Stupid Beta Males Spend Thousands on Marriage Proposals

There’s not a single good reason for a man to get married in today’s day and age considering it will very likely end in divorce with the man getting cleaned out for half his wealth if not having to pay child support on top.

I just read this article about some cucked beta males spending thousands on marriage proposals to impress their fiances. One cuck profiled in the article actually spent $14,000 to impress his dame with some fireworks and other superficial shit.

Apparently there’s a whole industry of “proposal planners” who rake in thousands of dollars to plan out elaborate marriage proposals for these bootlicking beta males who can’t impress their girl with natural charm or wit and thus overcompensate for their stale personalities with expensive fireworks and jewelry.

While there’s nothing wrong with being somewhat sentimental with a girl that you really like (flowers or small gifts on special occasions should do), it shouldn’t be taken to any kind of extreme, especially from an alpha male perspective. Showing too many emotions for and deference to a girl – like you’re just the “luckiest man on earth” to be with her – is a display of weakness and is typical of beta cuck losers who have succumb to leftist-feminist culture corruption.

A marriage proposal should cost no money at all, apart from the ring. Men who spend obscene amounts of money taking their girlfriends to extravagant restaurants or buying them expensive gifts have become feminized betas and deserve our scorn. They are submitting to the gender role reversal, where the man does everything he can to artificially please the woman and not the other way around. Most women these days can’t even cook a decent meal, so why should we shower them with expensive gifts when they give us nothing in return besides spreading their legs when they feel horny? And she will most likely shut that down when she’s not getting exactly what she wants from you at all times. No woman deserves to be spoiled like some rich kid on Christmas day with a mountain of presents under the tree.

When you go to a bar or nightclub to meet women, you shouldn’t buy them drinks – at all. Your job is to just get the number and move on to other girls. Don’t spend too much time on any one girl, as many of them are just there to get some attention, get you to buy them drinks and then ditch you. There’s no need to waste your money buying girls drinks when there’s no guarantee she’ll give the number. And even if she gives the number there’s no certainty she’ll respond to your messages later. I’ve had situations where I’ve literally made out with a girl in a club for half an hour and was denied the number afterwards. Maybe if she’s really hot and she’s been talking to you for awhile you can buy her a drink, but that’s rare.

You have to have the attitude that the woman you’re seeing should be thankful that you’re giving her all this time and attention that you could be placing elsewhere on more productive matters. It’s difficult to have in-depth conversations with women because if you get onto a subject – like politics, religion or race – that women generally don’t like, she’ll tweak out and have an emotional fit if you insist that this be discussed. Unless she’s right-wing herself, any hint that you harbour right-wing political or social views will turn her against you.

Most women simply want to chit-chat about trivialities and sentimental subjects like travel, food, jobs, gossip and other nonsense. If anything important is broached she’ll quickly get bored and change the subject to something idiotic. They do this because most women have the minds of children and are in constant search of self-gratification. When they’re not getting what they want, when they want it, they throw a temper tantrum and deny you sex or try to cause you some other grief.

All in all, don’t get married and don’t invest too much time or resources into any one girl unless she has really good qualities and a nice rack.

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29 Comments on “Stupid Beta Males Spend Thousands on Marriage Proposals”

  1. I wouldn’t say Sinead McCarthy is one of these women. She is very logical in how she exposes the Jewish problem in destroying gentile societies (especially the Jewish role in promoting white genocide). Her and Kyle Hunt have probably done more than anyone else in the last 10 years in fighting against Jewish power and Israel.

    1. that’s because she put a spell on you. She is as divide and conquer as any of them and Renegade is very compromised which you can’t tell because they censor dissent over there more than Brandon does here

      1. Joe Sigur, how do you know Brandon censors dissent over here?

        I personally would rarely censor on my pages, unless the person was completely retarded and entirely incorrigible (some people are so stupid and/or amoral that they’re beyond any kind of hope/help and they will do nothing but waste your time and piss you off). But I would do no-block tags and invite invite the incorrigibles because if you can win a debate, you don’t need to block. The Boycott American women page had to be the funnest page on FB, but the page kept getting reported and deleted. Dissenters would get their asses kicked though, and it was both hilarious and a cathartic release for me. I did absolutely no blocking on that page and didn’t need to and still don’t on any issue I support.

