Holocaust Propaganda Aligns Jews and Muslims Against Europeans

By opening the migrant floodgates, Germany’s Muslim population reached six million according to a gloating Zionist. Jack Engelhard, in an editorial written for the rabidly-Zionist Arutz Sheva website in 2015, claims this as “the same number of Jews that the Germans sent to the gas chambers merely a generation ago. We called it Karma and a trade, Muslims for Jews, that Germany will rue.”

Given his own Talmudic training, it’s no surprise that Engelhard evokes the significance of the six million. The number itself originated within a numerology-obsessed Judaism. And Engelhard is obviously not the first to capitalize on the holocaust for political reasons, but he alludes to a new propaganda line that to “atone” for the “six million” lost Jews, Germany in particular and Europe in general are expected to open their borders to unfettered immigration from mostly Muslim countries.

“Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years we were in exile there,” gloated Rabbi Baruch Efrati, yeshiva head and rabbi of the West Bank settlement of Efrat, in November 2012. Under the title “Islamization of Europe a good thing,” Efrati praised the Kalergite displacement of Europeans within their homelands as a punishment for their “slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly. Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations.” In 2015, Efrati linked Islamization to the “total destruction” of “Edom-Europe” that will then usher in the awaited Jewish “messiah”. “Is it good news that Islam invades Europe? It’s excellent news! It means the coming of the Messiah.”

This joining of holocaust propaganda with the hypocritical push for unrestricted borders in Europe and majority-white nations (but not Israel or other regions) has forged an alliance of Jewish and Muslim groups against indigenous Europeans. One way this manifests is censoring “anti-Semitism” and “Islamophobia” as twin evils that indigenous Europeans must continuously apologize for, no matter how much the Jews and Muslims in our midst openly hate the “goyim” and “kuffar”, desiring the ultimate messianic triumph of their respective faiths on the ruins of our European heritage.

Jewish pressure groups set the stage by suppressing or even prosecuting “anti-Semitism” in many countries, and this is now being capitalized by Muslims who want to extend the Cult of Political Correctness into outlawing dissent against Islam. This one-sided narrative holds that the “goy” and “kaffir” must police their own thoughts and ensure they bend over backwards to accommodate Jewish and Muslim interests without question. Even the natural desire to preserve one’s people and culture from extinction, is castigated as “racist” since it conflicts with these interests.

A group of Muslim schoolgirls from Berlin were allegedly insulted by Polish locals on a field trip to concentration camps. The BBC report merely stated: “The Holocaust is a sensitive topic for many Muslims because Jewish survivors settled in British-mandate Palestine, on land which later became the state of Israel.” Yet this was enough to make the liberal BBC cave into Political Correctness and retract the report, after a joint statement by the Board of Deputies of British Jews and Fiyaz Mughal, founder of Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) found it “offensive”.

How a report simply stating the fact of post-WWII Jewish immigration to Palestine can be “offensive” wasn’t explained by the statement, but what’s significant is what it left unsaid: The dispute between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East is something that Jewish and Muslim groups in Europe are increasingly abandoning, and focusing their joint attentions on breaking up traditional European societies while jealously guarding their own respective traditions.

The new face of multicultural Britain

Defining his organization as an “Islamophobia Monitoring Group”, Mughal wrote an editorial for Times of Israel in April 2017 wherein he urged his fellow Muslims to abandon “anti-Semitism” because of the leading role of Jews in opening up European societies to Muslims. He praised the role of “Jewish men and women who had stood firm on the streets of our country against those who wanted a mono-faith, and mono-cultural Britain.” He approvingly cited the “Jewish activism which has positively shaped legislation around hate crime work”, and the other work with “our Jewish brothers and sisters” which helped bring about “the huge societal progressive changes that have swept our tiny island.”

This echoed another editorial that same month by a Israeli named Avrum Ehrlich, which called on the Muslims to come to terms with a Jewish presence in Palestine and align with Jews to ensure an Islamic “cultural domination” over Europe. “Indeed a future is not far away when Arabs may justify their cultural domination over Europe while championing Israel and demand re appropriation for the centuries of Semitic denigration,” Ehrlich wrote. “They may yet argue that European values are bankrupt, not fit for governance or international respect, not fair or impartial as demonstrated in its record against Israel and therefore the epoch of European ascendency should come to an end.”

Sadiq Khan is the Muslim mayor of London, elected in April 2016. His first public act as mayor was to attend the Yom Hashoah Holocaust commemoration on 8 May, where he declared the importance “to reflect, remember and educate about the 6 million Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust.” He signed the American Jewish Committee’s “Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism” pledge, and followed this with an editorial for the Jerusalem Post in June. He expressed his desire “to send a message around the world by being the London mayor of Islamic faith who does more to protect Jewish Londoners from anti-Semitism than any mayor in this city’s history”, and vowed “to root out anti-Semitism wherever we find it.”

This burgeoning alliance is based on creating an “open society” for Europeans, a phrase touted in a joint article by Dr. Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany – the name itself revealing its own view of Jews as a foreign element in Germany – and World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder. They welcomed an “open society” as “good for Jewry”, and evoked the memory of the “Shoah” to guilt-trip Germans into accepting the migrants. They envisioned curing the migrants of their own “Arab anti-Semitism” and “re-educating” them in the “German” values which they defined as those forced upon the German people since 1945, namely “respect for the values enshrined in the Constitution [actually ‘The Basic Law’] and agreeing that support for Israel, rejection of anti-Semitism, and remembrance of the Holocaust, is part of Germany’s DNA.”

In their redefinition, “Germans” are merely those living within the geographical area of Germany, regardless of race, culture, or genetic history linking them to that land. This is even while hypocrites such as Schuster and Lauder insist on representing all Jews generally, regardless of where they live: “The Jewish community, both in Germany and worldwide, welcomes this evolution towards an open society.” The Board of Deputies of British Jews has similarly been active in promoting migrants in Britain, even while advocating for the Jewish ethno-state of Israel – and its Muslim partners such as Mughal join them in that effort. In September 2016, Syrian Muslim migrants joined with the Chabad movement to march through the streets of Berlin carrying a new Torah scroll.

In 2010, the Muslim-Jewish Conference (MJC) was established as “a global think tank for Muslim-Jewish interests”. Its Austrian Jewish founder, Ilja Sichrovsky, is a longtime Zionist activist whose father Peter is an associate of the pro-Israel Freedom Party of Austria. Partnering with the MJC is the American Jewish Committee’s ACCESS program, which defines its objective as “empowering today’s young Jewish leaders.” Together, they are fostering what the Times of Israel has called the “rapid worldwide growth for Jewish-Muslim alliance”. Through carefully-choreographed forays to concentration camps, the MJC uses holocaust propaganda to guilt-trip Europeans into accepting their own displacement by millions of migrants. Its Committee members are various “activists” involved in migration NGOs and Israel advocacy organizations.

Diana Pinto is an Italian Jewess who serves as senior fellow at the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research, and founded the European Council on Foreign Relations with funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. She stated at the Jewish Community Center’s World Conference in Jerusalem in November 2015: “European Jewry, remembering its own postwar refugee status, is on the forefront of welcoming the influx of largely Muslim migrants and refugees.” She demanded that Europeans embrace open borders because “It doesn’t matter where you come from,” even while she fronts and speaks at organizations openly proclaiming their Jewishness.

There are some that believe we should align with all others in some grand anti-Zionist alliance. Yet, as we have seen time and time again, even Muslims generally don’t think twice about aligning with Zionists when it comes to joint cultural warfare against Europeans. Their Semitic squabbles in the Mideast are easily shelved when it comes to hating Europeans. Holocaust propaganda is being used to force us to accept the changing of our own societies, because otherwise we are “Nazis” and will be slammed with accusations of “anti-Semitism” and “Islamophobia”, which are meant as weapons to squash any dissent to Jewish and Muslim political agendas. Its time that we look out foremost for our own interests, which means this alliance of Zionism and Islamization must be opposed.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I live in America, but my late father and my maternal great-grandparents were all native Europeans who immigrated here. I still have paternal relatives on the continent.

