Women Are Like Children – Continued

I’ve got a few more thoughts on how women are like children.

1) Obviously, like children, women are highly emotional. This often manifests in temper tantrums, hissy fits, and even violent outbursts when the female doesn’t get what she wants from her target in the moment. Threats and other forms of emotional blackmail are used to obtain what they want immediately.

2) Like children, women are highly impulsive and make rash decisions based on situational feelings. A child will run into the middle of the road to pick up a shiny red ball. A woman will at least ponder cheating on her husband/boyfriend after a fight.

3) Like children, they’re in constant need of attention and entertainment. Women are busybodies, occupying themselves with mindless activities around the clock to placate their innate child-like biological need to be entertained and have their minds occupied. Go on any metro in a big city and you’ll see virtually all the women and girls glued to their smartphones perusing social media. Women can rarely even sit still for longer than thirty minutes without becoming restless. Go to a gym and you’ll see many women chit-chatting and gossiping with other women instead of actually working out.

4) Like children, they’re often unable to think critically and logically, which is why they always lose arguments with men. When wives and girlfriends get into arguments with their partners, and they begin to realize that logic is not on their side, they lash out with insults, threats, and even violence. They ignore evidence, logic and reason and formulate their shoddy opinions and criticisms based entirely on emotions.

It’s no coincidence that women can relate better to children than men because they are biologically more similar to them mentally. You’ll rarely find a male teaching preschool children. Almost all preschool and young learner teachers are women because they know how to better deal with emotional children since they are so similar in nature. Women understand that children need constant care, attention and affection to keep them happy because women require that too.

I’m sure there are many more ways that women are similar to children, but this should suffice.

The superior attitude with women is that no man should lose any sleep over a girl. Treat every relationship like a short-term fling and don’t get too attached. Don’t become a feminized cuck trying to please the broad with expensive gifts, vacations on the beach, etc. Only do that once in awhile when it won’t hurt you too much financially. You don’t want to break the bank on some girl that you’ll most likely not be with for very long. Or at least try to split all expenses with her when going out on dates, trips, etc.

Relationships rarely last long term anyway, so why fret over any one girl when, most likely, you won’t be with her more than a few years maximum? Don’t be bothered by rejections or getting dumped either, for the same reason. Unless she has a super nice rack, what’s the big loss anyway? It’s one less bitchy, naggy woman in your life. Just find another one and see how that goes until she starts acting out like they are biologically destined to do.

When you come to the realization that women are like children, it’s so much easier to deal with them and their outbursts. You don’t take too seriously what a child says when it’s angry because you know it’s a meaningless discharge of negatives emotions. The same goes for women. Assume everything they say when they’re agitated is a bluff to trick you into pleasing them.

Stop being a weak feminized cuck giving in to the insatiable child-like desires of a woman. Stop white knighting and grow a pair of cojones!

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43 Comments on “Women Are Like Children – Continued”

  1. Brandon, I have to say that there are far more important things to use a platform like this to discuss than your personal opinions about women. If I only look back at Non-Aligned Media, I see that you are capable of cutting edge, effective journalism. I consider you to be punching below your weight with this insubstantial commentary. It’s your opinion and that’s okay, but it has no bearing on the major issues of our times, and you present no real evidence to make it a fact based piece. With all that is going on right now in Europe alone, the complete lack of real substance shows an almost definite aviodance of dealing with anything of weight. I am not going to argue about women being inferior and needing to be treated as objects. There is nothing in it since it is all just opinion. But considering the need for analysis of serious trends and political events, having locker room shit talk sessions about bitches is a waste of time. I am beginning to think that you are scared to go out where the lions roar, and all you have the guts for is taking pot-shots at girls. Not macho. Feel free to use your website to express your picayune perspectives on minor shit. I will be refraining from it as it seems like a betrayal of the truth from my perspective.

    1. It’s not merely opinion. It’s observable reality. Every man knows women act this way. Women behave this way for the same reason that negroes are good at short-distance sprinting: it’s biological.

      This website is nothing like non-aligned media so I’m not sure why you’d expect to see the same content here.

      I’m providing cultural commentary on issues affecting, for the most part, white males. I don’t cater my writing to please one individual person. You’re acting like a woman here, demanding that I conform to what pleases your sensibilities, with the veiled threat of boycott if changes aren’t made to your liking.