        One thing you’ll find with people who don’t know WTF they’re talking about on a given issue though, is they can’t answer the simplest of questions. Let’s not be able to answer simple questions or defend our position but just keep on thinking what we think n stuff.

        1. The curious case of Joe T Sigur…

          I don’t know when exactly you figured out that the religion of Talmudic Judaism is f’d up and that Jews, as a group, are a very subversive force, but you put in the months of research to figure it out years ago and decided to stop right there. That’s “genius”. More like a very lazy, and I’d argue, even a low-IQ way of doing things.

          Joe, you have to be aware that you’re not the smartest mofo ever to have come down the pike and you’re sure as shit not “psychic”. If not, why do you feel the need to insert your opinions on topics that are over your head like every other dumb chump out there?

    2. Sinead is a closet feminist (a female who claims she “isn’t” a feminist while simultaneously spouting the regular fembot arguments and shaming tactics). Kyle is also a white knight.

      Not to say they both haven’t done good things and that they don’t know what they’re talking about on many issues, but on the topics of feminism, misandry, and gynocentrism, they are totally out of their league. Even on the topic of Jewish involvement in feminism, I’m guaranteed to know of more Jews behind the movement than they do. I’d say by a margin, while I’m at it.

  2. Brandon, you sound like Anglin. Your handlers have you pushing MGTOW now? This isn’t you. If you are going to be cointel pro, you have to be believable. You have great content but you yourself aren’t authentic and it spoils everything you touch.

    And what’s this Alpha male talk? You really are pushing divide and conquer. You can’t turn a beta male into an alpha so you shouldn’t make it a moral value to “act alpha”.

    I remember Anglin going down this road two years ago, telling his followers how to get women and shit. I really think it’s intentional misdirection and the topic doesn’t belong in a legitimate resistance movement. Dump your handler, shoot the Jews a bird and take a walk on the wild side

    1. Sigur,

      “Divide and conquer” is the standard leftist dronebot line to dodge both racial and gender realities. You’re clearly a leftist on everything besides the Jews, and even then you oppose them only because they’re ‘racist’ against Gentiles.

      You’re evidently a:
      – white knight cuck for women
      – race-mixer
      – multiculturalist
      – apologist for negroes
      – apologist for Muslims and Islam
      – apologist for third world communist dictators

      There’s almost nothing that differentiates you from a run-of-the-mill leftist social justice warrior. All you do is try to browbeat people into only talking about Jews and ignoring all these other issues by spreading baseless gossip and kook conspiracy theories about secret handlers.

      To top it off you look like a satanic pedophile who chains up and rapes children in your basement before cannibalizing them. You literally have the appearance of a demonic entity, if such a thing exists.

      Now go kill yourself.

      1. Brandon
        You responded to Joe T Sigur like this once before, so he knew you how you would react and he was expecting it.
        Joe’s technique is not sophisticated ‘softly softly catchy monkey’ it is direct and accusatory which in an interview situation would quickly “end the interview”.
        Maybe with a very rude “get out of my office”.
        In moderated comment threads it can lead to banning.
        But all this is good stuff because we can evaluate the accusations and counter them.
        Better out in the open than bubbling away and festering under the surface.

          1. Okay, sorry I didn’t know the full history on this one.
            Almost like a stalker?
            Stalking is an illness in many cases.

            1. Haha, there was a dude I heard giving some speech a while back and he was talking about how he was dying of some brain disease. I didn’t catch what kind of disease it was and I sympathize for people with these kind of conditions, but he sounded just like Joe Sigur sounds in his YouTube videos. If he really has a brain disease, he either needs to get it checked and he needs to hang up the gloves on political activism because with a brain disease, you’re obviously not doing anyone any good giving your thoughts.

