Another Tradthot in the Making?

Lindsey Shepherd is a Canadian graduate student and teaching assistant at Laurier University in Ontario. She caught headlines after being reprimanded by her Laurier superiors for showing a clip of Jordan Peterson (the alt-lite classical liberal) debating a social justice warrior on LGBT lunacy in one of her classes. Since the incident she has become a mild “dissident” within academia against the SJW abomination. Because she’s a decent-looking (albeit nerdy) female, she immediately attracted an army of beta orbiters within the alt-lite/classical liberal faction who are hailing her as an anti-SJW heroine. She’s been interviewed by tradthot Brittany Pettibone, Jewish subversive David Rubin and the online panhandler king of the merchant right, Stefan Molyneux, among others.

This girl says absolutely nothing controversial other than protesting censorship and generically advocating for “free speech”. Typical classical liberal stuff. Her analysis is weak and unimpressive. Yet she’s been paraded around the alt-lite interview circuit like she’s the new Britney Spears of academia. The only reason she’s getting attention is because she’s a female. If this happened to a man, nobody would have heard of it. Why are men so weak that they put up any broad who’s not an SJW on a pedestal to be worshipped as our queen and saviour? It won’t be long before the Patreon dollars come rolling in where she can make a fine living saying nothing more than “free speech is cool.” She’s building up to be just another radical centrist telling everyone to eschew identity politics, embrace vapid individualism and worship the Jews.

We don’t need this harlotry of attention-whoring childish women telling us that SJWs are worth less than the grit under my nails and that “free speech” is “dope, yo”. We already know that. A squashed bug could recognize that. It’s just sad to see these inferior females attain thousands of beta orbiters willing to throw money at them for doing absolutely nothing that will actually change our fate as subjects of Jewish rule and supremacy. Until this broad directly names Jewish power as the problem, she’ll get no props from me nor any self-respecting alpha male.

I can’t help but think that Jews put these radical centrists up to it in order to pull support away from the alt-right and feed it back into a kosher, Jew-friendly individualist ideology of emptiness. Sensing danger with the rise of alt-right racial nationalism and with it increasing awareness of the Jewish problem, the Zionist establishment has pushed these centrist cucks into the spotlight with intent to scuttle genuine nationalist voices naming the problem head on.

The only meaningful response to radical leftism is radical rightism; that is racial nationalism along the lines of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and others. Whilst religious worship of those figures is frivolous, a strong nationalist can’t help but feel a certain respect for what they accomplished for their nations, facing down the communistic/freemasonic juggernaught of Jewish-controlled super-powers: the USA, UK and USSR. The authoritarian nature of their systems wasn’t and isn’t ideal, but their social policies were commendable and stunningly effective, holding off the encroaching evils of communism and leftism for years. Yet look at Germany, Italy and Spain today, infected like a terminal patient with the virus of social justice, queerism, hipsterism, feminism and every other nauseous perversion you can imagine.

Addendum: At around the 42:00 of her interview with the Jew Rubin, Shepherd explicitly said she still identifies as a feminist, supports left-wing economics and disavows white nationalism.

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14 Comments on “Another Tradthot in the Making?”

  1. Looks like this one needs a helicopter ride. DInner’s on us, though. 😉

    “The only meaningful response to radical leftism is radical rightism; that is racial nationalism along the lines of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and others. ”

    Make swastika great again. Make white sharia great again. It’s really that simple. Compromise is our demise.

    1. Agreed with most of that but when it comes to what you’re saying about the swastika and white sharia sounds very Daily Stormer-esque. Not only is Andrew Anglin a very odd dude, but it’s almost like the chances of him not being compromised are next to none.

      When it comes to Hitler, some pro-whites look at him like he was a god. Well, so many things about Hitler don’t make sense and so much evidence points to him being compromised himself that I don’t know how anybody can claim with absolute certainty that he was a “good dude”. I’ve seen so many bad arguments from die-hard Hitlerians like, for example, certain Nazis escaped to Argentina via submarine, but they know Hitler “didn’t”, and he ‘really committed suicide’, lol. I mean Hitler “couldn’t” have escaped but other Nazis could? Doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to me, at all, if you know what I’m saying.

      People don’t have to be pro-Hitler to be pro-white and I’d argue that being pro-Hitler does a serious dis-service to pro-whites. Not only does so much evidence point to Hitler being compromised, but being pro-Hitler in front of large crowds of people is very unworkable and it isolates lots of people from learning about the anti-white agenda who’d otherwise be open to learning about it.

      1. Whether Christ-killers got Anglin(a possible self-hating Christ-killer?) by the balls atm is immaterial in this case because this is consensus across our Racist circles.