      If you don’t like what you read here than you can go elsewhere.

      1. I think some of the bad language (swear words) offends many christians, so that might have been a contributing factor for Erin.
        Maybe, maybe not.
        We will wait and see whether he returns.
        Erin . . . it has been fun.

        1. Erin, watch from the wings for now.
          Brandon is making some valid points and he will also make valid points on other subjects too so just wait around and see what happens.

        2. I know I can particularly come off as harsh and condescending, but I’d have to say that activism played a major role in this. Outside of activism, I’m a very respectful dude, believe it or not. In activism, every friggin new idea or epiphany you might have gets trolled and attacked endlessly. I don’t believe in giving free passes, especially if someone else may be sharing the same kind of idea/s, though. Because of this, I wish to make it as hard as possible on the next attackers of those who will attack others in their idea/epiphany infancy. ๐Ÿ™‚

          At this point, I think I feel kind of like Jim Carrey does. Many people in life only like you because you might be proficient at things and/or because of your status. It’s not very easy to decipher between those who do and those who don’t. Interestingly, Jim just might break out of his present predicament, and in doing so, he could also easily end up dead. I’d have to say that the more I’ve listened to his interviews, the smarter and more aware he really is, as opposed to the typical celeb who goes right along with any and every Luciferian agenda.

          You’ll make a lot of enemies in activism, and the funny thing is many of these people would love you if they didn’t know you were an activist or what kind of activism you did; or even if they thought you were successful outside of activism; but when they know what kinds of activism you do, they don’t like you. So if you’re a social kind of person, it often helps to keep your activism cut down to one or a few types of activism, instead of very many. The more kinds of activism you engage in, the more enemies you’re likely to make.

          In Erin’s case, he just doesn’t seem to mold to anti-SJW activism well, and I’d presume it’s because he has spent many years as a social justice warrior and can’t go back on it. Not that we all aren’t incorrect on certain issues at certain times in our lives, but there is a point where you almost have to be blind not to notice what is right in front of you. Erin is like that right now on these issues. I mean the current impetus behind me learning about the corruption behind Bitcoin was off of Erin. Not that I wouldn’t have eventually figured it out anyway, but that he helped to expedite my views on it. Beyond things like this, I just won’t be learning much of anything off Erin and neither will the rest of the alt-right. The alt-right is very anti-SJW; and for good reason, and Erin doesn’t understand this and likely never will. So be it, and not our problem.

          Many kinds of segregation are coming in the near future and we need to figure out who needs to be segregated and into what groups. Erin needs to be segregated, but he also needs to understand that his place is not amongst whites, but amongst Christians. That’s why I say that there are all kinds of Christians in the ME that he can go and join, since he doesn’t seem to be very adamantly opposed to accepting Christian, or even other refugees. He’s actually very anti-white and anti-male, and Europe/whites don’t need this, so he can go other places where they don’t mind as much. Hope he does us all the best he can by leaving the continent and by going where his heart calls him to. The end. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Yes I mostly agree Dana.
            Recall . . . many of my replies to Erin were me arguing against his views.
            It was difficult because he often used a tactic of avoiding the main points I made and constantly tried to side-track away from them.
            I don’t normally post on blogs and forums or use social media at all due to all the battles and negativity out there.
            My website once had a forum and that forum was too much work for me to moderate and de-spam.

            My online discussions with Erin were made easier with your help Dana . . . Thanks for that.
            It was probably wishful thinking to believe I could change his mind on anything.
            My mindset and self set task is hopefully very clear by now and I will not give up.
            Land of Hope and Glory . . .
            Secure the borders.

          2. Yes Erin posted those crypto and blockchain videos.
            In case you didn’t notice I also argued consistently against crypto currency and was the first to challenge Charlemagne when he advocated crypto.
            Erin came to my support 4 hours after that. Thank you Erin.
            Every one of my crypto posts was against crypto, however if you just skim-read what I wrote it might be possible to conclude the opposite.
            Reading some of your comments Dana now I think you did mis understand me in places.
            Well now I have clarified my meaning I hope.
            Apart from crypto, I agree that Erin argued counter to most of our positions on immigration and multiculturalism and it is very hard work sifting through his sometimes lengthy posts which often quote whole passages of the bible.
            So it will give us an easier ride without him, but an easy ride does not always produce the greatest debates.
            Like Erin says “echo chamber”.