  1. Jews control the media, they can paint any picture they wish . They are the problem and they are in you and without you. No they aren’t on the other side of the river hanging with Muslims. There’s Jews pretending to be on your side over here as well. Any goyim war is good for Jews and of course, Jews will cheer on both sides to help catapult that sucka!.
    I know you want to get this over with but moving deck chairs won’t stop the leak.

    We need to underemphasize the Muslim problem because of all those over emphasizing it and we have to out (expose) the staged events because even those invoking Islamaphobia, live off the fiction of an evil Muslim conspiracy amongst the radicals. Those radicals are all Jewish mercenaries, as the white man has been Jewish mercenaries often in the past
    Outing staged events doesn’t mean anything more on stating your disbelief in the official claims and laughing in their face for
    Why believe habitual liars ever!!!!
    You dig?

    1. I agree with most of what you are saying. I’ve been around Muslims most of my life and while I agree that some purposefully align with Jews against the alt-right, most of them want nothing to do with Jews. In fact I recall a friend telling me about this Islamic private school here in the states. The school doesn’t have much funds, and a Jewish man known for his “philanthropy” offered to build them a brand new school, with a gym and their own property at no cost to them. The school refused lol. Turns out after digging deeper, the story is actually true.

      Either way it doesn’t really matter. There are just as many if not more groups in the west aligning with Jews as there are Muslims. It’s kind of an irrelevant subject since Jews go where the wind blows.

      1. @Joe Cardsbury: “I’ve been around Muslims most of my life and while I agree that some purposefully align with Jews against the alt-right, most of them want nothing to do with Jews.”

        I used to be a Muslim convert for many years, so I also got to know thousands of Muslims. This also includes having stayed for some time in a Muslim country, Turkey. So I know there are nuances and I did know many who were Jew-wise.

        But I know far more who are challenging the “anti-Semitism” of their fellow Muslims and are coming to align with many Jews in a cultural Marxist alliance. This is easy for many to do, because there is an attitude among many Muslims that traditional standards of Islam apply to them but they don’t care how loose or decadent the Western “kaffir” societies are, so long as they fully allow Islam to be practiced and open borders allowing any Muslim to come.

        There is this desire to see Islam spread in numbers, so that they don’t think twice about aligning with the most anti-white, pro-homosexual, pro-transgenderism, PC elements in some grand alliance of “intersectionality.” I’ve seen these efforts specifically grow within the last decade, through cover of “interfaith dialogue” where they mostly align with Jews and liberal Christians. (And I, for the record, am not a Christian anymore either, so I similarly abhor Christian vs. Muslim apologetics).

        What I’ve witnessed especially within the last decade is more Muslims being apologetic and opposing “anti-Semitism”, such as going out of their way to stress that the fight with Israel has nothing to do with religion. This has manifested in such things as Muslims forming rings of solidarity around synagogues in Europe, or Jewish and Muslim organizations making joint statements against “anti-Semitism” and “Islamophobia” which they collectively accuse many entire populations of Europeans as possessing, or such joint causes as opposing any laws in Western societies against circumcision or ritual animal slaughter, etc..

        I do know many individual Muslims are who are “Jew-wise” and wary of any such alliances. But the problem is that the Judeophile trend is the leading trend of the various official Muslim organizations and NGOs, the most common trend I saw among many more Muslims across the spectrum on social media, and the dogma of the entire “scholarly” circuit they follow in the West, their speakers and spiritual leaders.

        Incidentally, I notice this same trend also downplays such things as the historically violent Muslim conquests in places such as Iberia or the Balkans. They either deny or outright justify the enslavement of over a million Europeans by Muslim North African pirates, many ironically with Jewish slave traders as historical middlemen. They want to ignore or justify imperialism when it happens to be practiced by Muslims, but have no problem obsessing about that or slavery when it just so happens to have been Westerners involved.

        This whole mentality breeds an otherness that inherently can and is easily used for Jewish objectives against whites, whereas I think they should take responsibility for their own history and reject any such hypocrisy just as they have no problem demanding about us.

    2. @Joe T Sigur: “No they aren’t on the other side of the river hanging with Muslims. There’s Jews pretending to be on your side over here as well.”

      Of course, they control all sides of the dialectic. Yet you would have us only look at the Jew-ridden Alt-Righters, and ignore all the others as indeed you do on Blindlight. Why don’t you apply your own words and call out all sides of the dialectic? Why don’t you ever mention the Muslims who align with Jews against Europeans/Americans?

      I have and do call out all sides of the dialectic, such as in my many articles against Trump and the anointed leaders of the Alt-Right – just as I’m focusing on another side of their dialectic in this article.

      ” I know you want to get this over with but moving deck chairs won’t stop the leak.”

      You would have us turn a blind eye to the Jews’ scheme to change our very demographics with the migrants and an Islamic cultural domination, or their central role in Cultural Marxism, and only focus on opposing wars for Israel. I disagree and think we should call out all of their schemes.

      Why don’t you similarly tell the Islamophile crowd that obsesses about the Mideast, to also call out and oppose the mass migration of their ilk into our societies rather than justifying what is essentially yet another Jewish project?

      “….the fiction of an evil Muslim conspiracy amongst the radicals. Those radicals are all Jewish mercenaries, as the white man has been Jewish mercenaries often in the past”

      That is not fully true. You’re only looking at the top level people who are driving these policies, but ignore the rank and file, the “true believers” who are radical Muslims and do believe in it. Perhaps they are useful idiots being guided by the Mossad and other networks, yet you call out the useful idiot Westerners who similarly serve Jewish interests but want to turn a blind eye to other useful idiots.

      For full disclosure: I used to be a Muslim from age 16 up until a couple of years ago, around the time I turned 30. During that time I came to know thousands of Muslims, including perhaps some mutual acquaintances of ours in Atlanta. I was heaviIy into mostly sufi circles. So I know there are nuances and clearly reject the simplistic narratives of the likes of Nina Rosenwald, Pamela Gellar, etc. who merely want to tie us into the other side of the dialectic.

      But I also have to be honest and say its not just about the Wahhabis. There are things within Islam and their scriptures that are and were used to justify evil acts. Just because many Muslims choose to ignore those verses and not make it part of their reality, there are still problems, for example their tendency to sanitize and do apology for the history of Islamic conquests. They won’t confront their own history, while they have no problem lording such things as slavery, conquests etc. hypocritically over our own heads.

      In other words, they still have a soft spot for their fellow Muslims each and every time and have this desire to see all of humanity come to the “haqq” which they say is only Islam. They will still divide everyone into “Muslim” and “Kaffir” or, at the very least, non-Muslim. Even when there is no violence involved, clearly there’s still this us vs. them mentality that closely mirrors the Jewish behavior and can be easily harnessed by the Zionists.

      I saw with my own eyes within the last few years especially, here in America the leading Muslim organizations – which together have control over most of the mosques – align with liberal, leftist, cultural Marxist causes because those are the ones who have no problem with the mass immigration of Muslims. They are very involved in NGOs that partner with the same ones of the Jewish Globalist elites, thinking its absolutely the responsibility of Western nations to accept any and all Muslim immigrant without question.

      These are not even the radicals I’m talking about, but the non-violent “moderate” Muslims, who still generally as a group exhibit such us vs. them behavior that manifests in such things as aligning with cultural Marxists, a soft spot for Judaism and opposing “anti-Semitism” (I’ve seen this trend especially grow within the last decade), faithwashing the Islamic conquests and portraying our ancestors as “barbarous” compared to them, and active involvement in promoting open borders in Western nations so that the number of Muslims grows. Etc. etc..

      1. To be fair Joe not everything Sean is saying is incorrect, especially in regards to Islamic history. It hasn’t been all peaceful. However after studying in academia I also find that Islamic history has been distorted to make the average guy believe it’s all bloody and there was nothing positive that came out of it.