        The way I see it, these jezebel thots simply don’t deserve another alternative as things stand. Feel free to disagree, of course, but implementing White Sharia would actually be more than generous. Legalizing rape would be the way to go, imo, but always best to strike a balance, no?

        It’s unclear whether Hitler was a Jew himself. His Zionist connections need to be explored in more detail. Plus, no reason to hyper-associate ourselves with losers like him, but we gotta normalize that flag for the sake of our machismo(our thot slayer Brandon would know a thing or two about that). Flying the swastika should be as normal as flying the Confederate flag.

        Clearly, we can’t act like incompetent idiots while we’re at it. We gotta be the Rommels of our time. The journey and destination usually don’t look the same.

        1. There are elements of white sharia that I do agree with in the sense that these women are out of control and need to be controlled and/or just actually held accountable for their actions, unlike the way it is today where they either get lighter sentences for fucking up, slaps on the wrist, and/or endless excuses made for why they f’d up. It’s not Sharia law per se that is needed, though, but much tighter restrictions on women, and this can obviously be down with out any kind of Sharia implementation.

          Legalizing rape, though? Haha, I’m not really on board with all that, even though I know many women do have rape fantasies and many women also like to falsely accuse men of rape. I really wouldn’t be opposed to legalizing rape for women who falsely accuse men of rape though, to be perfectly honest, lol.

          1. No need to invite any Chads from Ankara, because we got this covered, I know. But the reps have to be completed one way or another.

            “Haha, I’m not really on board with all that, even though I know many women do have rape fantasies and many women also like to falsely accuse men of rape.”

            Wow. What. A. Contradiction. It just doesn’t follow Dana. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t. I like you, but this just feels like cucking. Logic must trump pussy. Every. Single. Time.
            Cuckoldry is a slippery slope, Dana. You start with this and before you know it, some basketball player is gonna be slippin’ his magic johnson all up and down your gf.

            For practical intents and purposes, it’s safe to say ALL straight women have rape fantasies. That’s why gently slamming a thot against the wall on a first date is FAR more attractive than being a kiss cuck. It mimics rape.

            1. I’m sure all straight women do have rape fantasies, but these aren’t fantasies about unattractive dudes raping them; these are fantasies about dudes raping them who turn them on.

              I have rape fantasies myself, but not about ugly/nasty broads, lolz. If somehow I ever did get raped by a pack of nasty broads, I’ll just say I’d want to kill.

              You can seriously turn a female on without gently slamming her against the wall on a first date (it’s unnecessary), but everybody has their own style and to each his own.

            2. It’s like some women like to be gently choked, more or less, but not all women do. Some women will like being gently slammed up against a wall but not all will, or we’ll say there are women who it won’t be doing anything for, or, as another example, it may remind them of some traumatic experience they may have had.

              Part of the reason many women have rape fantasies is because so many dudes are emasculated when it comes to dealing with women.

            3. Tight.Tight.Tight.
              Ofc, and it’s safe to say I’m in their fantasies.

              Putting nitro in your car isn’t necessary, that’s true, but hey, gives a hell of a kick!

            4. I specialize in trauma. 😉 Gonna Make Trauma Great Again.
              I have a dream that bedrooms come to resemble trauma centers. lol

              Desirable trauma, of course. Not Freddy vs Jason or samurai anime shit.

        2. @Gas The Thots: “It’s unclear whether Hitler was a Jew himself. His Zionist connections need to be explored in more detail. Plus, no reason to hyper-associate ourselves with losers like him, but we gotta normalize that flag for the sake of our machismo(our thot slayer Brandon would know a thing or two about that). Flying the swastika should be as normal as flying the Confederate flag.”

          I’m also unconvinced about Hitler being a Jew. I researched the “evidence” put forward and its not really a strong case; very circumstantial and takes too many leaps. However, there are many other factors to oppose his personality cult for.

          One, was the totalitarian aspect and the “fuhrerprinzep” concept he imposed on Germany which is foreign to the inherent freedom of German ethos. Second, was his naïve racial beliefs against the Slavs, which squandered all the good-will that the Wehrmacht received when it liberated the peoples controlled by the Soviets and eventually allowed the Bolshevik-Plutocratic victory. Third, he was mentally unstable – he interfered too much with the generals and field marshals, sacrificing too many German lives, and towards the end in his bunker he had blood-curling fantasies about the German nation following him into suicide.

          In my opinion, better is the alternative tradition of nationalists who opposed him but from a patriotic perspective. For example, men such as Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, Ernst Junger and Otto Strasser. The latter’s post-1939 thought is especially good. These thinkers were nationalists, who were both anti-capitalist and anti-communist, whilst being anti-statist (as their thought developed) and also recognizing the need to cleanse Germany from the Jewish dominance that was infecting all aspects of society.

