Men Must Go Our Own Way

I’d been aware of the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement for some time, but I’d never really spent the time, until recently, to investigate their positions and realize how devastatingly accurate they are.

I’d always been quite aware of the negative aspects of female nature through personal experience, and I’ve been very wary of women for years. All of the typical traits and behaviours that I ascribed to women in my articles on how women are like children have been observed throughout my life and dealings with various women. Friends have confirmed these views by recounting to me their negative experiences with women. There’s no getting around the fact that women really are children in grown up bodies and that that is their biological nature.

MGTOW is not a monolithic group so there’s no one overarching leadership dictating ideology. But there’s a general consensus in the community that there’s an ongoing feminist war on all men in all Western countries and that there’s discrimination against men happening on a state-level throughout the West.

Based on the rapid ascent of feminist policies and culture and the fact that men, especially straight white men, are being persecuted by the state in the West, MGTOW advises that men “go their own way” by taking total control and ownership over themselves and their lives. That ultimately means avoiding any situation that would give females power over you, your finances, and your life in general.

The results of female domination over men have been disastrous for men. To remedy this, the MGTOW lifestyle advises completely avoiding marriage, common law relations or co-habitation with women, and even relationships with women more generally. It’s all about evading inevitable female betrayal and its malodorous consequences. It’s quite simple, if you don’t hitch your wagon to a bipolar and emotionally volatile woman, she can’t scheme her way into your bank account or induce the feminist-controlled state to hang you out to dry.

MGTOW doesn’t explicitly advise celibacy, that is refraining from any sexual relations with women; although some MGTOW men seem to have chosen that path. One does not need a “girlfriend” to have sex with a woman. But MGTOW does advise against entering serious relationships with the women you sleep with in order to avoid all of the feminist evils that come attached with marriages or “committed” romantic relationships with these broads. Most men don’t want to do that because they’re lazy. They’d have to put in more work finding different women to sleep with and they just don’t want to do it. They’d rather put up with constant emotional outbursts and abuse from their wives/girlfriends than going out to look for new women on the weekends. But look how these relationship cucks end up in the feminist West: close to penniless (from a divorce), in jail or under legal stress (for a false rape/sexual assault/battery allegation) or financially burdened to the broad he accidentally knocked up or ex-wife who he now owes alimony. Those who’ve managed to maintain “functioning” relationships with women in the feminist West have done so by being bootlicking beta bitches bending over backwards to please their “princess.” Then there’s the occasional good woman who is tolerable in a long-term relationship.

Even if you’ve been red-pilled on issues like race and the Jewish question, you’ll still find beta cucks and manginas who worship women among them. We’ve been taught since birth to idolize and genuflect to women. “You can’t hit a girl,” you were probably told by some mangina growing up, even if she hits you first. “Women should be treated like queens,” said some beta loser who wished he had a vagina.

This is why MGTOW discourse is important to digest if you’re a man living in the West. Leftists and their globalist Jewish overlords are indeed out to get white people as part of Jewry’s group evolutionary strategy to discredit their rivals. But these same forces are also out to get men more generally, which is why our counter-attack has to be in defence of both whites and men. Some people within the two communities suffer from tunnel vision and only see the attacks on whites or the assaults on men, avoiding the other topics for fear of alienating women or alienating non-whites who would otherwise be open to the messaging.

But I’m not shackled by those concerns because I’m not running a business nor leading a mass movement. I’m simply a writer who tells it like it is, whether you like it or not. I don’t speak for the other writers on this site who may differ from me slightly on this, but my current view is that us men should avoid marriage like the plague and limit our relationships with women to flings. If you hadn’t noticed yet, women are total time drainers who will suck hours out of your day, weeks out of your month and years out of your life on absolutely trivial nonsense (small talk) and drama, and for what? Not to mention what a drain on money women these days are. You could be using that valuable time more productively, like going to the gym, earning and saving money, and educating yourself about the world and history.

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17 Comments on “Men Must Go Our Own Way”

    1. Lol. Joe, I can imagine you in a bar or some night club approaching women (they sure as hell won’t be approaching your Jason Vorhees lookin’ mug, lmao) and just absolutely killing women’s libidos and drying vajayjays right up like the Sahara Desert, lmao! Total panty wetness kryptonite you must be, lmao.

