Mark Rudov: Women Who Want to be Wined and Dined are Prostitutes

Mark Rudov is a beast. He’s a champion for the male perspective and is constantly owning bitchy feminists on Fox News and the radio circuit. In this clip he argues that women who expect men to wine and dine them, and will deny men sex if they don’t, are essentially prostitutes who exchange sex for money. How true!

Why should a man be the one to always pay for dinner on dates, pay for vacations, and pay for effectively any outing with the broad? These days women are making just as much as men and are more likely to graduate college than men. So these loaded women should be the ones paying to take out men. Women only want to be “traditional” when it comes to these gynocentric social norms of men pursuing the girl and paying for their dates. But when it comes to the traditional role of women staying at home cooking, cleaning and raising children, they want to tear up the rule book and flush it down the toilet. That’s because women are selfish, greedy, materialistic and only want what pleases them and their desires while the man toils and suffers to please her.

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