Gordon Ramsay Owning Bitchy Women

Gordon Ramsay is a boss! In this video he completely owns bitchy women in his restaurants, not putting up with their infantile bullshit for a second. This is how real, masculine men should deal with inferior women, most of whom have the emotional maturity of a young child with an attention deficit disorder.

In the second clip, notice how quickly the old hag resorts to violence, attempting multiple times to slap Ramsay who calmly questioned her behaviour. He swatted away her pathetic slaps with skill. Violence is part and parcel of typical female behaviour (TFB). For most women, violence is among the first options to solve their problems because they don’t have the intelligence or patience to deal with problems or difficult situations rationally.

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3 Comments on “Gordon Ramsay Owning Bitchy Women”

    1. The other kitchen staff did well to intervene.
      Had they not been there or not intervened then it might have gotten worse, but Gordon would have managed ok.
      Dangerous environment kitchens . . . boiling water and knives etc. do not mix well with crazy women.
      If you are lucky enough they will only smash a plate or two and start crying . . . then it is game over.

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