move hardware around all the time.

  19. ‘Should the state control the media?’ and ‘Should the state control the economy?’

    The easy answer would be IF the state was incorruptible, yes. The state obviously also works in tandem with the MSM which has also conglomerated/monopolized ownership over the years. Neither apparently cannot be corrupted

    For any anarchist out there… let’s say we had a teachers’ conglomerate or union. Or let’s just say we had any organization of any kind at all, like just random people of any common belief/s meeting up together. COULD these people be infiltrated or corrupted over time? The obvious answer is YES. This also goes a long ways to explaining why anarchism is no easy or simple way out. I mean there are a lot of gangs and cartels who operate alone, without the government. Apparently they’d all be ‘good’ if no government existed, or something.

    1. Anarchism… while we’re at it, no group should exist either because it can potentially be infiltrated/subverted anyway as well. And if no groups of people existed, no individuals could be corrupted either, n stuff, lol.

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