        With that said Sean does go after both sides in his articles, not just Islam. In fact an excellent article he wrote here https://sjobst.blogspot.com/2017/08/extremist-rabbis-talmudic-prophecies.html?m=1 shows he’s actually really unbiased. Out of all the writers in this site he is the one that is most coherent and logical. Martinez is a retard and Charlemagne seems ok.

        1. Joe Cardsbury, I was just curious if you’re the same “Joe” who I was arguing with before who was telling me he thought I have PTSD. I wouldn’t be surprised, given that now you’re telling me I need to see a psychologist (as if your dumb ass could tell who needs a psychologist and who doesn’t). Given that you think 60% of the comments over here are mine, you’ve obviously been following this site for a while, and it’s very likely you’re the same Joe from before who was acting like you didn’t know who Joe Sigur was. You’re not a very bright mother fucker, in case nobody has ever told you… but I’m sure you’ve been told that many times in your life.

          1. Now tell me about how “in depth” the MSM covers Islamic slavery and racism, and tell me about this slavery in the West… slavery be “rampant” in da West n sheeeit, right?

        2. One more thing to note and I’ll stop for a while lol.

          I do agree with Sean saying that Muslims tend to ignore(or are told a distorted version) of their history. I also agree that many jump on the anti white train as well.

          The reality is though westerners still justify(or are also told a distorted version) of their own history. There are still a large number of Americans who justify the Zionist war in Iraq and believe killing 1 million people was justified. They still believe in the bogus war on terror that has killed millions more.

          I had this conversation once with a Frenchman who said that the colonization of North Africa was justified(and according to him still a part of France) including the mass murder of civilians. His reasoning was that those who Oppose French culture,should be put to the gallows.

          To summarize this “us vs them”, “Islam vs the West”, etc. exists in ALL groups. The Jews have engineered it that way. Blame each other and not the problem.

          1. Yeees, we know many Americans still do support the “war on terror”. Many also don’t, though, and it’s not as if *all* Muslim countries are being bombed because most aren’t. The Arab population and Muslim populations are still growing while the worldwide white population is rapidly declining. Certain Western country’s militaries and politicians are not the *only* ones involved in these wars, either… many other Gulf countries and Middle Eastern countries are involved in these wars and there are all kinds of rifts in Islam and between Muslims about how the view different sects of Islam and different conflicts like the Syrian conflict.

            1. @Dana nothing will be solved unless you go to the source, the Jews. Furthermore on this site I read an article from a certain writer that said Males should engage in celibacy. One of the ways to ensure your population numbers will go down is by engaging in that practice. Granted that is the writer’s prerogative, but if you want to see your race thrive, you can’t promote things that will see their numbers go down.

            2. Joe Cardsbury, you’re delusional. No article on this site claimed males should engage in celibacy. Now Brandon recently wrote an article on MGTOW talking about how SOME MGTOWs engage in celibacy… this is true… I’ve been among the MGTOW community since about 2012 when it was a very small group of dudes… not so much anymore. I’d estimate the number of MGTOWs who take vows of celibacy to be somewhere around 20 or 30%… so some are, but not most of them.

              One thing is, you might be a celibate and not even know what MGTOW is, but you’d actually be considered MGTOW in that sense. You might even be married and be celibate for various reasons. But Brandon wasn’t saying men should engage in celibacy; he was only saying *some* MGTOWs are celibate, man. The hell are you talking about… doesn’t it bother you to just spew shit when you don’t even know WTF you’re talking about?

            3. Joe Cardsbury, just to be CLEAR here, YOU SAID:

              “@Dana nothing will be solved unless you go to the source, the Jews. Furthermore on this site I read an article from a certain writer that said Males should engage in celibacy. One of the ways to ensure your population numbers will go down is by engaging in that practice. Granted that is the writer’s prerogative, but if you want to see your race thrive, you can’t promote things that will see their numbers go down.”

              And I told you that you’re delusional, as no article here says males should engage in celibacy, and you said:

              “@Dana I think you need to go back and reread Brandon’s article.”

              I didn’t need to go back and re-read his article, but I’ll post that part of the article here again for you… you’re having serious problems with comprehension:

              “MGTOW doesn’t explicitly advise celibacy, that is refraining from any sexual relations with women; although some MGTOW men seem to have chosen that path. One does not need a “girlfriend” to have sex with a woman. But MGTOW does advise against entering serious relationships with the women you sleep with in order to avoid all of the feminist evils that come attached with marriages or “committed” romantic relationships with these broads.”

              He said “although some MGTOW men seem to have chosen that path”. Did you CATCH THAT? He didn’t say men should engage in celibacy… he simply said SOME MGTOW have chosen that path. You’re wasting my fucking time over here…

            4. BTW, Joe Cardsbury, WHO said just because a person doesn’t engage in marriage, co-habitation, or even serious relationships with women (like myself), that the population has to drop because of this? You don’t understand MGTOW but you’re yammering on about it like a female.

              You’ve heard of PATERNITY FRAUD, right? How about single mothers who, after hitting the wall, settle down with beta males who pay for them and take care of them and their children?

              The paternity fraud rate is at almost 20%. Well, many of these dudes couldn’t/wouldn’t believe the baby they think is their’s actually isn’t, even if you TOLD them. I’ve been attacked by so many die-hard white knights and manginas over feminism that nothing can change their minds. THESE men in particular need to be the ones raising OTHER MEN’S children… like MINE… if you know what I’m saying. Ain’t like these broads can’t easily find some desperate suckers willing to pay for them and their kids. I got to a point where I actually appreciate these diehard white knights and manginas for THIS very reason.

        3. There are indeed nuances and I believe in examining history without bias. The problem with many Muslim apologists, as I personally got to know, is they stress some of the history, sanitize or rewrite other aspects, or simply ignore that which can’t be explained away. Here’s some examples:

          Muslims generally stress the Qur’anic verses that say there should be no compulsion in faith. They then ignore the instances where Islam was “spread by the sword”, such as during some of the Islamic conquests of West Africa and India.

          In other places, Islam was spread to people through more “peaceful” means, usually through economic pressures such as conversion meaning one no longer has to pay the jizya or other forms of dhimmitude that subjected them to second-class subjects, etc.. Such as Persia and Bosnia. In yet other places, Islam was spread more peacefully, such as how Islam spread through the Indonesian archipelago through the efforts of seven Sufi shaykhs’ missionary activities.

          They will downplay the economic and social pressures that made life harder for such dhimmis, and present their conversion as entirely peaceful and of their own accord. At the same time, they may present all Muslim conquests as defensive reactions, such as indeed what I’ve seen with many apologists of the Ottoman Empire, etc..

          In instances where they can’t deny the completely unprovoked nature of the conquest, such as Iberia, they justify it by presenting the occupation as a “paradise” (which they indeed do about “al-Andalus”) and bringing “civilization” to the “barbarians”. This is of course little different from how Western imperialists justified their own conquests in Africa or other places, but Muslims generally see no problem when they engage in the same type of apologia even while aligning with those who always mention the former for purposes of “white guilt”.

          So they lie and sanitize their own history, claiming that Muslims always acted in “superior, moral, altruistic” ways. To me, this is the same tendency as the Christian apologists who only focus on the violence of Islam and ignore how Christianity was violently imposed on many of our own European ancestors for example (it varies tribe to tribe), or the Jews who only stress the unsavory aspects about Islam and Muslims not for any higher concern for the West but solely so many Westerners will continue to fight crusades for Israel.

          And I particularly oppose the irredentist tendency for Muslims to believe that once a land was historically controlled by Muslims, that land should be “liberated” back into Dar al-Islam. Just one example that specifically concerns me because of my heritage: On one side you see the various Islamists who obsess about Iberia “returning” to Islamic control. On the other side, these extremists are enabled by the “moderate” Muslims who simplistically portray “al-Andalus” as a “paradise” and “golden age” that should be “re-created” for purposes of “convivencia” – in modern political terms, such things as unfettered Muslim immigration into Europe, etc. – and rewrite history.

