Classic Female Behaviour

This video proves everything I’ve said in my articles on women. This woman here is confronted with negative facts about women by a red-pilled man and immediately launches into an emotional tirade, begins insulting and belittling him, and even said that chauvinist men should be shot (violence). This is classic female behaviour in a nut shell: uncontrollable emotional outburts, threats, insults, and calls for and/or acts of violence to silence their target.

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9 Comments on “Classic Female Behaviour”

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      1. Brandon
        Your “Just because there are worse does not mean this is good”.
        Well I didn’t say it was good.
        I was saying I had seen a lot worse, almost mentally insane worse.
        So on that measure it was restrained.
        However I do agree that they are extremely difficult to argue with sometimes as they often don’t listen and they often don’t respond to points with logical arguments and often resort to temper tantrum tactics instead.
        It may appear comical viewing it from afar, but in reality if you are on the receiving end of this sort of treatment by a woman it is very stressful, because you are not getting through to them and they are getting angrier and angrier.
        The man might not be wrong, but that doesn’t matter to them . . . they just won’t let him win.
        Battle of the sexes as in the song “Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you”.
        Many men learn how to cope with it by calmly arguing their point until she settles down a bit.
        A 64 year old gentleman once told me that in marriage women often like to gain more and more control and the man often complies until eventually after a number of years . . . he doesn’t argue with her anymore for fear she will leave him.
        He is then the stereotypical hen-pecked husband.
        Also I think the whole video was staged and acted with cameras present.
        In the real world behind closed doors it would be 10 times worse as she would not be so restrained and would probably use much more bad language with no restraint.
        It is what many of them do.
        So basically Brandon we agree and I agree it is huge problem for men, to have to deal with this sort of behavior.

          1. Arguments and disagreements aside, I often realize from discussions with females hours or days later after explaining something to them . . . that they weren’t actually listening to me before. They even say they don’t remember me saying something that I went to great lengths to inform them of.
            I think when explaining something to them it is best to do it in 10 to 30 seconds, because after that they disengage and their attention span falters.
            They get bored easily and are not interested in certain topics.
            They say “well how would you like it if I talked about my work or my friends? You would not be interested in my topics”.
            Actually men will listen and are often interested . . . or at the very least men will hear them out AND LISTEN and respond logically.
            In some situations it might LOOK LIKE women are listening, but they are not and in fact they can be thinking about something completely different and are probably wishing the man would be quiet.
            So that is why days later they can’t remember what you said.

            1. It takes all sorts to make a world.
              There are good and bad people from both sexes.
              Some are worse than others.

              In the media it is often men’s bad points and women’s good points that are focused on.
              So it is excellent that you are helping to redress the balance Brandon, by focusing on some of women’s bad points.
              I always try to look for the good in everyone.
              However ignoring the bad is blind stupidity.
              Well done for bravely tackling this issue.

            2. In some situations flare ups occur because the woman expected the man to be aware of some issue that annoyed her
              We are not mind readers and we do not operate on a hint making and hint taking based system,
              If the woman is harboring negative issues and going around all twisty faced, then the man might say “what’s the problem then?”.
              And that can sometimes get amswered with “I don’t want to talk about it.”
              or “don’t you know?”
              Seriously . . . . men do not always know and that is not their failing . . . they try their best.
              Some men, who have mental problems, can behave in a similar way to women, passive-aggressive men spring to mind,
              They implement carefully veiled hostile acts but strive also to avoid confrontation.
              So again, we have a twisty faced misery guts who won’t discuss . . .. when you do get to discuss . . . an argument flares up.
              Now if they had done the logical thing when something upset them . . . and immediately mention it and discuss rationally and ‘clear the air’ then it would save a lot of unhappiness on both sides.

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