MGTOW Refutes Gandolf-Impersonator Varg Vikernes

I just found these excellent MGTOW responses to the criticism from Varg Vikernes, the Norwegian former heavy metal musician who spent two decades in prison for murder and arson.

Vikernes has been pimping himself on YouTube as some kind of traditionalist guru. He wears a long beard and speaks English in a pretentious tone, all gimmicks to give himself an air of authority and the appearance of some kind of wise sage living on a mountaintop. Varg essentially says that MGTOW men are weak “beta males” because they haven’t been able to find and mate with a “traditional” girl. He’s acting like these “traditional girls” are as abundant as weeds on an unkept lawn, when in reality they’re about as difficult to find as a needle in a haystack, especially in the West.

Elsewhere Varg advises men to take up his primitivist lifestyle, living off-the-grid in a cabin in the woods. The only chicks who would be down for that are born and bred Amish women. So unless you want to limit yourself to Amish women, there’s not a chance in hell you’ll find a modern woman that’s up for that.

Varg claims that only alpha males can reproduce so the “beta” MGTOWs will rightly be cast out of the gene pool. This claim is obviously false: there are plenty of beta males who have produced children. Any loser can get a girl pregnant on a one night stand. Black Africans, Indians and Chinese produce the most children, so by Varg’s own standards, whites deserve to be bred out because they produce the least children of any race. Additionally, the second video takes on the idea that a genetic legacy is even substantial or important at all, showing that your specific genetics will fade out of your bloodline relatively quickly, and that the genetic impact of having children is about the same as having siblings or cousins who share 50% and 25% of your genes respectively. By the time you’re a grandfather, only 25% of your genes are present in the grandchild.

The truth is that it’s actually quite beta to be a relationship cuck hooked on sentimental garbage about ‘true love’ and ‘soul mates’. Men able to keep girlfriends in the modern West are usually betas who open their wallet for the broad, text with her all day, take her to fancy restaurants and take her on beach vacations. Weak betas are the ones who feel like they must please the girl and not the other way around.

MGTOW men are obviously alphas and don’t fear putting a woman in her place despite the consequences of being withheld sex. It takes real willpower and self-control to do that. Betas will do anything to get in that hole, including becoming a woman’s sugar daddy. They are ruled by their impulses. Only alpha males can tame their natural instincts and not let it rule how they interact with out-of-control, needy, emotional women who mostly just use men as slaves to fulfill their needs.

The MGTOW response video shows how illogical Varg’s arguments are in saying that strong men who don’t bow to women are the “betas” whereas cucks who do are the “alphas”. It shows a clip from one of Varg’s videos where he says that a man must “prove himself” in order to have the “privilege” of being with a “beautiful traditional girl.” Again, this is the beta mindset where the man must jump through rings of fire to impress and please the superior “beautiful” woman. The fact is that most women are not naturally beautiful and only appear so after a heavy application of make up, plastic surgery and other appearance enhancers that women use to fool men. And even if she were naturally beautiful, does that mean she should be put up on a pedestal and worshipped, with men genuflecting in awe of her “beauty”? Again, that’s a very weak, submissive beta male attitude, placing inferior women on pedestals because of their looks.

Shockingly Varg then, citing some ancient tradition, literally advocated for men to court prepubescent young girls in order to groom them for marriage at a later date. So he wants us to become pedophiles preying on young girls, to live in the woods and eschew all modern technology. Surely waltzing around in the woods in military fatigues with an abnormally long beard will just have the “beautiful traditional girls” swooning on sight.

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44 Comments on “MGTOW Refutes Gandolf-Impersonator Varg Vikernes”

  1. Let me be honest, rather than probe your correct or incorrect analysis here, let me propose that the whole topic obsession with beta males is primarily a racialist obsession in compensation to the fact that the white race, as a whole, has gone beta. I rarely confronted this topic anywhere until being exposed to the racialist community in 2012 when big brother thought it would be a good idea to mix Jew-wise truthers in with racialist never do well fucks, essentially to disempower the Jewish question by mixing it in with “Do whites hate everyone but themselves” question.
    It was this orchestration that kicked out JAM from the DeLaney Crowd to have ZCF take his place and then kicked out ZCF because he wasn’t supposedly white enough to have Andrew ( the white race should be bred out)Anglin take his place
    The fact that all the leaders were able to rationalize Anglin’s past shows you they were part of the psyop (Simply check the comment section of “Total Fascism” to see their acceptance of the dude. Even ZCF, when offering complaints about Anglin, mostly attacked his pedophile nature (which apparently is normal in this group when you look under a rock) rather than the obvious orchestration of the whole event (kicking him out, bringing Anglin in)
    Did he get rewarded for being killed off, (ZCF)?
    Also, note, when ZCF was disabled by his own team, it was at the height of his messaging and popularity and it was over trifles about religion. Perhaps ZCF will come back one day and tell is “the rest of the story”

    1. The fact that you believe your own insane, contrived conspiracy theories about that whole thing is proof enough you should be locked in a mental institution for the rest of your life. The fact that you are still talking about some minor internet drama that happened 5 years ago proves you’re mentally ill. None of that was “staged” in the slightest and went down exactly as I said it did.