      Joe, I think you quite possibly have went through your whole life a virgin and will die that way. If you’re not a virgin, I’d hate to see the female or females you’ve banged in your life… I’d probably need a puke bucket right next to me just to be safe when looking at them, lmao.

      Joe probably is MGTOW and probably is even celibate, but in his case it’s because he just can’t pull to save his life and so he’s forced into it. Would if he could, but he can’t. Meanwhile, let’s just degrade a legitimately good movement because we don’t even know WTF it is or can even comprehend what the philosophy is all about like a typical mangina pussy. Way to go, Joe!

  1. The Alt-right consists of the most intelligent people. For the good of the world, we must make sacrifices and breed- even if we don’t like the idea of co-inhabitance. MGTOW philosophy is moral. However, it will ruin our future. You can still dominate women, and refuse to take their bullshit. Plant a seed and have a back up plan ready for when they try to ruin your life.

    1. Who said one has to cohabitate to breed, though? One doesn’t have to cohabitate, needless to say be married, or even have a girlfriend to breed.

      The paternity fraud rate is almost 20%. Most dudes don’t understand this but there are certain dudes out there who married women and women with boyfriends/girlfriends flirt with, eye fuck, and even want to bang badly, and will bang at any opportunity. Simultaneously, there will always be a sizable portion of men who have absolutely no qualms raising other men’s children, even if the mother in the scenario is quite the cunt, ugly, nasty, etc., or even if she cheats on him. This group of dudes are so bad that anything a broad tells them, they’ll believe. All she has to say is “I’d never cheat on my man”; “I never cheated on you” or anything of the sort and these mentally challenged morons will believe her unconditionally because women are “morally superior”, “faithful little angels” and every other positive label or accolade that has been heaped upon them via society over the years.

      Now dudes like Joe Sigur up there shouldn’t breed and hopefully he hasn’t. What dudes like him can do though (when they’re say, 30-50 years younger) is pay for other men’s children. That’s what they’re meant to do. If they instead pass their genes on, they’re contributing to retardation and brain-deadedness in society and this absolutely needs to stop, as it’s been happening on a monumental scale for so long. Society is already saturated with way too many dummies and these kinds of dummies act just like crabs in a barrel to other humans trying to improve the human condition.

      1. ^ Forgot to mention though that it obviously helps if you’re in the right position to do so, or if you can eventually leverage yourself in a position to do so. If a female can find your personal information, where you live, and other such things, she can potentially try to get you for child support and such. Best to be as low-key as possible while doing this. Getting some female co-worker pregnant with the intention of having some cuck eventually help take care of the kid, for example, can easily backfire, and there are obviously much better ways to go about this kind of thing, lol.

  2. The point is not run away from women. I’m an old man old school. You young men have just lost your balls. We need pussy.
    When in a relationship (of almost any kind) its always a fight to maintain being in control. Look at Trump. Be a hardass when you need to be. Just remember you gotta walk your talk.

    Women, as well as the rest of the world, will always challenge you. Either you man up and embrace it or live the life of a cuck. You drive the car, she moves in with you, you never with her and your name is always the only one on the lease.
    Then you can always say the magic words, ” If you don’t like it Get Out!”

    They seldom do. They were just checking if your still boss. Don’t sweat it.

    1. If you live with a woman she has leverage over you almost immediately. She can just file a false police report of assault/sexual assault/rape and get you arrested.

      You’re ignoring all the anti-male feminist laws that exist to screw men who live with women. You think it’s as easy as “putting your foot down?” The broads these days don’t go for that. They will put their foot on your throat and use the feminist-controlled state against you until you cough up thousands of dollars in alimony/child support/etc a month.

      Best to not live with them.

      Also, just because you found some homely curvy woman to be your wife doesn’t mean we are all going to settle for that. The more attractive the girl the more likely she will be difficult to deal with, high maintenance, a gold digger, etc. So if you want prime pussy you’ll have to be a total cuck bending to her will. Hence why it’s so hard for red-pilled men to find decent women that aren’t ugly.

    2. Uppity White Man… are you sure you know what a cuck is? One example of a cuck in this context would be a moron who can’t figure out his “significant other” (be it gf or wife) has been banging another or other dudes and then pops up pregnant and the whole time he thinks the baby is “his”. (Happens at a rate of almost 20% these days, although it’s higher and lower depending on the specific racial groups we’re talking about). He might eventually find out and be alright with it, or he might not find out soon enough but still gets ordered to pay 18 years of child support for the kid that isn’t his.

