Jordan Peterson Speechless When Confronted on Jewish Question

Alt-light gatekeeper Jordan Peterson makes nearly $200,000 a year from donations. He’s raking in the Patreon beta bucks by telling people that free speech is good and that SJWs are insane – things any rational person can observe for themselves. These classical liberal cucks have found a niche market in feigning mild opposition to out-of-control social justice warriors, milking impressionable young men for pointing out the obvious absurdity of the radical left.

Peterson has had many opportunities to tell the truth about the problem of Jewish power, but on every occasion has failed the litmus test. Instead of rightly criticizing the monstrous effects of Jewish power, Peterson has justified their power with IQ arguments, stating that they deserve to rule us because they’re just smarter than the rest. Ashkenazi Jews are most likely no smarter than white Gentiles on average, so that doesn’t explain their extreme overrepresentation in powerful institutions, considering their tiny numbers. Nepotism explains it, however.

Once again Peterson was confronted with the Jewish question at a public event. This time the Jewish role in Bolshevism was put to him. The questioner observed that Bolshevism was an ideology and regime spawned by ethnic Jews who harboured a murderous hatred of white Christians. He gave Peterson a copy of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together,” which discusses the Jewish role in Russian Bolshevism.

Peterson’s response: “I can’t do it.”

Peterson is a cowardly disgrace. On the most important issue of our time, Peterson ducks, dives and dodges to avoid the truth. Even the man informing him about Jewish Bolshevism was Jewish himself. If a Jew is willing to call out other Jews, why is Peterson so reluctant? Because he’s more interested in making money than addressing profound issues. He wants to appear edgy enough to piss off radical leftists and SJWs, winning him right-wing fans across the board. But he doesn’t want to be too edgy where he upsets the powerful Jews whose media he relies on for publicity. If he wants to keep making bank, he must appear on mainstream media as the acceptable dissident against the lunatic left. He is Jewry’s controlled opposition choice to lead dissent against leftism astray, away from the JQ.

It’s abundantly clear now that classical liberals like Peterson are either wittingly or unwittingly in the pay of Jews. These fakers steal arguments from the alt-right while rejecting the more controversial truths on race and the Jewish question. By siphoning off potential support for the alt-right and redirecting it into Jew-friendly individualist ideology, this classical liberal clique does Jewry’s work to defang the right-wing backlash to globalism, leftism and the multicultural experiment.

We need to continue unmasking these shills, exposing their half-truths and lies.

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12 Comments on “Jordan Peterson Speechless When Confronted on Jewish Question”

  1. Ashkenazic Jews probably do have higher average IQs than whites, but even if they’re only a standard deviation or less above whites, 16 million of them worldwide absolutely does not account for their incredibly disproportionate roles in media, banking, Hollywood, Wall Street, the porn industry, or even to schizophrenia, incest (there’s a reason why Jews place such an emphasis on who the mother is), and pedophilia. With the last three also combined at disproportionate numbers compared to whites, any rational person asks how such a small minority which likely has higher IQs than whites, can have so much influence, even with their incredibly small numbers and shortcomings combined.

    Not only is it nepotism, but also most definitely Kabbalistic Luciferianism (the power from the underworld).

  2. Peterson is most definitely alt-light. Is he doing it because of sheer cognitive dissonance or because he’s knowingly controlled opposition? I personally can’t tell yet, but controlled opposition is very deceptive and devastating in it’s own way and there’s a reason why it’s used.

  3. As Harold Rosenthal said, “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.” Now most Ashkenazic Jews are not literal Luciferians, but there sure is a sect of them that truly are, and as a group, Ashkenazic Jews are Luciferians in massively disproportionate numbers compared to other racial groups. Kabbalah is the reason for this and it has been known in small circles for many years that Kabbalists are the greatest sorcerers. Medieval Jews were known as magicians for a reason, and as Anton LaVey said, ‘There is no difference between white and black magic.’ One can’t do *real* “magic” without some kind of outside forces helping them.