  3. Oh my, things are getting ugly here. Brandon just sounds fed up and pissed off and willing to talk about it. Does that mean he is a puppet of some sinister handlers? It’s hardly as if anyone is advocating rape here, but Joe seems to be making that case, and then that is what is being responded to. I hear grief all the time from men who tried with some woman only to find out that it was going nowhere. Men naturally put themselves out there more, so we have to suffer more rejection. Women stop having the mind of a child eventually, but it happens some time after about thirty which from a man’s perspective is probably somewhere well into the second child with her biologically speaking. How did people survive together in the past? They respected the institution of marriage, took it seriously and had a sense of dread about it that smartened them up before jumping in. And if that wasn’t enough there was always her brothers and other family running interference. Today that is considered oppression, but to me it looks more like trading one set of oppressive problems for another. It doesn’t do much good to have women out nightclubbing until they are thirty because they are going to end up pregnant somehow if they are normal in their functional needs. In days gone by, you had to get married to get that stuff, and society quickly took over in your life. Now marriage is an antisocial institution and relatioships are poisonous because fornication kills the soul. Women being a little childish isn’t so menacing when they aren’t in the driver’s seat, and it doesn’t inspire so much antipathy when they aren’t destroying your life with their chaotic decisions. Who scrambled things up? Men had their part in it alright, and we ought to own it. Too many men were adulterers for too long, or wife beaters, to the point where women had the motivation to fall into the temptation of living in the magical world of make believe that has been constructed for them by social planners. Now love has just grown cold and been replaced by animal lust and economic game playing. Children are being born out of wedlock and raised on computers and smartphones. That sounds demonic to me.

    1. Erin, “Now marriage is an antisocial institution and relatioships are poisonous because fornication kills the soul.”

      Ccc’mon man. Quick question: Do men or women initiate the vast majority of the divorces?

      1. “Women being a little childish isn’t so menacing when they aren’t in the driver’s seat,”

        They aren’t?! Enlighten me about that, man.

            1. Genteel is akin to politically correct.
              Marxists and the left will not debate because they know they will lose.
              They simply agree to disagree and that is their way of not debating without suffering defeat and the embarrassment of backing down.
              It is often a sign of cowardice and a tacit admission they have no answers.
              Bullies are quite often cowards too.

            2. Oh but I will debate. What I am hearing is that someone wants me to shut up. That is what Marxists and the Left do, shout down their opponents on ideological grounds because they can’t debate them on facts. Something stinks.

            3. Sorry Erin.
              No-one here told you to shut up, we simply disagree sometimes (not always and we often agree with you on some things and say so too) when we disagree we even give reasons why we disagree.
              I have observed from your many previous comments that sometimes you do not directly give a clear counter argument and you tend to resort to biblical quotations and moral high ground obfuscations, that derail the thrust of our arguments, not by addressing those arguments head on, but by launching into reams of literate prose and biblical passages.
              Either you can’t help it or you are doing it deliberately, I would not like to say as I don’t know.
              However we can deduce that you value humanitarian and christian ethics very very very highly, to the point of letting them cloud everything else.

            4. oh sorry Erin, I just saw Dana’s stfu comment directed at you.
              Well I have not told you to shut up and wouldn’t ever do that,
              I will however defend my position and disagree with you giving the reasons and I will always be honest and not try to derail people with confusing biblical waffle.
              It is best to leave religion out of it Erin.

  4. Unless she has good qualities and a nick rackss lol. 😉 Two birds with one stone, lol. Oh, and a nice faist while we’re at it, too, lolz.

    As a general rule, the longer you’re in set, the less flaky the number will be; and the shorter you’re in set, the flakier the number will be. There are always exceptions, but as a general rule. Most dudes could get lots of numbers if they asked – a big part of this being because the female could just be trying to be polite and get rid of the dude, and/or she can give out any fake number. A number doesn’t really mean much at all unless the female feels both attraction and comfort for you. 🙂

  5. My Jew husband spent $300. on our wedding in Vegas. I had no gown, I wore black pants, a white shirt and nice roses in my hair.
    We spent 5 days in Vegas. It didnt cost more than a grand — total.

    My husband is an alpha.

    If a young lady loves you, really loves you.. She will actually INSIST you dont spend that much. Because she would not want her husband to be in any debt going into marriage.

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