          1. @Sean I hear ya. The Ottoman Empire just wanted to conquer European lands. One could argue the Byzantines may have provoked them(depends on the sources) but even if that’s true, what was the reason for invading deep into the balkans, Poland, Austria, etc.?

            Btw if you want to listen to an interesting history about the Ummayid invasion of Spain. This historian really goes in depth. https://youtu.be/LdqFW8RWfQk

            1. I spent a lot of time in Turkey first as an international student, taught a little English and then just generally as a traveler in that country. For two years back to back (2014 and 2015), that meant staying literally the whole three-month visa period allotted, and then in 2016 and last summer, on trips to Europe taking a brief side-trip back to Turkey.

              That fostered something of an academic interest for me in both the Greek Eastern Roman and the Ottoman historical periods, including the architectural wonders of both that I personally visited there and also during briefer times travelling through Greece and Albania.

              I neither apologize for or fault the Ottomans for being basically an empire like other historical empires. But I do put it in historical perspective vis a vis the apologetics of Muslim supremacists or Turkish cultural imperialists within Europe (mostly tied to Erdoğan).

              For example, in 2016 a Turkish teacher and Green Party politician in Hamburg named Malik Karabulut opposed the Bundestag’s legislation about the Armenian Genocide by making public anti-German comments, including guilt-tripping them for the “holocaust” and calling Germans a “mutt race” (itself ironic given the diverse phenotypes and admixtures of Turks). Yet the hypocrite Karabulut, who is a staunch supporter of the conservative social policies of Erdoğan, aligns with the leftist self-hating Greens within Germany.

              As for Iberia, probably the best modern historian about the Moorish period IMHO is Darío Fernández-Morera. Check out his book The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise. You can read a large part of it for free on Amazon and also look up his various interviews on Youtube, where you can get the gist of his thesis. It exhaustively documents even from Moorish and Islamic sources themselves, and conclusively demolishes the pro-Moorish thesis of Muslim apologists and Leftist academics alike. But the book is also very un-PC when it comes to Jews, stating many facts about the Jewish role in the Moorish invasion/occupation and various unsavory facts about Judaism.

              I would also recommend a Youtube channel called “Real Crusades History”. They do an excellent job of refuting many myths not just about Moorish Spain, but about medieval Europe in general. This flies in the face of the anti-European, modernist narratives presented in Hollywood and academia that makes our ancestors “ignorant barbarians”, whereas the true history is very far from that.

    3. We need to underemphasize the Muslim problem because of all those over emphasizing it

      I can see Alex Jones making a similar argument to caution his audience against Jewish critiques since so many people are talking about Jews these days. Tons of leftists criticize US foreign policy, so should that be off the table for critique too? Feminists and SJWs are getting pilloried these days, I guess we should stop criticizing them too.

      You play the same tired old tune again and again, that we must “only” criticize Jews and can never add anyone else to the list of enemies for fear of inciting “goyim wars”.

      You’re a worthless, most likely bipolar, old man who just needs to shut the fuck up.

  2. Is that old, low-IQ, ignorant, out-of-shape douche bag Joe Sigur still running his stupid fucking mouth over here? Since the UFC was last night and I’m up and about anyway, I’m going to come out of retirement to comment over here one last time because BOTH Islamophiles and Muslims have a tendency to really piss me the fuck off; it’s as if their delusions and double standards know no bounds.

    While we’re at it, Joe Sigur, why don’t you invite libtards Khanverse, Jonathan Azaziah, Ken O’Keefe, and any other Muslims and Islamophiles over here for a show down, while we’re at it.

    You’re man enough to answer SIMPLE questions, aren’t you, Joe?

  3. Joe Sigur, Jews run the media?! Geeee, ya think?! I couldn’t spot the OBVIOUS or anything. Bankster Jews make money off wars?! Geeee, I “didn’t” know that or anything. Jews pretend to be on different groups’ sides in the form of controlled opposition?! Geeeeee, I didn’t know that “either”, captain mother fucking OBVIOUS.

    Now for a few things you don’t know, Joe Sigur. Colonialism didn’t start in 1492; Muslims were at it LONG BEFORE then, just like they were with slavery. Guess what, we don’t hear about this in the media or the history books though, Joe. Jews would “never” blame whites as being solely responsible for colonialism and slavery, would they? They’d never be involved in anything like cultural appropriation of whites and endorse pure fictions like “1001 Islamic inventions”, would they? They wouldn’t cover up certain kinds of Muslim crimes and racism in the media, would they?

    1. I think you need to turn on Fox News or any right wing msm channel before you say that the media hides things about Muslims. The reality is, this shit happened centuries and actually a millennia ago. People, ideologies change over time, that’s common sense. And before you tell me I don’t know anything I’m studying to get a doctorate in history and have studied Islam both in the academic environment and outside it. That’s a lot more than watching you’re Jewish run YouTube channels.

      This actually makes sense though. Since you’re the typical bible thumper type who takes ALL info from Act17Apologetics, it’s no wonder why you have such simplistic look at the current paradigm.

      I would suggest you get some psychological help because you truly have some serious issues. Anyone who fixates so much on one subject has a couple of psychological disorders going on. My guess is, you being the clown who served the JWO as part of the US armed forces, you have some skeletons in the closet. Perhaps you’re using your hatred of Islam to justify your service to the JWO.

      Oh and the reason why I know all of this, is because after reading the articles on this website, 60% of the comments are always yours. Go get some help you crazy sob.

      1. Is your dumb ass implying that slavery still doesn’t go on in the Muslim world? Racism doesn’t exist among Muslims either, does it? Don’t worry, I “heard it” on Fox News n sheeeit. When have you ever seen Fox News expose Islamic slavery or racism, dummy?

        1. Actually the first time I saw something on Islamic slavery was on the msm media. Slavery still exists everywhere btw including the west. Now go call up that psychologist of yours.

          1. They covered and continue to cover Islamic slavery and racism “really in depth” on Fox News and the rest of the MSM, do they?

            Whites are enslaving non-whites en masse in the West, are they? Oh yeah, “major issues” with white slave owners in the West, right? One of us needs a fukin psychologist.

    2. Joe only wants to talk about white colonialism because Muslims dindu nuffin wrong and when they do it’s the Jews forcing their hand. Except that can’t be argued when Muslims were ruling over Jews under the caliphates and were actually using the Jews to help them invade and spread Islamic domination in Europe.

      1. I think you missed the point I was trying to make. Then again not too surprised. Like I said Sean is really the most logical writer this site has to offer. You on the other hand are retarded.

  4. Joe Sigur, don’t you find it rather odd that clown Khanverse has an article on his site about how Jews hate blacks, but nothing about how Jews hate whites, even though I can go on and on producing anti-white Jews? Don’t you also find it funny that he, like Muslims in general, and other Islamophiles/libtards like those in the Ugly “Truth” cult, can’t seem to bring themselves to point out any of the wrongdoings in Islam, past and present, and can’t seem to bring themselves to notice the blatantly obvious anti-white agenda? No mention of IQ differences among/between Pashtuns and other groups like whites and Northeast Asians for example, and Pashtuns according to Khanverse are supposedly ‘chosen’ peoples? Nothing strange or flat out wrong about any of that, is there?

    1. “don’t you find it rather odd that clown Khanverse has an article on his site about how Jews hate blacks, but nothing about how Jews hate whites, even though I can go on and on producing anti-white Jews? ”

      EXACTLY! The likes of Khanverse, etc. promote their Shia-centric, pro-Iranian agenda where they want all Westerners to obsess about Mideast issues and only oppose Zionism when it comes to their conflicts with Israel. Yet these hypocrites obviously don’t care aligning with Jews otherwise, so long as its us people of European heritage who are the joint targets.