          I agree about the symbols and flags. The swastika is actually an ancient Indo-European symbol of our ancestors, all across Europa. Ancient sites in places as far-flung as from Ukraine to Ireland, have uncovered swastikas. Its as much part of our broader Indo-European heritage as symbols such as the triskele, mjolnir, etc..

          So we should not apologize for what is part of our heritage, no matter what those who want to eradicate our heritage use to stigmatize. Hitler, Mussolini and Franco saved their nations and were inevitable reactions to the Jewish-Bolshevik threats. We have hindsight on our side and can now avoid their mistakes and errors.

          1. Hitler looked like one sexually frustrated cuck and his energy totally showed, my friend. His Russia campaign=Charlottesville 1943. lmao
            We deserve a better fuhrer this time around. No question!

            And the way I see it, squatting Slavs are the shock troops of our revolution, atm. As much as Hitler’s penis envy of his Polish bullies was understandable, and as much as he was a closet cuck with a fetish for hairy Afghan men doing the 69 with German virgins, he should keep all that to himself as he RIP. No gopniks, no gains—till the Anglotards untard themselves, that is.

            The swastika symbol is as universal as moaning thots—if not more so. Hate symbol my ass. Christ-killers can’t change basic realities, no matter how many shekels they shoot our way and no matter how hard they kvetch when we turn the tables on them.


  2. Very true, Brandon, that if she was just some dude, she wouldn’t be getting all this attention from these white knights in the alt-right. Even if a dude is like a Chippendale-caliber looking dude and he speaks on politics, he’s not going to be getting all the attention from so many people like these decently good-looking chicks get from all these different dudes. Dude might get a lot of attention from women on the streets, and even from some dudes, but definitely not on the net and in regards to politics. But had many arguments on the topic of feminism with both white knights and fembot tradthot members of the “alt-right” in my time, and it’s like attention is just given to these women on a silver-platter from these fukin white knights (manginas in the fray, too) infesting the movement.
    Men will also definitely get less donations than women, too; way less.

    I remember back in the early days of men’s rights activism on FB when there were only 3 pro-male groups on the entire platform and they were way smaller and they were filled with a bunch of fence-sitting, purple-pilled, quasi pro-male activists who were also quite pro-female, lol. Even though I had a big jump on almost all of these dudes in terms of research and red-pills, I became more and more pro-male over the following months and years as I continued to learn more and more about it. Yeah, even I was purple-pilled for a while, although a very bright shade of purple if must say, lol.

    It’s just mind-blowing to me though, that this information has been circulating out there for so many years; I mean even back in 2011, you could find mass quantities of information regarding feminism and how men are getting f’d over in society today. You could find just months and months, or even years worth of material to digest, depending on how much time somebody has and how quickly they process information. YET, we STILL have these stupid ass white knights, manginas, and tradthots by the droves in the goddamned movement. They’re often very arrogantly ignorant too, and that combination right there just pisses me off to no end.

    There were no MGTOW groups on FB at the time; they didn’t form until a couple years later, and in these pro-male groups, many certain women would come along and cause a lot of strife between the more blue-pilled and red-pilled dudes because some of these dudes were so weak on the topic that while they were touting the labels of ‘men’s rights activists’, etc., we had an expression that they were just one blow-job away from hanging their activist gloves up for good, lol. Eventually MGTOW groups started and the most red-pilled dudes on the topic went that way and other dudes just stayed where they were. The cool thing about MGTOW groups is that no women are allowed in the groups and so there isn’t any infighting between people who think women should be allowed, or what woman is doing this or that in the groups.

    In the pro-white sector of things, there were people like Angelo John Gage who would create pro-white content (not saying his content wasn’t/isn’t good), but on the topic of feminism, I could tell he was very blue pilled and here I was spending my time trying to tell him to look into what’s going on with men; look into MGTOW, fill him in on what’s going on, etc. He obviously didn’t take my advice and something happened where he just felt compelled to attack MGTOW and got his ass handed to him because nobody can beat MGTOWs on the topic of feminism, lol. He apparently didn’t listen to a fukin thing I was saying and decided to charge head-long right into it and learned the hard way, lol. He wound up deleting a vid he created because he was getting clowned so badly, lol. He said he ‘triggered the entire MGTOW community’ lol, which was kind of funny, but in reality he only got attacked by a fraction of the MGTOW community. Maybe wasn’t all bad though because I think he did at least give some MGTOWs the idea that whites are being targeted as well, although he did make pro-whites look kind of stupid doing that shit and made some MGTOWs want to run the other way.

