The Alt-Light Circus: Jews, Gays, Trannies and Non-Whites

It couldn’t be more obvious that the Learned Elders of Zionist Jewry created the alt-light as a steam-valve release controlled opposition response to the alt-right. With straight white men organizing in record numbers for nationalism, the Jewish establishment mobilized a fraudulent counter-gang called the alt-light as bait to lure people away from genuine ethno-nationalism and Semite-skepticism.

This video below encapsulates that fact perfectly. It epitomizes the Jewish circus known as the alt-light. Here we have a gay Jew, Dave Rubin, hosting a debate between a black female conservative and a literal “right-wing” tranny. Is there a straight white male in sight? Nope.

It’s blatantly obvious what’s going on here. When the alt-right began surging during the 2016 Trump campaign, Jews cooked up a strategy to disrupt its growth and defang its message to suit their interests, craftily diverting it into a Jew-friendly dead end. To this end, they hired a bunch of gays, non-whites and trannies to start play-acting as “conservative” Trump supporters, thereby freezing white men out of the debate while normalizing degeneracy and glorifying the very sexual and racial minorities used by the left to undermine whites. The job of these charlatans has been to deemphasize race issues and the Jewish question among right-wing nationalist discourse, making it seem as if anyone can be a Western “nationalist” so long as they share certain political ideas.

By promoting these racial and sexual minorities as leading voices opposing the radical left, Jewry’s alt-light controlled opposition is trying to extirpate white men from right-wing politics. If we have gays, trannies and blacks leading the fight against the left, then straight white males, without whom Western nationalism can’t exist, are sidelined. With nationalist anti-globalist messaging in the hands of gays, non-whites and trannies who receive Jewish paycheques, Jews are kept safe and out of the spotlight. Because if nationalism and right-wing politics were left to straight white men, as it should be, the Jewish problem and ethnic basis for nationalism would be paramount on the agenda.

Dave Rubin got his start as a libtard on The Young Turks show where he played along with their anti-white agenda. He eventually fell out with them because of their unfriendly stance on Israel, which, as a Jew, Rubin couldn’t help but shill for against the progressives who don’t like Zionism. So he drifted from progressivism on the sole basis that it’s not totally supportive of Jewish ethno-nationalism and warmongering against Arabs. Now he’s joined the “radical centrist” brigade denouncing both the radical left and right for playing “identity politics.” Yet not once has this sneaky Jew condemned his own people for their identity politics in Israel, a state based on religious and ethnic nationalism for Jews.

Now more than ever we need to name and identify the Jewish problem as paramount because nothing going on today can be understood without addressing the issue. Leftism and communism have been spearheaded by Jews to weaken white gentile societies, while they continue to act tribally in our midst to dominate over us with their near-total control of banking and media and with it politics.

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8 Comments on “The Alt-Light Circus: Jews, Gays, Trannies and Non-Whites”

    1. ^Lmmfao. Never heard of that one, Gas, but that’s exactly WTF I’m talking about right there. And white knights and fembots will rationalize shit like that away with every excuse under the gotdamned sun. Well the poor wimminz was under undue stress! Or shit like, it’s just an isolated incident! Women aren’t really like that! Woman: I’m not like that! Lolz.

      Whatever you do, just don’t send that to Lana Lokteff or any other white knight or tradthot because there won’t be any perspectives on it other than the ones I’ve already given above, lol.

      1. Oh yeah, another one you might get: Who cares! Men have been cheating on women since time immemorial and women have been oppressed by men since time immemorial! Now man up you beta male! Or you might just get blocked as well, lol.

        1. Libtard and white knight, Ken O’Keefe response: Well, it’s starting to get better out there for women, ya know. Lolz.

          Mofos in the “truth movement” fixated with their tunnel vision on incidents like the USS Liberty, when incidents similar to that above have been happening on a recurring basis throughout the Navy’s history, lol.

          1. Trumptard response: Wait, Trump never mentioned anything like that kina thing and he’s an “alpha male”! And Trump only works with the facts… he said so himself! Therefore it has to be fake news!!! Lmao.

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