      1. Lol, Sean. I’ve found Muslims as a group (some exceptions, but they’re very rare) have absolutely no problems jumping on the anti-white train in the West. Any narrative that’s pro-Islam, they support (like how many Muslims have called out the Alan Kurdi fraud or the “1001 Islamic inventions” fraud… next to none), and anything anti-white, they really couldn’t care less about (in fact they very often support it) … given that Muslims as a group are Muslim-first. These so-called “Jew-wise” Muslims can’t seem to bring themselves to figure out who is behind mass immigration in the West, as we know, either.

        I also heard a clip of Jonathan Azaziah’s where he was talking about how refugee/migrant crime in Europe is “hyped”, and if Europeans don’t want refugees/migrants, to just stop the wars… lmao, as if the average European citizen can control what their sold-out politicians and medias are doing.

        1. That’s exactly it in a nutshell, which I can personally attest to: The typical Muslim desires to see Islam spread. That means that people only have the best, most sanitized view of Islam, and that the number of Muslims is always to be welcomed by them as a “good” thing.

          This is really the same mentality as the typical Jew who, no matter their personal religious adherence, is instilled from an early age with the mentality that whatever is “good” for the Jews is to be promoted. Its still us vs. them, whether its “goyim” or “kuffar”. The only difference is racial, although I have seen personally how many Muslims can still exhibit a cultural superiority about their own ethnic group as well and make it “cultural” not just religious.

          PressTV, Mint Press News, TheUglyTruth, etc. all justify or apologize for Islamization of the West, presenting all opposition to it as inspired by “racists” or tying it to Zionists. They also deny the crimes of migrants. Clearly if the Mideast conflicts with Israel would be resolved, overnight these same “anti-Zionists” would be converted into typical mainstream leftists who support Israel. Or, if for that matter the majority of Palestinians weren’t Muslim, they honestly wouldn’t even give a second thought to them.

          Indeed, they exhibit their anti-white behavior by presenting their dispute as being against the “white” Ashkenazi Jews vs. the “good” brown Mizrahi Jews, and going out of their way to say Israel has nothing to do with the “true” Judaism of Neturei Karta, etc.. They show their opposition to Israel is merely because its allegedly a “European” cultural outpost and not because its a Jewish supremacist, Talmudic-based state that hates the Palestinians in clear religious terms as being “goyim interlopers” upon their chosenites’ “promised land”. Even Iran goes out of its way to praise Judaism and demonstrate its soft-spot towards Jews.

      2. Those clowns make me piss myself laughing. I thoroughly destroyed them on the NAM website. At one time they tried to appeal to white nationalists to push their pro-Iranian crap in WN circles. They’re like the Jews recruiting Sabbath Kaffirs for Iranian/Shiite expansionism while they turn a blind eye to Islamic atrocities and invasion in Europe. The only Muslim crimes they want to talk about are the ones directed at the Shiites by other radical Sunni Muslims. But when Muslims attack non-Muslims they cry false flag every time. Stupid shills.

  5. “Thanks” for “telling us”, Joes. Just “don’t” oppose mass Muslim immigration in the West cuz it’d be “divide and conquer” n sheeeit! “We’re all the same n sheeeit, and call all get along just fine!”

    You know, if you like entertainment, Muslims are some of the best entertainers out there. For instance, look at this low-IQ douche bag Muslim talking about how the English ritually eat Turkey on Christmas out of hatred for Turks and as a way of symbolizing that they’re eating Muslim Turks (from the 3:30 to 4:00 minute marks)… lmao:

  6. “Controversial columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown [Muslim born in Uganda] is accused of making a series of racist remarks against white people, even going as far as to say she wants them to be a “lost species”. According to Rod Liddle, when asked in a TV interview what she thought of white people, she responded: “I don’t like them. I want them to be a lost species in a hundred years.”

    Writing for the Sun this weekend, Liddle said: “Can you imagine what would happen if you or I said that about black men, or women? The police would get involved, pronto.”


  7. “Lamya Kaddor, a German-born Syrian woman and scholar of Islamic studies, was applauded on TV for calling for a future with no more native White Germans alive.

    “I think that we have to be aware that we are a country of immigrants” she said.

    “‘Being German’ will mean having a migration background in the future.”

    “This is what being German will mean in the future! No more blue eyes, light hair and claiming ‘we’re all German’!”

    “Being German also means wearing a Hijab [and] having dark hair. This is what being German means today!”


    1. What’s especially sick and reprehensible with that is how the German audience were applauding their own destruction! Similarly, when Grune Partei (a notoriously anti-German party founded by the Jewish Marxist pedophile Daniel Cohn-Bendit) politician and Turkish cultural imperialist Malik Karabulut made that public anti-German rant in July 2016, the Hamburg prosecutor office actually said they wouldn’t prosecute it since the Germans were “not insultable” since they were the majority and not a “minority”.

      It infuriates me to no end what is happening in Deutschland and especially that a large number of Germans are themselves welcoming their own displacement. Migrants are now running amok in the country, openly flouting German traditions and values while aggressively promoting their own cultural and religious “superiority” – and they’re getting away with it because the country is controlled by a bunch of self-hating cucks!

  8. If you insult Mohammed and you’re German, you’re a Nazi, this piece of trash says. How about I insult Mohammed, and I help to DEPORT or BEHEAD pieces of shit like this AND their Islam-loving counterparts like these two Joe-Blow ingrates commenting on this article:

  9. “AAaron Dugmore – thought to be one of the youngest children in the UK to commit suicide – was discovered in his bedroom after being tormented for months, his parents said. They said Aaron was threatened with a plastic knife by a muslim pupil, who warned him: ‘Next time it will be a real one.’ He was also told by another pupil that ‘all the white people should be dead’ and he was forced to hide from the bullies in the playground at lunchtime.”


  10. Now this is what true Islam looks like. Do just like Mohammed did. Work slowly and covertly until you get enough numbers and can actually conquer, and then it’s party time:

    1. This is definitely the Muslim Brotherhood program, which is why their front groups align with the most leftist, liberal movements in the West that fly in the face of their own Islamic social standards. Another group, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, even has some elements who justify public lack of adherence to certain aspects of Islam so long as there is no “khilafa”; read their literature online and you’ll see its nothing but a Marxist critique of the West mixed in with a religious superiority.

      Many Islam critics make a big deal about “taqiyya”, which can be easily refuted especially since its more within Shi’ite than Sunni theology (except certain historical phenomena such as the Moriscos). But what people should focus on is how in Islamic theology generally (certainly not just the Wahhabis), there is a distinction between the “Makkan” and “Madinan” periods. Its not about the individual hiding his own Islam, but rather overemphasizing certain aspects of Islam publicly in “kafir” society, while downplaying other, more embarrassing elements.

      Behavior that is more the norm for the “Madinan” period when Muslims do control their own state, can be temporarily suspended within Islamic law whenever and wherever Muslims are a minority and thus are governed by “Makkan” guidelines. Its this “Makkan” period guideline that makes them align with Jews and Cultural Marxists/SJWs in the West, turning the latter into their useful idiots (while the former – the Jews – themselves use both as their own useful idiots).

      1. I’d be curious if prior to 911 and the war on terror of Muslims were leftist. From my personal experience, most of them voted for W. Until the Iraq war and such, that’s when I noticed the trend shift.

        1. With that being said, I having read the Quran and understand the Meccan vs Medinan period. So is it that all Muslims are trying to convert everyone by force in the US? I find that hard to believe. I wouldn’t doubt some want to. But all or the majority of them. Hmm not so sure, Europe may be different.

          Dawah im aware of as well, and the way I look at it, it’s not much different than Christians attempting to do convert non believers as well.

          1. You ask are all Muslims trying to convert everyone by force in the US?

            No, obviously not all Muslims are. But the problems with Muslims in the US and the West are many. For starters:

            Muslims will be Muslim-first and are concerned more with their own views, values, ways of life, etc., than others’. Every group has their own interests so this isn’t abnormal, but especially Muslims.

            Other obvious issues would be increased welfare use, increased religious and racial tensions, increased crime, and no-go zones.

            Another obvious one is that the “peaceful” Muslims tend to defend the fanatical/fundamentalist/Medinan types. Very few actually call out other Muslims or go in-depth at exposing Islamic malevolence.