            1. Glad I could at least help out a bit, Dorset. ๐Ÿ™‚

              Right, Erin avoids answering simple questions on topics he doesn’t know. This is indicative of cognitive dissonance and/or somebody who wants to retain their current position on a belief (or beliefs) of theirs about a topic.

              I mean, to me, this is shameful. It shows a lack of willingness to keep learning, but these are topics that affect large numbers of people, and to just avoid them is to avoid exposing serious injustice, as well as helping to maintain it. Feminism also works to hamper and even destroy a society. Same with multiculturalism and mass immigration, and Erin doesn’t seem to get any of this. I do at least give him credit for being able to figure out the deal with Trump and Putin and some other things, but these really aren’t hard to do, lol.

            2. When it comes to echo chambers, I think we know they can be good and bad. They can be good for people who are just learning about the topics/paradigm at hand. But then when a large enough amount of the information is already known and/or already makes sense for the people in the chamber, then it starts becoming a waste of time, etc.

              When I was admin-ing the Boycott American Women page, I didn’t mind doing it at first and found it also fun because while I already had done and compiled large amounts of research on the topic that hardly anybody had ever heard (I even had a lot of information that Tom Leykis and other bachelor-like forums didn’t have), I would still be learning all kinds of new things. After a while it gets to the point though where the amount of things you’re learning slow way down or you just stop learning and you’re also faced with the same debates and lines from people over and over again, and this is where it gets old and boring, and when I like to move on to the next projects. Some people cover the same topics year after year and it boggles my mind that they don’t want to learn anything else because there are shitloads of things to know.

              Of course it also is a waste of time to debate or argue with really stupid or immoral people because while you might beat them badly in a debate or argument, their shameless and unintelligent style of approach makes them just not care.

            3. Dana – regarding Erin sometimes avoiding certain topics.
              “these are topics that affect large numbers of people, and to just avoid them is to avoid exposing serious injustice”

              Yes I totally agree.
              Well said.

    2. Why on earth any American male would want to marry an American woman at this point in history is beyond all rational thought. Spoiled rotten, self-centered creatures that can’t even use a can opener. (Yes, you can google it) Basically no better than the vapid 8 year old Mexican girl I saw at the supermarket today walking around with a blank stare, mouth opened as if to catch flies and incapable of producing rational thought. Waste of oxygen and natural resources.

      1. Can’t use a can opener… lmao, good one. They sure can use their I-phones and their Women’s studies classes though, lmao. Oh, and push-up bras, ass implants, lip implants, liposuction, and two full pounds of make-up, aaaand bon-bons, lmao. A dumb, fat, ugly, crabby bitch will suffice in attracting any man n sheeeit, lolz. Never seen a cooking recipe in their lives either though, lolz.

      1. BTW, Erin, women ‘treated as objects’? You can answer simple questions, can’t you?

        What is up with women that find you attractive, or hot, slapping your ass or grabbing your pecs or feeling your abs, in any bar? Women don’t just treat men as physical objects, but also financial and social objects, don’t they…

        1. Erin is a white knight chump who thinks no fatty/fugly can get laid in the states, and that she’s “oppressed”, lmao. NO dummy Erin, ANY nasty broad can get laid in the states. NOT the same for any fat/fugly dude. “Immense pressure” on these women though, ya know… lmmfao.

    3. Erin is a social justice warrior and always will be, from the looks of it. Erin, you’ve heard of expatriation, right? You can find places for Christians in the Middle East. You can be around all kinds of refugees that you should preach to. Just don’t be telling them to come to Europe because we just don’t get along. Other places in the ME, Asia, and Africa will work. Best of luck in life.

  2. Dana
    Your “Beyond things like this, I just wonโ€™t be learning much of anything off Erin ”
    Well I am always amazed by the things I learn from people I am arguing with.
    For example . . . limescale in a saucepan is like a mini coral reef and harbors bacteria and germs , , , I never new that until recently..
    Your “Heโ€™s actually very anti-white” etc.
    I think he is a typical SJW “level playing field for all” type.
    Maybe he also thinks “all people are equal”.
    That is where I would differ.
    We are not all equal we are all different and equality should not and must not be forced upon us.
    Generally though Dana I am happy to stay onboard and I tend to agree with you on most topics.
    Even if Brandon was to make this site a one issue site, I would still link to it and promote it from my website, as the issues he highlights are relevant and useful.
    If I want to I can easily expand my website to add other links to other websites that specialize on other issues.

