Rampant Feminism in Israel

The chickens have come home to roost: feminism has exploded out of control in Israel. This doc shows how Jewish women are making life hell for their husbands. Under Israeli law, a woman who falsifies evidence in a battery, sexual assault or rape accusation against a man, can’t be punished for her lies.

Feminism was not invented by Jews but has been widely promoted, amplified and disseminated by Jewish elites in order to disrupt and weaken Gentile societies. But it seems the Jews are not immune to their own poison, and are currently choking on it in Israel. The fact is that women will be women no matter their ethnic, religious or racial background – they’re all virtually the same everywhere.

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2 Comments on “Rampant Feminism in Israel”

  1. The chickens are definitely coming home to roost for them. They promoted feminism in our society, to create this disconnect between men and women, breaking the family structure and values and turning society into confused androgynous cucks who don’t even know who or what they are. At least that’s a long term goal, while short term its broken down all the norms of society (the very purpose of their “deconstructing”) and a demoralized society is easier to control.

    Some of this preceded the modern feminist movement. For example, Edward Bernays, Freud’s nephew, harnessed Jewish psychoanalysis for corporations as part of Public Relations. Its no coincidence his first act was a successful ad campaign to get women to smoke cigarettes. It seemed innocent at the time, but psychologically the ads conveyed a sense of rebelliousness and flouting all of society’s traditional standards.

    As Rockefeller admitted to Aaron Russo, another purpose of the modern feminist movement was to get the women into the workplace, to increase the tax base (and, I’d add, the debt base as well) and to get the children into the crappy government schools so they could indoctrinate a new generation. This has been quite successful.

    Israel also promoted feminism within its military, as an occupying force against the patriarchal, traditional Palestinian Arab society. It was a powerful weapon of degradation, because for Arabs its about “shame/honor”. But as with the natural laws of the universe, what comes around goes around and so it is with the same feminism they promoted against the goyim coming to roost upon the Jews in their own state.

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