            1. That said, I know this Muslim doctor who’s a friend of the family. He’s a very devoted Muslim; does his prayers 5 times a day, and he really is a good dude. He helps lots of people and even donates to charity. He’s really pissed off about Obamacare because it has been giving doctors the screws; these doctors often times don’t even get paid due to Obamacare. This combined with all the insurance and overheads doctors have to pay for these days makes it a time where it really sucks to be a doctor and it’s getting worse.

              He’s a good dude, and/but like quite a few Muslims out there, his interpretation of the Quran is the peaceful/false interpretation of it, and moreover, you’re not going to be seeing the dude exposing Islam because he doesn’t think anything is inherently wrong with the religion. If you told him that Mohammed was a tyrant in Medina, for instance, I’d imagine he’d get pretty pissed off at that. One of the major flaws with Islam is you can’t criticize the religion.

          2. You were directing the question to Sean… well, it was a dumb question that anyone with a semi-functioning brain could answer, lol.

            Christians try to convert non-Christians to the faith, and there have been disputes within Christianity, no doubt, but their method is not even close to the way Muslims go about converting people. If you live in a Muslim majority country as a non-Muslim, you’re a second class citizen. Of course different kinds of Muslims go about doing things differently, but even other Muslims get attacked for not being the right kind of Muslim. Those who don’t convert to Islam will often be subjected to the jizya tax. Christians don’t impose jizya or so-called “protection” taxes on non-Christians.

            You’re just having problems with comprehension and reasoning. I think your problem is that like Joe Sigur and other Islamophiles, you’ve been preaching that Islam is a ‘religion of balance’ for so long that you won’t ever substantially change your opinion on it.

            You still haven’t enlightened me on this so-called “slavery” in the West. What exactly are you talking about? Maybe you mean child trafficking rings being conducted by Muslims, illegal immigrants, etc., or something…

            1. @Dana Part of the reason why I reply to you is because you react like a total nut job. Posting dozens of comments with JewTube links. It’s amusing. Not sure if you have caught on to that yet? Guess that PTSD still has you chasing that haji over in Iraq huh?

              You being a formerJewish minion, tells a lot about your intelligence. Guarantee you fell for the 911 BS. Your bible thumping ways no doubt pushed you to go on a big crusade against The Terrorist!

          3. @Joe Carsbury: “I’d be curious if prior to 911 and the war on terror of Muslims were leftist. From my personal experience, most of them voted for W. Until the Iraq war and such, that’s when I noticed the trend shift.”

            That’s true. Both because of social conservatism and because most Muslims in America are professionals and business people, so with these two factors involved it was easy for them to align with the pro-business, Bush wing of the Republican Party. The pendulum slowly swung afterwards, with the Iraq War, and American Muslims have become even more politically leftist after Trump. I know a few personally who are more conservative now, including even some African-Americans, but they’re even more in the minority and even more despised among other Muslims.

            “So is it that all Muslims are trying to convert everyone by force in the US?…Europe may be different.”

            Definitely not by force. A large number are just like a lot of other Americans – primarily concerned about making money. As for Europe, the Muslims there are generally more aggressive and in-your-face than in America. But there its more like a cultural imperialist arrogance, where they proclaim themselves “better” than the native Europeans but don’t concern themselves too much with “dawah”. Its more about being able to practice Islam without the least hindrance to the host population, who are told to accept such things as “sharia patrols” and the like for risk of being labelled “Islamophobes”.

            “Dawah im aware of as well, and the way I look at it, it’s not much different than Christians attempting to do convert non believers as well.”

            I agree. Even within Christianity; I grew up Catholic in a mostly Baptist/Methodist area and can remember many instances of Bible-thumping neighbors and kids at school trying to get me to go to their churches to be “saved”. Both Christianity and Islam have this notion of universalism, where they are told to convert people to their faiths. Its a problem I see inherent within Abrahamic religion.

            While speaking out against historical instances where Muslims did convert people by force or economic pressures, or nowadays such as what’s being imposed on many Yazidis and Assyrians, I have to likewise call out the hypocrisy of some Christian apologists who ignore how their religion was also often spread by force. Certainly that’s true when I read the history of my own Suebi-Alemanni ancestors, how it was imposed by the conquering Franks, for example.

            Btw, as a strong believer in individual conscience I don’t have a problem with anyone freely choosing whatever they want to believe in. My only problem is when its something imposed and becomes political. But I’ve always had a personal aversion towards anyone who feels it their duty to “convert” anyone to whatever belief system they follow.

            1. Any person could hand out anti-Christian pamphlets in the West and their chances of being physically attacked are incredibly slim. Might make some Christians angry, but you could do it. Handing out anti-Muslim pamphlets is a whole other story, though. The most f’d up thing about this is that many Muslims talk shit about Christianity all the time, but really get their feelings hurt if you talk shit about Islam. Islam is far less tolerant than Christianity:


            2. Joe Cardsbury, you were the one dumb enough to start coming at me on this thread after I started attacking Joe the buffoon Sigur. I asked you to TELL ME about this slavery in the West and how much on Islamic slavery and racism you’ve seen in the MSM, including on Fox “News”. Cat got your tongue or what?

            3. @Dana: No doubt that Muslims are far more aggressive and intolerant nowadays than Christians. So we’re in full agreement there. Another thing is that, indicative of these migrants using religion as a form of cultural assertion against the host population, they actually want to label such opposition to Islam or Muslims as “racist”.

  11. “A man has been spared jail after he spat in a nine-month-old baby’s face and shouted ‘white people shouldn’t breed’. Rezzas Abdulla targeted Layla-Jean in her pushchair last January in South Shields while she was out with her mother, Rebecca Telford. Ukip’s ruling committee backs vote of no confidence in leader Henry Bolton He approached without warning, lent into the pushchair and spat. Prosecutor Emma Dowling told the court that he then made his racist comment before walking off. When Rebecca confronted him he told her to ‘shut the f*** up’ then walked off.”

    Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/02/21/racist-woman-hater-spat-in-babys-face-and-shouted-white-people-shouldnt-breed-6463332/?ito=cbshare

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/

  12. Will you look at the sheer hubris and ignorance of this Muslim skank. Yes, she/they are “enriching” the West n sheeeit…

  13. “Mazen Al-Sarsawi: “That is how these lowlifes have always acted in all their wars. What did America do when it won the war in Vietnam? It dropped an atomic bomb, causing total destruction. They did not spare anyone. That is the epitome of treachery, ignobility, baseness, and contempt, not to mention what it is doing in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and what the Jews are doing in Palestine…

    “The infidels are all one and the same. There is a vast difference between this and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, even with regard to war. The war of the Muslims is better than the peace of these dogs. […]

    “God says that there is no coercion in Islam. One is free to be a believer or an infidel. That is the starting point, but is someone who converted to Islam allowed to change his mind? No, he is not. […]

    “That is a completely different story. Someone who converted and got a taste of the perfection of Islam is not allowed to leave the fold of Islam whenever he feels like it. […]

    “First, we ask a person nicely to convert. If he does – it’s over. When the mujahideen fight a country, they say to its people: ‘Convert to Islam. That’s our only demand. We don’t want anything else from you – we don’t want your money or your country. All we want is for you to enter Paradise with us.’ Is there anything more lofty than this? […]

    “Do they kill the infidels if they refuse to convert? No, they don’t. The Muslims say to them: ‘Let’s remain friends. You pay us the jizya poll tax, and we will make sure you are safe. We could easily fight you and take over your country, so you are better off paying the jizya, and we will protect you.’ […]

    “It is said: ‘If they refuse to pay, seek Allah’s help and fight them.’ You tell them to convert – they refuse. You tell them to pay the jizya – they refuse. That means they have evil intentions. Fine, we will fight them.”


