Stupid Female Accuses Aziz Ansari of Sexual Assault

This sexual assault/rape craze going through Hollywood is absolutely ridiculous. Every dumb fame-hungry broad who, for all intents and purposes, was more than willing to suck off an actor, director or producer to get a part in a film is now belatedly making accusations of sexual assault.

A stupid anonymous female is now accusing comedian Aziz Ansari of “sexual assault,” claiming that after a dinner date he tried to bang her, but that she felt “uncomfortable” with it. Ansari is a talentless actor/comedian who owes his entire career to being brown in America. His brown privilege has afforded him fame and riches, despite having mediocre comedic talent.

But the woman accusing him of sexual assault is even more pathetic than he is. She told media that, “I believe that I was taken advantage of by Aziz” and that she was “uncomfortable with how quickly the sexual activity escalated at his apartment after dinner and that he either did not notice or ignored her verbal and non-verbal discomfort.”

Feeling “violated,” she said “it took a really long time for me to validate this as sexual assault.” If this broad didn’t want to have sex, then why did she go back to his apartment in the first place, knowing that’s probably what Ansari was after? She puts herself in a sexual situation and then cries foul when the man makes an advance?

Most likely this female is just trying to get back at Ansari because he didn’t pursue a relationship with her beyond that one encounter. She wanted to cash in by dating a brown celebrity, but was tossed aside for another hoe that was more willing to jump in bed with Ansari.

This #metoo movement is such typical female bullshit, trying to discredit men with false or exaggerated charges of sexual harassment, assault, etc. What’s more likely to be true is that the Jews who run Hollywood are serial pedophiles, raping children for their perverted Judaic pleasure while they rake in the cash from gullible goyim who pay to have their brains fried watching horrible movies about superheroes.

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5 Comments on “Stupid Female Accuses Aziz Ansari of Sexual Assault”

  1. Brandon, did you hear that an anonymous female recently claimed that Santa tried to bang her over Christmas?

    Lolz, just joking, but these are just some of the many kinds of ridiculous cases/statements anyone who studies false rape accusations has to look at, lol. 🙂

    1. If you read about this on paper, without the video footage, you’d think the taxi driver was lying about it all, lol. You’d think he was trying to rape these women with his eyes, or via osmosis, lol. Maybe even sliding in a dirty hand that the camera couldn’t see n stuff, lol:

      1. ^Exoneration is in no way good enough, though. The broads/witches should be thrown behind bars, sentenced to decades in prison, have their reputations destroyed with their full names and histories presented to the public, and even hung in some cases, so that they can get the equal treatment they most desperately desire and deserve.

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