    1. Erin sjw often says “it is vulnerable people’s lives we are dealing with here”.
      I say charity begins at home, we need to help our own people first, before helping the rest of the world.
      sorry for the block capitals.

      1. And throwing money at blighted countries is often counter productive and a secret cover for corruption. Foreign aid needs to be curtailed drastically and the money needs to be spent within our own crumbling countries to help our own needy indigenous people..
        The UK needs to exit the EU as quickly and cleanly as possible.
        Neutralize the power of the left and sjw movements.
        Pull up the draw-bridge.

    2. Dorset, there is so much shit to know and learn that no human can ever come close to it in the time allotted on this Earth. But I was specifically speaking about political topics, paradigms, and agendas… not gonna be learning much of anything off Erin on these issues. Outside of this realm, I’m very aware that I have a shit-ton more to learn, and am working on it, lol.

      Yeah, definitely best to find specialists in whatever area/s they specialize in and have them all linked up and to take the best ideas and paradigms off of everybody and try to combine them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Dorset, one thing I have to say about self-fulfilling prophecies, and about the idea that if enough people just believe something is going to happen then it will happen, is that while there is such a thing as self-fulfilling prophecy, this doesn’t mean the latter. The latter can be debunked in so many ways. Like, how many people expected the tsunami in 2004… hardly anybody, if anybody even did. Or it’d be like saying no massive underdogs could win in big sporting events because almost everybody expects the underdog to lose. Or it’d be like saying if you’re sports betting in Vegas and the line starts to suddenly move in one direction big-time that now you know who to bet on because now lots of people thinking about the event are expecting such and such team or person to win, lol.

        Of course in politics and before political change can occur, you have to have enough people on board on enough issues to unite and take action, but this obviously doesn’t mean that if enough people believe something about the future, or even present or past that their belief/s make it so, or will make it so.

        1. No I am not in any way saying that it is a scientific cause and effect.
          The book I read which was about the supernatural, put forward this theory and it did seem to make sense.
          Reassuring that it is a load of old twaddle..
          Obviously propaganda strives to make things come true, often through deception.
          The victors of a war or those in power write the history which is often false history to cover their own crimes.
          If suppression of the truth is effective then everyone thinks lies are fact.
          It is often not facts that rule the day it what people are made to think is what counts.
          If most of them have a defeatist attitude and think ‘the end is nigh’ we are all doomed then those in power with an agenda (jewish zionists) will take full advantage of them (the christian zionists).
          That was my main point.
          So yes strictly and scientifically speaking you are 100% correct.

          1. Yeah, absolutely. The masses are ruled because of certain false mass-beliefs they harbor, and/or because not enough of them can get on the same pages in their beliefs to be able to mobilize effective or great resistance.

            No doubt that the Kabal uses things such as predictive programming, Gematria, etc., though. And yes, there are defeatists types who think nothing needs to be done because it’s all just a ‘lost cause’ anyway. This is not the belief of those who believe in the spiritual aspect of NDEs (like myself) because one basic tenet of NDEs is that really nothing matters in your time on Earth but what you do for your fellow man, and that if you’re not into doing things for your fellow man, improving, etc., then you won’t be looking good in the after-life. People with a lot of compassion and a strong sense of justice are like this whether or not they believe in an afterlife, but NDE experiences are some icing on the cake, though, and give major credence against false ideas that God is ‘evil’, ‘ignorant’, etc., and against ideas that spirituality doesn’t exist and/or isn’t important to understand.

            Oh,, I have to also say that when it comes to spirituality and the idea of Jesus (many people think he didn’t exist, or even that he was ‘Jewish’, or that he was fallible, or even evil), something very few people talk about is that when people talk about alien abductions, (I believe these are all demonic), when people call the name Jesus, their negative, terrifying experiences suddenly stop. People unwittingly open themselves up to demonic spirits via modern culture (like Ouija boards, etc), and they’re being taught such things like there is ‘no power in prayer’. I personally went from thinking there was power in prayer to the idea that there was no power in prayer, back to thinking there was/is power in prayer, lol.