  14. Ya think?

    “Jesus Or Muhammad
    5 months ago (edited)
    Yet our leftwing politicians, media and voters have pretended or thought for all these years that all people around the world, including all muslims from all over the world, are all the same as us. They were supposedly all the same like us, and if they wanted to come here then that automatically meant that they wanted to become like us, accept our values and respect our freedom. This is what has been assumed for so many years. The biggest stupid idiots on this planet were the ones that assumed that muslims from islamic countries are like us, and the biggest fool did not see that there might be something “slighty” different about muslim people and their 7th century cult. The stupidity of western leftwing liberals can hardly be put in words because its really that stupid. And its astonishing that everyone used to understand, i believe, that when you went on a holiday to a far away islamic land somewhere that its fuckin totally different there because the people and their beliefs are totally different. Didn’t everyone knew this before? Apparently not. Astonishing. Today people are so stupid they have forgotten that islamic people in islamic countries are very different.”

  15. Me either. Nor their apologists, like these two, punk ass, low-IQ Joes on this thread…

    8 months ago
    I’ve never seen a Muslim that can answer a question without beating around the bush.”

  16. Outlawing forced conversions is ‘anti-Islam’ and Islamophobia n sheeeit, lmao. You know, just put a goddamned burqa on Joe Sigur’s ugly mug and get it TF over with, lmao.

  17. The solution to this problem is very, very simple… be gone and take your Islamophiles with you… both groups are douche bags…

  18. The “colonialist, crusader invasion”… sounds like Joe Sigur. You can tell Joe hangs around lots of dumb libtards and Muslims and lets them do his thinking for him. Clearly thinking for himself is not his strong point or ever will be…

    1. Yet another example of the Islamist-Cultural Marxist alliance. Meanwhile, not a peep from “anti-racist” CAIR about the various mosques and other buildings in the Muslim world dedicated to historic Muslim slave-owners. And if anyone even brings up the ongoing slavery of blacks in Mauritania or the Arab slaughter of Fezzan blacks in Libya, etc., then YOU are the “racist” for merely pointing it out. And forget about the medieval Arabic texts that speak of blacks in disparaging terms, or the hadiths about Abbysinians being “raisin-headed”.

      1. Right, Sean. Total hypocrites. Lol, yeah, lotta Arabs even from back in the old days have said what would be considered by today’s standards as very disparaging remarks about blacks. There is also Arab chosen-ness in the Quran as well.

        Check it out, another vid that got deleted. Maybe I can find other similar info just like it real quick:

        “CAIR forgets one detail in attacks on Moslems — Most attackers are black”


    1. They should be deported from Deutschland right back to Arabien! Its the same indoctrination of Jewish kids: Their parents and community instills in them with a superior sense of being the other, that they are a “special” people compared to the majority population, and that this “superiority” justifies them living off the welfare benefits and privileges given them by the “stupid” host population. Deutschland Erwache! Migranten Raus!

      1. Haha, nice German there Sean. I was wondering of you speak German with a Bostonian-esque accent or if it just sounds like a typical American whose native language is English does, lol. Took a few classes of German back in high school but I seriously didn’t pay attention in the class and only know a few words, lol.

        1. Danke Schon! I wish I was better at it though. I find the Romance languages (sans Francais and Romanian) easier. The local university briefly offered a German course, and the American teacher there had studied in Austria and spoke like a native. Unfortunately, I didn’t take it seriously back then (I was in my early 20s) and failed. They shortly thereafter removed the course for lack of interest.

          My Oma lived in another state for much of my life, so I didn’t have many opportunities to practice it except during summer visits. My father had mostly forgotten the language since he came here young, although he kept it alive with me as much as possible. But I got more serious about learning it after his death.

          I have more opportunities now since my Oma lives closer now, although she only knows the Schwabisch dialect she grew up with, so doesn’t know much Hochdeutsch. Things have changed in Wurttemberg since she emigrated, with half of the Germans there having migrated from other regions of Germany along with a more standardized German. At some point though I will devote myself more to the language; its just finding the time and patience for it.

          You’ve alluded to it occasionally, but it seems like you’re well-travelled.

    1. They can delete it all they want, but I can confirm from what many of them expressed to me and what can be found in other sources online. I’ve read apologetic literature where they essentially present the origins of modern science as Islamic, and that the world was an immoral place of “jahiliyya” until the rise of Islam. They seize upon a few facts, such as Al-Jabr and the advancements of certain other Muslim mathematicians and scientists, and blow them way out of proportion.

      Similarly, the hypocrites rewrite our European history by claiming that our ancestors lived a “dark age” whereas the true history shows that ancient Greek and Roman texts were never “lost” in the first place. Even up until the Moorish invasion of Spain, the Visigothic court used to export scholars to study directly with Greeks in Constantinople. The various monasteries of medieval Europe preserved these ancient texts.

      But the most ridiculous one is “hygiene”. I can’t even count how many times Muslims personally told me how much “cleaner” Islamic practices were compared to the non-Muslims. For example, “istinja” and the obsession about not leaving any urine on clothes. No joke, this is an obsession and the hadith ascribes to failure to “clean” it a slippery slope of the “jinn” doing all sorts of wicked things to you(!).

      Incidentally, since the standard Islamophile in the “truth” community tends to be pro-Shi’ite, I should add that the traditional Shi’ite books of hadith are even more explicit about non-Muslims being “unclean”. In fact, up until Iran was first secularized in 1925, non-Muslims were forbidden to go outside when it rained for fear that the rain touching them would “contaminate” other rain drops that might touch a “clean” Shi’ite Muslim. (I’m not sure if they felt the same way about a Sunni). This sounds far-fetched but its actually been recorded as true!

      1. Yeah, it’s funny how the term “dark ages” are applied to Europe but seemingly not to other people. What an absolute joke. As if sub-Saharans had invented the wheel before Europeans showed up (even Amerindians for that matter).

        Islamic hygiene, lol. Man there are so many messed up practices in Islam that they can almost seem endless, lol:

    1. Those Milli Görüş extremists would want to eradicate every trace of Armenian and Greek history from Anatolia. Incidentally, Erbakan basically established the Turkish version of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was a mentor of Erdoğan although the two had a falling out before the latter rose to power. Erbakan mixed his Islamism with a staunch Turkish nationalism. Even while Erbakan used to rant against the “crusading” European Common Market, his disciples established many Milli Görüş branches throughout European countries, jealously ensuring they continued to look to Turkey as their homeland and where their loyalty was.

      It is fortunate they don’t have much influence in Turkey though. I saw some of the most beautiful ancient Greek remnants there, very well preserved. Those hypocrites would have to start with many of the most well-known architectural works of the Ottomans though, as many were built by Greek and Armenian architects. Even the most well-known Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, whose magnificent works I saw many times, was an ethnic Greek who never forget his heritage, such as how he used his position to ensure his parents were exempted from certain dhimmitude such as jizya.

  19. “A Syrian refugee has confessed to setting light to a hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate where he was staying and spraying swastikas on the walls to make it look like a political crime.
    The 26-year-old claimed that he started the fire in protest against the cramped living conditions in the hotel in Bingen, where a number of refugees and seasonal workers were living, and against what he saw as poor prospects for his future.”


  20. “EVERETT—A Pakistani-owned market gutted by arson in July was burned by the store’s manager, police said Thursday, ending speculation that the fire was a hate crime.

    Federal agents arrested the Everett man, 37, at Continental Spices market Thursday on a federal arson warrant.

    Police suspect the manager and a friend spray-painted the message “F U Arab” and white crosses inside the store in an attempt to mislead investigators, then used gasoline to set the building on fire.

    The July 9 fire caused an estimated $90,000 in damage and triggered widespread alarm that the arson was motivated by hate.

    But Everett arson investigators and agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives discovered that “the business was in trouble financially and there was a desire to stop the losses,” Everett police Sgt. Boyd Bryant said.

    The store manager, who was working to buy the market, apparently hoped to recoup his money through the store’s fire insurance, Bryant said.”


