Honourable Negro Squares Aware Petulant BLM Whiners

Jesse Lee Peterson is an honourable black man who has used his media platform to criticize negro misbehaviour and petulance. He’s defended white people in America and has opposed the social justice left for its implacable hatred of whites and white culture. Here he had on two low IQ Black Lives Matter complainers, exposing their mindless and baseless racial grievances as intellectually bankrupt nonsense.

The retarded negro female’s only example of “discrimination” by white people was a comment from an employer to wear her afro hair differently. Then she admitted that she quit the job not because of racism but because it was a shitty low-paying job. The negro male wheeled out a similar sob story of workplace “discrimination,” ¬†wheezing about how he too was forced to cut his wild dishevelled afro at a job. No joke! If there was actual discrimination happening these two jokers would have never been hired in the first place. Telling an employee to chop off their unwashed afro is not “racism,” it’s common sense.

These BLM kooks always reach into their bottomless bag of trumped up faux “racism” to justify their wanton terrorist violence and rage against white people.

If anything, negroes should be thankful that they’re able to live with such a high standard of living in a nation built by whites. White people invented nearly everything of importance that has improved the lives of humans. Nearly all of the best technology, transportation, medicine, etc., that has substantially increased the life-span and standard of living of humans was created by whites. Yet, these brown and black minorities and their useful idiots on the social justice left want to eradicate the very race responsible for their comfort.

It’s not at all surprising to see illiterate negroes spewing nonsensical hatred of whites, but it’s shocking to witness how many gullible whites have signed up for the SJW and BLM crusade, vomiting leftist propaganda which encourages non-whites to pull out their victimhood status card when in the presence of whites. Yet, despite the evil “white privilege and supremacy” dominating the West, non-whites are flocking here by the millions to get a piece of the pie.

The whole thing is a sad joke and whites who turn against their own based on this pitiful propaganda are traitors of the worst kind.

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