      Another example is a moron who gets involved with a single mother and pays for and/or takes care of her kid or kids (even often times the kids being all from different fathers).

      You’ve got the term totally confused over here. I see tradcons and white knight pro-whites also often get the terms “beta male” and “alpha male” mixed up, too. An “alpha male” is *not* some dummy who gets married in the West, and especially not one who raises another man’s children because the single mother is desperate to get “help” for her mistakes, lol.

      Trump?! Lmao. We’re no fans of Trump over here, man; you’re in the wrong part of the internet, lol.

  3. Brandon,

    I say this from the bottom of my heart, bro: hands down, your best article ever(at least from the ones I’ve read). It’s not the best because it’s the most eloquent one you’ve written(not even close) or because it features a brilliant analysis(it doesn’t). It’s the best because, here, amidst the penetrating words, the real alpha inside of you darts out. Here, you jettison all the conventional niceties of writing—down to the last syllable. Words cannot do justice. Almost as powerful than a genuine declaration of jihad from some Uighur or Uzbek chad—almost.

    Look, I gotta be brutally honest—-as far as I’m concerned, I couldn’t be bothered if these broads lost their suffrage. What they need instead atm is suffErage. They need to be stripped to their bare feet. They need to prove themselves to obtain even the most basic rights. They need to be taught that men’s respect does NOT grow on trees–by physical means, if necessary. They have it WAY too good and it’s simply unsustainable at the rate it’s going. System restarts are necessary every now and then to avert a civilization breakdown. It’s as clear as day, no?

    Keep it up, Brandon Zander el MataThotes. This is a great niche you’re exploring.

  4. Brandon, I’m just curious. Do you think seeing hookers is a legitimate option for men who are avoiding long-term relationships with women, but still want sex?

  5. “but my current view is that us men should avoid marriage like the plague and limit our relationships with women to flings. ”
    Brandon, how do we fight white genocide if whites won’t reproduce? You’ve written a lot of great articles but this woman hatred doesn’t help the cause at all.
    I used to see this article as a beacon of real European advocacy but now with all the anti-feminism articles is just like DS or ROK.

    1. It’s a difficult dilemma I know, but we can’t escape the current feminist reality in the West and the state of most women today. We can’t ignore the negative aspects of female nature, either. As men, we should be aware of these things. Ignoring them won’t help us as females try to lord it over us. When a white woman falsely accuses her husband/boyfriend of rape/battery and screws him over, should he continue to cuck for women generally for the sake of stopping white genocide?

      I think we can push anti-immigration arguments and criticize women at the same time. These are the same dumb broads who by and large support mass immigration and leftist policies across the board. If left to women, Europe would already be part of an Islamic Caliphate.

      1. Phil, “woman hatred”? That’s a typical white knight comment, man. This is the *reality* of Westernized women, not ‘hatred’ against them. If it doesn’t seem like it to you yet, keep researching the topic until it is. These broads leave a whole helluva lot to be desired and they’ve definitely earned any misogyny they might get (they need lots, lots more, because the kind, gentle approach sure as shit hasn’t been working in getting them any better).

        I’ll give you a personal anecdote though, really quick. Gas The Thots put up that Twitter article of Roosh’s not long ago over here about the USS Enterprise doing an extended deployment, and when they came back, they found a whole bunch of their wives had gotten pregnant. THAT is the reality of Westernized women, but also women in general, although non-Westernized women aren’t as bad about that as Westernized women. The same thing happens on 6-month deployments, just not as many get pregnant.

        Back when I was in the Navy, I saw that shit all the time; saw dude after dude after dude
        get the shaft by these women. My problem was I thought to myself that what I was witnessing had to be some kind of anomaly because if it were really as bad as what I thought I was seeing then surely I’d be hearing about it in the media. Big mistake that was because as some of us know, the MSM is controlled and one of the things they do is cover up female crime and misbehavior so you don’t hear about all the dumb, dirty shit women do. Part of the reason this is hard for white knights to handle is because a lot of white knights want to believe in these fairy-tales about ‘true love’ and marrying their one ‘special soul mate’, etc. Very few women are actually “serious relationship” material to begin with.