  21. When in doubt, just blame those evil, raycis, oppressive white men…

    “MONTCLAIR, N.J. (AP) — Officials at a New Jersey college say a student fabricated a story about being assaulted outside a dormitory by assailants who used racial slurs.

    The Record reports that 18-year-old Navjoat Aulakh had claimed three white men called him an “Islamic terrorist” while they beat him outside a Montclair State University residence hall on Thursday night.”


  22. “A Muslim woman who recently told police that she was attacked on the streets of Manhattan and called a terrorist ultimately admitted that she made the entire story up.

    According to the Huffington Post, the Muslim woman originally claimed she was attacked while leaving school wearing a Muslim headscarf in Manhattan on Thursday. She said a man came up behind her, grabbed her by the arm, accused her of being a terrorist, then slashed her across the cheek, leaving a two-inch gash on her face.

    “She reported that when he slashed her, he made a statement to the effect that she was a terrorist, and he continued to flee northbound on Broadway,” said NYPD Assistant Chief William Aubry when the Muslim woman’s story first broke.”


  23. Would any Muslims do anything like this? They sure would, although we obviously don’t know for sure if they did or not:

    ““It was just one word. It said ‘Infidels!’” Father Doug Marcotte said of what was spray painted on Saint Bartholomew’s Catholic Church in Columbus overnight Saturday.

    Parishioners saw that, along with the word “Qur’an 3:151” on their way into mass Sunday morning.

    “It’s certainly not a warm and fuzzy verse. It talks about the infidels, their refuge being the fire,” explained Father Marcotte.

    Specifically, that passage of the Qur’an reads: “We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve for what they have associated with Allah of which He had not sent down [any] authority. And their refuge will be the Fire, and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers.”


  24. Nothing like arrogant, ignorant Muslims to go on and on about how “special” they are. This is the “minority” complex that can be found among all “minority” groups in the West. The difference between a Muslim and say a proud Mexican immigrant though is that one actually has a written doctrine that has told them so for centuries:

  25. Now this high and mighty douche bag here in particular with his arrogance and condescension is talking about how “great” his kind “get along” with black people. As if his dumb ass couldn’t be debunked for fucking days. The two dummy Joes on this thread won’t be debunking him though, that’s for sure:

  26. Joe Cardsbury, you said, “@Dana Part of the reason why I reply to you is because you react like a total nut job. Posting dozens of comments with JewTube links. It’s amusing. Not sure if you have caught on to that yet? Guess that PTSD still has you chasing that haji over in Iraq huh?

    You being a formerJewish minion, tells a lot about your intelligence. Guarantee you fell for the 911 BS. Your bible thumping ways no doubt pushed you to go on a big crusade against The Terrorist!”

    What if part of the reason you reply to me is because you have, as I’ve referred to before, a mild form of Tourette’s-like syndrome where you just CANNOT keep yourself from running your ignorant mouth about things you know little or nothing about, AND you just can’t keep yourself from making ignorant assumption after ignorant ASSumption? It’s not just you; many, many people have this problem. Guess what? You fools will ALWAYS be ruled over because you don’t have the foresight, the critical thinking abilities, or even the cognitive abilities to break free from your deficiencies. I will ALWAYS rule over your type at the poker tables AND at the chess tables.

    Lmao, are you trying to tell me that you knew 9/11 was an inside job from the get-go? If you did, you’re a lot older than I am, no doubt. Know what else? IF you knew 9/11 was a joke from the very beginning, which I didn’t until 09, this means I’ve FAR SURPASSED you on damn near every issue known to man. Beat you blindfolded in chess like it’s going out of style and there’s NOTHING you can do about it. You’re too much of a fucking fool and have far too poor of discipline to EVER be a match for me, and I don’t give a goddamn how “arrogant” what I’m saying might sound. “Mind-reader” you absolutely are NOT, and I’m not even a “bible-thumper”, fool. GUARANTEED I can beat you blindfolded in chess, though.

    1. Ohhhh, “Jew-Tube” links negate every fukin thing that comes off of YT, right? You better tell Joe Sigur to quit making YT videos because that makes him Jew-Tube, lmfao.

      1. See there you go again, you reacted. You got to learn how to ignore things guy. Take it easy, take a few pills….perhaps a little yoga. I learned from a Very young age that 911 was an inside job. Hell I remember asking my teacher as a kid why the turbans and passports didn’t burn when the plane hit the buildings. I got yelled at for that one.

        In any case I get it, you don’t like Islam or Muslims for that matter. The reality is though you are talking to a person who has been to Muslim countries and has taken the time to research the religion. Not YouTube, real research.

        For the record, any Christian that watches Act17Apologetics as though their word is all true is indeed a true bible thumper.

        1. Nooo, it’s more like you’ve got to learn to actually PAY ATTENTION to things, dude. BTW, YOU reacted to ME on this thread FIRST. Why don’t you follow your own advice?

          If somebody seriously tells me a rhinoceros can FLY, of COURSE I’m going to react. It’d be one thing if it was a JOKE, but if the person is being serious, I’m not only going to REACT, but I’m going to think this person needs a fukin lobotomy.

          So you’re saying you were a kid at the time of 9/11? How old exactly were you?

          Hey, I told you BEFORE (presuming you’re the same Joe from before, just including your last name now), you’re not the ONLY one of us who has been to multiple Muslim countries. Did you forget me telling you that, or what?

          For the record, there are Muslims who DO drink camel urine. Just because things like this are posted on Acts Apologetics and I share the video doesn’t mean I’m a fukin ‘bible-thumper’. You haven’t taken logic and critical thinking class before or what? Apparently not. Have you? (Just to see if you’re capable of answering a simple question when asked)…

          1. You strike me as a dishonest douche who will say anything just to try to back up any preconceived belief you already have. Now you’re ‘Joe Cardsbury’ when before you were just Joe. “Thanks” for telling us. You also told me that you’ve been to a Muslim country before, and now you’re saying you’ve been to Muslim “countries”. Well, how normal is it for somebody to just go to Muslim countries if they haven’t been in the military? Not very fukin normal. Are you saying you’re a vet as well or what?

            1. Douche bag, you didn’t even respond to my response to you that nobody on this site has said men should just be celibate. Nobody said that. *Some* MGTOWs choose celibacy though. WTF is your problem? Your delusions seem much like Joe Sigur’s delusions, if you know what I’m saying.

              Does somebody have to have PTSD to want to hammer and/or disable an ignorant loud mouth like Joe Sigur? If you don’t know that ignorant loudmouths make lots of enemies who want to hurt them, I’d say you’re extremely fucking stupid.

            2. This is fun. People go to various countries on business trips. Myself included. Sometimes I stayed for a long period of time other times just a few weeks. Anyways I can attest to the fact that the overwhelming majority if not all Muslims do not drink camel urine. It’s not exactly a delicacy in the Mideast or outside of that region.

              It comes from the hadiths which vary In authenticity. Sadly Muslims take all Hadith with %100, which after talking with a few scholars I found out this is incorrect.

            3. Joe Cardsbury, you were a kid during 9/11 and then got into a job where you started traveling to Muslim countries where you’d go back and forth? Apparently you saved up enough money from work to be typing online at the moment? If you were a kid during 9/11, you’d be somewhere around your late 20s, right now (or obviously possibly younger). So 9/11 comes around and “genius” Joe sees “right through it” even without using “Jew-Tube” videos to help him figure it out because any video off of Jew-Tube has to have been Jewish created and/or kosher, right? What kind of employment did you have there, out of curiosity?

            4. You know both you and Joe Sigur have quite the penchant for stating the very obvious, and then you combine the obvious with sheer distortions and delusions. But if I was 21 during 9/11 and you were a kid (let’s say you were 10 years younger than me at the time, as a possibility/example) that would mean that you’d be in your late 20s today. If you were a little younger, like maybe 8 years old, it’d put you in your earlier 20s today. Are you saying you’re not in your 20s, but in your 30s, or maybe even older?

              I was also trying to figure out what you say when somebody shares a YT clip of building 7 collapsing. Do you tell them that it’s a JewTube link?

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