Spain is a Feminist Gulag

This video shows that Spain is a feminist gulag where men are, by the hundreds, arrested and punished by feminazis in courts after their girlfriends or spouses falsely accuse them of abuse. In 2004, the socialist party in Spain won the election, and passed the “Gender Violence Law” which has been used to oppress thousands of Spanish men.

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14 Comments on “Spain is a Feminist Gulag”

  1. Psycho cunts.

    But feminism “doesn’t” empower women while disempowering men n sheeeit! Feminism be ‘anti-white’ n sheeeit, “not” anti-male! Feminism be “anti-female” n sheeeit, “not” anti-male, or anything! Spoken just like the typical learning disabled, white knights and trad fembots out there who seem to relish in the ideas that they have no idea WTF they’re talking about, (including and especially those in the alt-right). Just move in and get married to a female and have kids and you’ll be “avoiding” dat femnism n all yo’ problems gon go away n sheeeit! Divide and conquer!!!

    Yet another attorney I see whose “precious” sociopathic skank/demon of a wife tried to put the screws to him in courts, but fortunately this one was able to disprove her claims, unlike so many others out there. Even attorneys seem to be beleaguered with the kind of thinking that the “princess” they’re marrying is the “special one”; their “sweet”, “loving”, “wonderful” little “soul-mate” and they’re going to live together “happily ever after”. Mofos watching way too many Hollywood movies and chic flicks and it goes to their heads…

    1. Dana
      Excellent that he caught her out like that , , , If that is how she speaks to him on the cell phone, then her credibility is instantly put into question.
      And so now she cannot be trusted.
      Women in heated arguments often say things they don’t mean, but if push came to shove she probably would have followed through with her threats . . . in my humble opinion

      1. Her arrogant and lying behavior was probably tried, tested and perfected during her childhood.
        It was a means to get her way and usually worked.
        At the very least is manipulative bluffing, to make the man comply.

      2. They definitely do often follow through with their threats.

        These moron anti-MGTOWs, anti-MRAs, anti-Masculinists, or whatever label/s anyone wants to call them or whatever they like to call themselves, don’t seem to understand that even if you’re not married and a female moves in with you and makes some kind of false accusation/s that you can’t disprove (because you’re guilty until proven innocent, but the female is innocent until proven guilty – even if you claim she assaulted you, not the other way around, as an example), what’s going to happen is you’re going to go to jail, AND, you may not even be able to get the bitch out of your house EVEN when you’re paying all the bills and she’s paying NONE of them. Had this happen to a personal friend not long ago and he had to move in with his dad for like 8 months because he couldn’t get her out of there, meanwhile she payed none of the bills. Fucking absurd, isn’t it? Any *sane* person would think it’s aburd, but then again, many people are far from sanity. Many people also have endless excuses for evil bitches and the entire female group.

        Of course to females, when they initiate and/or carry out violence against men, it just *doesn’t count* in these whores’ minds. They totally block all that out and think they’re automatically deserving of a free pass on anything they do wrong. Only the man can and does do things wrong. The bitches have more rights than children. Least rights: men; more rights: children; most rights: the gotdamned dumb ass women. Let’s just not think about this kina stuff though and pretend it *doesn’t exist*. BTW, many women move in or get married with the sheer intent of parasiting as much as they can off the man and/or getting divorced shortly afterwards, and/or just destroying the dude.

        What kind of absolute joker puts himself in a situation where someone can damage you if they want to, but you can’t adequately defend yourself? It’s the epitome of stupidity, but don’t say this to these low-IQ, mentally malfunctioning white knights, manginas, tradcons and fembots.

    2. Dana
      Your “Even attorneys seem to be beleaguered with the kind of thinking that the “princess” they’re marrying is the “special one”; their “sweet”, “loving”, “wonderful” little “soul-mate” and they’re going to live together “happily ever after”. Mofos watching way too many Hollywood movies and chic flicks and it goes to their heads…”
      For example popular songs are very often lovey dovey.

      1. There is an entire armada of ‘love songs’ that have been made which have created a massive culture of female lionization and empowerment, and male genuflection. Love songs are basically songs about how ‘awe-inspiringly precious’ women are and about how men should treat them as such. And look at all these followers and admirers from around the world are obsessed with these female skanks from Madonna to Kesha to Marilyn Monroe to Nicki Minaj to Beyonce to Miley Cyrus and on and on. Combined with Hollywood, both avenues have served to warp and rot the minds of untold billions of people and continue to do so.

        1. Lol, was just listening to one of Ken O’Keefe’s recent vids and while he at least seems to be very aware that Trump is compromised and about how pointless/ridiculous it is to talk about things such as the flat Earth theory and fake nukes, he still believes Assad isn’t compromised and that Nelson Mandela was a “good dude”, lmao. Muslims just be an “oppressed group” and Jews be “pro-white” (and I take it, “pro-male”) and/but anti-everybody else, lol. Dude is also another borderline hardcore white knight, and the women’s rights situation is “changing” ya know, (he was meaning that women aren’t as “oppressed” as they supposedly “used to be”… more like men are the fucking ones being oppressed here and they *have been*, lol). These mofos just kill me man, lol.

          1. Just wanted to say, boyz, I’m not going to be operating or typing online in the future for quite some time; still nursing an injury and gonna be getting back into the poker groove and taking care of other things I’ve gotta take care of.

            When it comes to topics like what’s happening to men, or any other red-pilled topic for that matter, all any normally mentally functioning and critically thinking person has to do if the topic at hand doesn’t seem very clear or readily apparent to them at the moment is just keep researching it and learning about it until it eventually becomes clear enough.

            See you boyz around eventually sooner or later. 🙂

            1. Dana that is a bit unexpected.
              Well thanks for all your views and insights and understanding.
              Good luck with everything.
              I hope it all goes well.

  2. Brandon the article’s video has gone from youtube.
    Here is another copy . . . might be best to download it and keep a local copy too.

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