    Roseanne Barr is one of many examples. This audience thinks she’s ‘just joking’ (especially given that atheism has been so widely promoted, but lamentably she’s dead serious) . She not only talks about making a pact with the Devil in her room when she was 12, because she wanted to get famous no matter what, but she also talks about getting a ‘refinance’ on her deal. Interestingly she talks about how she ‘lures Satan in’, when in reality it’s the other way around. As an example, the circle around the pentagram on the floor that Satanists use is supposed to keep out and “control” demonic spirits, making Satanists believe they truly have power over the spirits, (like the red, Kabbalah bracelets so many celebrities wear, like Bill Clinton, to “ward off” bad spirits and only deal with the “good ones” lol). The reality is they’ve been deceived or have just deceived themselves.

  4. Apparently, Ezra Levant has helped make this character famous so when you see Peterson ponder deeply about moral issues, realize behind the curtain Levant takes him to his next gig. (Levant is known for tacky fund raising measures and “Israel can do no wrong-itis)Apparently, Levant is being called a NAZI by some which forced him to reshuffle his playing cards (fire secret Jews, Goldy and Southern and overt Jew, Loomer.
    Incidentally, these are all outward zionists who are beginning to pretend they have things in common with the alt-right, I assume to Judaize it.
    NAZI has come to mean any white who has a shade of independent thought.

    IMO , we can claim it is “hate speech” to call people that, as it is a derogatory slang word used against whites. Or we can point out that hate speech (NAZI) is being used as a blanket term of defamation little different from words like Muds, Niggers and jungle bunny
    Sadly, whites prefer to cry about victimhood than actually turn the tables on Jewish tactics such as white privilege (an excellent opportunity to point out real Jewish privilege but rarely done)

  5. As Melissa Ford says (although she’s not Jewish that I know of), “if your ultimate goal is to be famous, then you’re gonna do a lot to get there, like sign your name in blood in a contract with the Devil.”

    This obviously doesn’t just apply to people who want to be famous, but those seeking power and/or riches. Countless musicians, actors, artists, etc., have talked about this and it’s for real:

  6. Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner) is Jewish and so are his “Anti-Christ Superstar”, Bible/Christ-hating antics. He was actually made a priest in the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey:

  7. Something else that’s very interesting about this is that every person I’ve seen on the show Punk’d has either sold their souls, or there’s good evidence to show and/or believe they sold their souls (like Shaq, for instance, an admitted Freemason). It’s like every person that crosses the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and TIME magazine has sold their souls or there’s good/very good evidence that they have:

  8. Not many whites per capita are crying “victim” at the hands of other races, Joe. In the West, whites are basically the least racist of all other racial groups (other racial groups are much more ethnocentric) with a strong pathological altruism – save the whales (free Willy), (BTW, ever looked up how many blacks go to national parks? Nooot many), save lil’ Shaniqua n Ray-Ray in Africa; save Habibi in the Middle East; save Pablo in Ecuador; save Tonka on his Indian reservation, and on and on, Part of this being genetic and another part being ingrained.

    How bout those whites adopting blacks at rates far out of proportion to blacks adopting whites, or whites doing anything they can to help out the ‘poor’, ‘oppressed’ blacks? You can always tell a white who doesn’t know much about the black situation when they refer to black Americans as “African Americans”. Not only aren’t blacks the only indigenous group in Africa, but black Americans have no cultural ties to black African cultures, and there’s a major rift between lots of black Americans and black Africans. Or how about all the blacks who refer to whites as ‘Neanderthal’, “cracKKKEr ass KKKavebeasts’, melanin-lacking, ‘demons’ and ‘devils’, Joe? Or what about the way-out-of-proportion black-on-white attacks rapes and murders that we don’t hear about in dat “white run media”?

  9. Recently noted an article detailing the number in Congress in particular with dual US/Israel citizenships. Although it is ‘deemed’ highly politically and ethnically incorrect to cast dispersion upon anyone or anything Jewish, there IS a connection with disproportionate influence. The matter of ‘intellect’ is spurious. That ‘situation’ has to do with differences in philosophies and driving commitments.

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