        Anyway, I remember not long after getting out that there was this female who was a cute chick and we sort of knew each other from similar social circles. Well, her boyfriend at the time wound up going on a 6 month deployment right at that time and like a dummy, he bought her a ring and asked her to marry him, lol. Well we were out at Happy Hour and I just blurted out that she was gonna need something while he was gone and she acted very offended. I kid you not, it wasn’t another month before the same female started hitting on me in the bar, and I wasn’t even being very flirty with her. I would have banged her because she was cute but I just thought it was so messed up to do that to another military dude who just went underway and declined. Guess what happened? Within another month, my room-mate wound up banging her. They wound up getting into a relationship as well and when the dude finally got back, word had gotten to him that she’d been cheating. Long story short, my room-mate and her had a couple year relationship until she cheated on him too during a trip to Italy, lol.

        So, while I was still quite a white knight after getting out, I knew something was up but couldn’t quite discern it. I had this saying that when a dude goes on deployment, it won’t be two months before his “significant other” is banging another dude or dudes, because it was generally true. But given that I had a Christian upbringing, I thought it was immoral to bang women in ‘relationships’ and so I shied away from it. For anybody who doesn’t know though, there are dudes out there who women find very handsome and they’ll bang these dudes in a short period of time whether or not the female is in a ‘relationship’ and whether or not *he* is in a ‘relationship’. As a matter of fact, wearing a wedding ring is a turn-on for a lot of women whereas a female being married is not a turn-on to men. Not to brag, but I’ve been one of these dudes who women in ‘relationships’ want to bang. For dudes who can’t figure out that women as a group are amoral, all I can tell you is that you’re absolutely delusional. But I finally got to a point where I realized that over 90% of women will cheat on their “SO” under the right circumstances and I hung up the gloves on being moral with women because I was the only moral asshole of the two, lol.

        What I explain over and over again (some people find what I’m saying very immoral, but remember, these broads are amoral to begin with) is that many women will get into a relationship with a dude where the dude is giving her a lot of financial support/stability. The dude likely doesn’t turn her on much, but she does at least like the financial aspect of it. These same women will try to bang men that really turn them on and it’s one type of reproductive strategy. I say for any dude who a female finds very attractive and who has at least a decent IQ to bang these women away. Moreover, if a female winds up getting pregnant by a random dude and the dude splits, she can always find some beta male to take care of her and her child/ren… he may not be the type that really turns her on, but he will help support her financially. I’ve been attacked by so many white knights that I don’t really have much compassion for white knights and if I could, I’d bang every white knight’s SO who was at least decent looking to try to make white knights pay for the misery they’ve put me through, lol.

        Phil, just because someone is MGTOW doesn’t mean they don’t/won’t reproduce… it’s one of the many common misconceptions about MGTOW – just because some are celibate and don’t want to reproduce doesn’t mean they all are… they absolutely are not…. I don’t get WTF is so hard for so many people to understand about that.

      2. Seems to me the way out of our dilemma is to make love and babies. Whites are low breeders for a variety of reasons. Which why we whites to survive we need to reduce incompatible immigrants and increase our baby rate.
        I think much has to do with consciousness raising.
        The problem is the association with radical race hate groups delegitimize any positive movement.

        1. It’s very obvious to anyone paying any attention at all that the white population is rapidly declining and that immigration, affirmative action, and welfare policies are all working against whites in the West. What else is blatantly obvious for anyone paying any attention at all is that it’s a very bad move to just jump into ‘relationships’ with the vast majority of these women, white or not, and hence why MGTOW has been growing so quickly and won’t be stopping. Like I say, pump and dump and let another dummy deal with it if you can, lol.

        2. So would you suggest that I make babies with some loony, liberal-feminist white chick for the sake of stalling white genocide? What about some trailer park trash hoe? You’re acting like these white women are somehow tolerable to live and mate with when the majority of them are either feminist bitches or gold diggers looking to use men to enhance their lifestyle.

          Your standards are ludicrously low. You’re totally focused on saving whites as a race that you’re ignoring basic daily realities with these out-of-control women. You’re advocating putting myself in a dangerous situation with a woman who could potentially ruin my life just so we can increase the birth rate a little bit. Increasing the white birthrate will not solve the demographic problem alone. The borders need to be shut and millions of immigrants deported for that to happen. Until that happens, having babies will not save us.

          I’m also not dumb. Having a baby these days is not cheap. I’m not financially stable enough to afford maintaining both a woman and a baby.

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