  3. When it comes to tradthots, I don’t personally consider Brittany a tradthot for a few reasons. One being that she takes differences in viewpoints like a champ. I’ve had some heated arguments with people on her page where I knew she didn’t agree with what I was saying and I knew I was blowing her notifications up and she never blocked me or tried to attack me like many people will do. One of those arguments was for the fact that I’m anti-Trump and she’s very pro-Trump. Another reason is that she’s not nasty to MGTOWs like quite a few of these cunts are, and actually has done an interview with a MGTOW. She still maintains a tradcon point of view, but she does also have some pretty good understanding as to why MGTOWs are MGTOW. She also has said she’ll do an interview with anybody and she definitely does have a wide array of people she has done interviews with. One of her sisters is also on FB and I don’t get the slightest hint that she’s into attention whoredom or materialism at all. Very down to earth type of female. Interestingly they have a Sean Jobst kind of heritage, being predominately I believe both German and Spanish.

    She can rub some people the wrong way with how she goes about what she does though. One thing is she hardly responds to anyone on her page. She just puts material up but isn’t into debate. It could be that she just has a strong aversion to any kind of drama (which I think she does), but if you put up controversial material, you should be willing to debate detractors, or at least some of them.

    Now people like Philosophicat (if I’m spelling that correctly) and Sinead are clearly tradthots. Mouthy, ignorant cunts who don’t know shit about feminism, and I’d assume cat is also quite moody like Sinead. Lana has been pretty borderline herself, calling MGTOWs ‘beta males’ and such for not being willing to man up and get involved with inferior cunts and especially when the laws are stacked against them. Men have been hearing ‘man up’ for decades and so MGTOWs have flipped the script telling these women who ‘can do anything a man can do, if not better’ and demand ‘equal treatment’ that THEY need to man up. I don’t know if she still holds the same views, but I’ve seriously tried to explain this stuff to her and don’t even know if she even read it. It’s like why even try to work with somebody if you don’t even know if a person is even reading or considering what you’re saying. Something else she has said is that most women “aren’t feminists”. That is totally erroneous. Most women certainly are feminists in the West, especially Ameriskanks. Tradcons haven’t been in relationships with women and don’t understand what the deal is. When you get into ‘relationships’ with women, it’s a different animal than just associating with them or dealing with them from time to time. They can often seem cool UNTIL you get into a ‘relationship’ with them and then the fangs come out. A ‘relationship’ might even seem very nice until the dude loses his job or loses his health or has to leave for an extended period of time and the ‘sweet’, ‘loving’, ‘faithful’ cupcake bolts.

    But just the fact that you see very few women sharing information and awareness about how men are totally getting the raw end of things in the West, when a person could do it for months on end, tells you where they stand on the issue. Either rather neutral (not willing to acknowledge the situation) or even pro-female because bringing up issues regarding men or female shortcomings often makes them very angry. Many women out there also do identify as being a feminist and/or they spew the typical feminist BS. So they’re “not” feminists but talk, believe, and act just like them.

    You know, I’ve been very aware of all these Marxist Jews involved in feminism, but I just learned yesterday that the book, The Rules, was written by two Jewish cunts, lol. Total garbage but so many women go right along with shit like this.

  4. That said, I do believe I’m out of here, boyz. I just found this blog from a cool female poker player I’ve played with in the past. She surprisingly made millions off of card counting in Black Jack and organized card-counting teams (I wasn’t even aware of it, lol). She’s one of the few highly intelligent females who play poker and she also happens to be a good writer, I see, and she’s into politics to some degree as well.

    Even certain female poker players like Christy Gazes have bemoaned the lack of women in poker, talking about how poker is dominated by men; how 95% of the players are men, and have blamed this on da evil “patriarchy”; a male conspiracy to “keep women down” in poker, lmfao. First of all, the broad is not a great player, and secondly, ANY fukin female can play poker if she so desires. It’s not like there is some sign hanging from poker room entrances that says “no females allowed” or some shit. Women aren’t drawn to poker because it requires things that they lack such as logic and critical thinking skills, pattern recognition, deep thinking, inevitable swings (meaning the game is not easy and emotional volatility and discomfort is involved), patience and discipline. That, in a nutshell is why so few women get involved in poker, NOT because there is some male conspiracy to try to keep the dumb broads out of the game, lol. I wish the game was 95% female, lol.

    It’s funny that anytime I comment on political issues, I’m always in fear that some moron is going to come in running their mouth after I leave and that I won’t be around to defend myself, and it makes it hard for me to separate from debates and sites like this, lol.

    Brandon, I’ll be sure to share your site on her blog. 🙂 I’ve thought for a while that poker players can make some of the best political activists because the upper-tier poker players have access to a lot of cash and they also have access to a lot of time. I see more poker players have been delving into politics and will try to do my part in organizing and uniting some of them for good political causes. See ya around. 🙂

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