      1. I didn’t know you were aware of it. Do you know what became of ZCF? He just kind of disappeared .The story today is relevant because for some reason, the whole peer community of internet disseminators helped him do so, which in actuality had them all behaving as if the truth was something Zander’s audience wasn’t entitled to. Why was it necessary for Zander to just disappear without a word except to some VK Clark comrade. Is he still alive? So many questions. It’s always relevant to expose unexposed psyops on the goyim don’t you think? For their education, you know?

        1. Too, it’s always relevant when these same ppl spend years probing conspiracy and then one day start promoting the opposite and denigrate those who didn’t follow obediently behind them in their wake or take up the Palestine, Syrian, Iran cause to on a dime stand in opposition to their previous self but name call those who stood with his previous self, or to say Hitler was the greatest goy to ever live , drop that with the death of ZCF to call Hitler a guy who gives a lousy speech to drunks. I think it’s highly relevant

        2. You’re moderated precisely because all of your comments are worthless gossip and trolling. Not an argument to be found among the pile of rubbish you drop into comments. Your first comment started with this:

          rather than probe your correct or incorrect analysis here

          In other words, you have no real arguments or insights, and thus must bring it back to some meaningless drama that happened 5 years ago and kook shit about handlers and shills.

          The reason why you white knight for women is because you essentially are a woman who craves attention and thrives off of gossip.

          You are a worthless sack of shit who should have been aborted at birth.

      2. It seems this low IQ fucking buffoon, Joe Sigur, never responds to comments and questions over here because he knows he can’t win in a debate. “Joe Cardsbury” responds to some, but he doesn’t have much of any good debating or intellectual ability either and likes to dodge and avoid all kinds of comments and questions like the pussy he is.

        In any case, the arrogance of Joe to actually think he’s “Jew-wise” is professional stand up comedian level comedy, lol.

            1. Your comments keep getting moderated? Why is it I see you chiming in on so many articles over here if you “can’t comment” without getting moderated? I’ve noticed this site does seem to have some kind of automatic moderation ingrained in it and sometimes some my comments that are really long don’t get registered but get put in ‘awaiting moderation’ mode, so it’s not just you.

              I think you suffer from serious delusions, old man.

              And I told you, you are *not* “Jew-wise” if you can’t even figure out WTF kinds of agendas are going on … life for instance the *anti-male* and *anti-white* agendas. Show me how many Jews you know of who have been and are involved in both and I’m guaranteed to top you by a long shot at both; meaning you don’t know WTF you’re talking about because you’re not even aware of the agendas in the first place.

            2. Lmao, I wouldn’t worry about your comments being “too good to publish”. I haven’t found them very enlightening to say the least.

            1. You know who would moderate, though? Khanverse, Mark Glenn, Trevor Labonte, and Ken O’Keefe because none of them can win in debates on the anti-white agenda, plus none of them really know shit about feminism either, although at least Khanverse is open to learning about it… but as for the others it just goes right over their heads, just like it does yours.

    2. Dana, it’s nice to speculate about why comments get published but there is a clear history of Zander not confronting his ZCF past so I have to ask, why must he treat his audience as the enemy?
      Now, there is a clear history of my commenting over the last four years where few if any of my comments were getting published and I speculate because I dared to use his old name Zander as one of the reasons but what is clear is Brandon pulled a psyop of some sort on the community back in 2013 and I’m just calling him on something he can’t for some reason talk about.
      I am curious as to why you are one of Zander’s guards now and since you have enabled speculation from your end, I will speculate that you are a dual citizen assigned to troll inconvenient elements that visit Brandon’s page

      If you’ll notice, when Brandon occasionally puts out an article that I deem worthy of support I will support it as I did almost all of his ZCF articles. His Peterson insights were excellent and the alt-lite analogy, perhaps the best I have seen.
      In the end, I want a clean movement and am compelled to challenge those elements (all too dominating) that seem to have conflicting aims not good for that cause. Until Brandon clears that up to my satisfaction, it will continue to be of concern
      I’ll give the prisoner analogy for why I don’t worry about Muslims at this time. Both Muslims and whites are “in jail” for life with most about to be exterminated. I see this back and forth with Muslims about what we would do if and when the Jews set us free and what countries we would have as irrelevant since the Kalergi plan has made it quite clear what the elite’s intentions are.
      Demonizing Muslims is like arguing with prisoners about where you have a right to live when you get out of jail. Far better to get out of jail (throw off the Jewish yoke together) than argue about things currently impossible to resolve but then I have seen through the propaganda that much time down the rabbit hole has allowed me to bypass and maybe you are caught up in it still?
      or working to sell it?
      It’s true there is some speculation here and I always leave wiggle room for an op to show he’s legit. They just generally prefer to pretend I’m not there as Brandon has spent most of his time doing since late 2014

      1. Notice in my comment today, I pretended Zander was Brandon and responded to the alpha issue but all he was concerned with was his hangup about confronting his psyop in public and calling me insane instead of addressing the issue. Then you show up magically and Brandon disappears. Good coordination!