            1. Interesting and I agree.
              Sometimes if I don’t comment on certain subjects it is usually because I know very little about them and so commenting would be based on supposition, conjecture and BS.
              Even when I do have an opinion it might be wrong, due to me being deceived or misled.
              I reconsider my views and sometimes change them if necessary.
              Some people stick doggedly to their views even when they start to realize they are wrong.
              I know little regarding NDE or the reasons for feminism, so I cannot comment on them.
              I do learn and inwardly digest on those issues.

            2. Dorset, it’s most definitely best not to comment on things we know little or nothing about. I learned this long ago in logic and critical thinking class, lol. If we don’t know about them and they affect us and/or many other people, we most definitely need to learn about them. ๐Ÿ™‚

            3. Well I have a technical background, where facts and accuracy are paramount.
              In design, guesswork is not advisable.
              Checking everything down to the last nut and bolt helps avoid problems later on.
              Accurate documentation is valuable.
              I admire the feats of others in all fields of engineering.

              Debates and political stuff are not my strength, I am self taught on all that.
              I simply am a concerned patriot doing what I can.

        2. Someone I know does bet and takes into account the odds offered and where most of the money is going when backing horses. So he uses the consensus to help him choose a bet, Doesn’t always work though,

  3. Dana
    Your comment “Yeah, definitely best to find specialists in whatever area/s they specialize in and have them all linked up and to take the best ideas and paradigms off of everybody and try to combine them.”

    Thanks that’s what I have been aiming for.
    I would do more.
    The reason I have not done more is it takes time to research and implement.
    So far I have implemented a good framework.
    It can be improved and expanded greatly.
    So . . . it is a work in progress.

  4. Dana
    your quote:
    “because one basic tenet of NDEs is that really nothing matters in your time on Earth but what you do for your fellow man, and that if youโ€™re not into doing things for your fellow man, improving, etc., then you wonโ€™t be looking good in the after-life. People with a lot of compassion and a strong sense of justice are like this whether or not they believe in an afterlife, . . . ”

    Well, whilst not condoning SJWs . . . I would point out that SJWs do also generally display “a lot of compassion and a strong sense of justice” too.
    However their good intentions are maybe mis-directed and unproductive from our perspective.
    I might be taking your quote out of context though.
    I’m not trying to catch you out . . . just highlighting possible contradictions which I am sure you do too sometimes.
    Wherever each of us goes eventually, we will probably deserve what we get.
    Some people don’t believe and don’t care.

    1. Indeed, their good intentions can be and very often are misdirected. There are definitely different levels of truth and it’s not like anyone can just take in one truth and be all knowing, but there are many steps, of course including many realizations to it all.

      In truth, it’s best to be compassionate towards those who will have compassion. Compassion for those who will never have compassion is a very fruitless endeavor, to say the least.

    2. ok
      Re-reading your comment carefully – I think you are saying that – what drives many SJWs like Erin is – many are christian and want to be judged as having done good on this earth and in this life.
      Erin even specifically mentioned this.
      He mentioned we will all be judged one day.
      So religious beliefs contribute to some SJWs motivations.
      Other non religious SJWs may have other motives, some good some bad.
      Makes sense.

      1. I really don’t think the problem is with Christians per se, at all. I mean, I’ve had so many arguments with Pagans, atheists, and even Hindus over topics like feminism, as well as topics on race.

        Erin’s problem lies not because he is a Christian (although certain elements of modern/mainstream Christianity can be a contributing factor, just like it can be for any other modern belief), but largely because he seems to be totally incapable of taking in differing views and beliefs that are contrary to those he seems to have been preaching about for years. I wouldn’t say that ‘equality for all’ is really a Christian kind of ideology, but really a Marxist kind of ideology. In Christianity, there are definitely differences between different groups of people, or just people in general. Compassion is preached, and the idea that we all have souls (no matter our gender or race), but specifically when the situation calls for it. In other cases, strong opposition is also called for. It’s not like Christianity itself is extremely rigid, but people can take simplistic, rigid views of it, and they very often do. Maybe not all their fault and might be, for example, a fault of their myopic preachers.

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