Crazy Feminazi: ‘Kill All Men’

This video is probably old, but I just saw it today on Twitter. In it a feminazi bitch advocates and incites the murder of all men, including all male babies, telling her followers to go “kill male babies and any man you see in the streets… just kill em.”

It’s not surprising to see this actually. Feminist women want to destroy the natural world, so removing men from the planet will ensure our planet’s demise and will obviously end the human species with no seed left for reproduction.

This tranny-looking feminazi wants a world where only bitchy, menopausal women rule the roost. That way they can get away with their degenerate and infantile behaviours without being called out on it by competent, masculine men.

This is the essence of feminism.

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8 Comments on “Crazy Feminazi: ‘Kill All Men’”

    1. It’s like what you’re saying comes across as ‘forget all female crime, nature, cunts, twats, sluts, or how the system works’ and think only about the Jew. If the broad you’re about to bang has herpes, forget about that and if you get herpes from her, think about tha Jew. You shouldn’t be thinking about any kinds of precautions in life when dealing with different groups of people cuz we’re all ‘the same’ n stuff. Any differences we have are only cuz da Jew made them, n stuff.

      1. Yeah, some of these lefty anti-Zionists want us to ignore racial and gender differences/realities and just blame the Jew for ‘dividing’ us. Jews helped get feminism going and promote the hell out of it to weaken us but females are the way they are biologically. Not only that, but feminism I hear is huge in Israel, where cops arrest dudes all the time on false rape/sexual assault charges. So they’re getting a taste of their own medicine over there too.

        1. Indeed, Brandon. While Israel tends to be very ethnocentric, it interestingly seems to have it’s own weakness for feminism (Jewish Women’s Archive on feminism, for example). Really, the Kabal that runs the world is a Luciferian Kabal, and non-Luciferian ‘Jews’, like Ashkenazis, are not included in this, even though “Jews” are considered in the MSM, history books, etc., as a ‘victimized’, ‘oppressed’ group of people. The group *is*, like any other “minority” group in the West, but the vast majority of Ashkenzis aren’t Kabbalistic Luciferians like some of them (especially those running this show) most definitely are.

          1. Example:

            “This early feminist struggle reached its peak in 1919–1926 with the fight to obtain the right to vote for Yishuv institutions. As was the case across the world, women in Palestine also believed that achieving suffrage would bring equality. And, like women around the world, their counterparts in Palestine would also need several more decades to free themselves from the illusion that equality would necessarily result from the formal right of participation.

            The second wave of feminism in Israel started evolving, though very slowly, around the time of the 1973 Yom Kippur War and more emphatically in its wake. Only a calamity of the magnitude of that war could have succeeded in impelling the issue of women’s inequality into the awareness of a group of women who launched an as yet uncompleted effort to place the issue of women’s status on Israel’s social and national agenda.”


            1. It’s like Gilad Atzmon views Jews as being the ‘chosenites’, and that this kind of mentality isn’t pervasive amongst other ‘minority’ groups; but it absolutely is. It’s prevalent among *any* ‘minority’ group.

              This goes for blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, women, and even Muslims.

              When it comes to Westernized women, they most definitely believe they are “morally superior” to men. On top of that, they very often believe they’re “mentally superior” to men, and even often believe themselves to be “physically superior” to men. Incredibly deluded these women are. I don’t think Gilad understands these things yet, or even if he ever will.

            2. Lol, out of ^that article, and why ID politics have been and always will be around. (Gilad Atzmon will disagree, but he’s seriously mistaken):

              “A political movement must have a group identity in order to mobilize political power; in the absence of consensus over a common identity, it is almost impossible to generate political mobilizing. Hence, feminist politics in Israel, as in many other places, is divided and there are more than a few disagreements between the feminist organizations.”

  1. All ‘minority’ groups have this superiority, chosen, extremely special complex to varying degrees, but it’s more pronounced among certain minority groups than others.

    Among those infected with it the most: non-Luciferian/Kabbalistic/Talmudic Ashkenazis obviously have it, and/but so do Westernized women, and so do Westernized blacks. Which of these groups in particular has it more than others, I really do not know. Extreme narcissists, whack-jobs, sociopaths, and absolute ingrates, all these groups have in high numbers per capita; but knowing which group is really worse on a per capita basis is really hard to figure out.

    In order to get to the very top of the Luciferian community, simply selling one’s soul to the Devil is not enough, and there are different levels in this ‘elite’ community designed for all those who sell their souls. At the highest levels, rituals are partaken in that even souled-out souls don’t, and/or can’t bring themselves to partake in, (like Justin Bieber quite recently has pointed out). Kabbalah will always be at the top, and this means Kabbalistic Jews will also always be at the top (given that Kabbalah is not really for non-Jews); and that selling one’s soul is only a part of gaining ultimate power. The highest power for any human requires extreme, perpetual ritual and sacrifice that most newby soul-sellers will never be able to bring themselves to willingly conduct.

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