        1. I also find it interesting that I didn’t have the option to reply directly to your comment which further denotes insider status and behind the curtain teamwork of which many others have pointed out is inherent in this op

        1. Ok, one thing you bring up in that video is the Palestine issue. I started off becoming very pro-Palestine because after waking up to the JQ, I also dove immediately into that conflict. While I’m still pro-Palestine in a certain sense, I have different views on them now as opposed to when I started.

          For instance, while it’s true that Palestinians have increasingly had more and more of their land taken by the Israelis, one thing they do have going for them is high birth rates and a quickly growing population (whites can’t say the same). So they’re losing land, but still quickly producing, and one also has to take into account that here are many Palestinian refugees in other countries and so it’s not as Palestinians themselves are being “genocided”. Some are being killed, tortured, etc., no doubt, but it’s not like Palestinians as a race are going to be wiped off the earth.

          Another issue we have is that Palestinians on the whole tend to be quite anti-white and they like to apply double standards to whites (as well as Christians). They absolutely believe they should be able to immigrate to any white country of their choosing and they are quite entitled as a group, I have to say.

          At the end of the day, it’s a good cause to study and take note of, but these mantras that so many people in the truth movement use like “We are all Palestinians” are absolutely untrue. Not only do they have their own in-group and certain pro Arab and Muslim biases, but Arabs and whites are racially different and also have different IQs, for example. Not much can be done to change that either, given that IQ is mostly heritable by adulthood anyway. They’re certainly not needed in the West, and I’d much rather live around whites than Palestinians, even though I do sympathize with them in certain ways about their current condition.

          1. Another thing you bring up is this “obsession” over the terms “beta male” and “alpha male”. If you knew the real history here, men’s rights activists and MGTOWs were NOT the ones who initially began using these terms all the time; what happened was they were out trying to spread awareness about misandry, gynocentrism, and feminism, and constantly getting berated for it, ad hominem style.

            So one of the names people getting triggered would call you is “gay”. I’ve been called gay many times, although it’s an incredibly silly assertion/assumption and I’m not gay and never have been. In reality, very few MGTOWs are gay and you’ll also find lots of gay dudes who white knight for women as well.

            Another one you get is, of course, “beta male”. When it comes to these terms “alpha” and “beta” males, one obvious thing that sounds stupid and arrogant AF is when a dude says “I’m an alpha male”. Moreover, there is a lot of subjectivity and disagreement over what the terms actually mean, and those are not two words I’ve used many times at all; have really avoided using those terms by and large, outside of a few occasions. The other obvious one is that so many white knights, manginas, and fembots love to throw these terms around as well. The irony is, especially when it comes to pro-white tradcons is that they say you’re removing yourself from the gene pool like these other whites who don’t want to have kids, but then they turn a blind eye to white knights who will readily get involved with females who already have kids, and even adopt these kids. These are people who don’t know a helluva lot about feminism at all, and they apply all these double standards to MGTOWs that they don’t to white knights, manginas, and even just women.

            So you got it all wrong: It’s not MGTOWs “obsessing” over these terms but really it is white knights, manginas, and fembots; MGTOWs are simply responding.

        2. You mention intentionally avoiding certain issues like Sandy Hook. Well, I know what I personally was doing when Sandy Hook came around, and I was extremely busy inside the Manosphere; didn’t feel like researching that at all, although I eventually got around to it many months after the fact. But does somebody have to give their thoughts on every single issue, especially if others have been and are covering it before you and/or better than you?

          There’s is such a thing as intentionally ignoring information (I find it despicable), and then another thing I find despicable is talking about shit when you don’t know WTF you’re talking about; the latter comes off as even more despicable to me because it’s not just ignoring but actively spreading disinformation.

        3. You said, “Maneuver 9/11 truthers that were Jew-wise into the racialist camp.”

          Firstly, if all a person knows about is 9/11, they’re not actually “Jew-wise”; far from it. It’s much more accurate to say they’re probably at least a bit Jew-aware, but they’ve got a long way to go and a lot more to figure out.

          When it comes to the “racialist camp”… who do you suppose has widely promoted and disseminated the idea, for instance, that the race is merely a “social construct”, and/but then whites are different because they have inferior DNA? Also, who is behind the agenda to demonize and disenfranchise whites while lionizing and empowering virtually all other racial groups? Even Arabs and Muslims lionized and empowered in certain ways that whites are not, even though they’ve been blamed for certain false flags. Whites get blamed for false flags too, if you haven’t noticed.

          You’re also not understanding that there is infighting in every group in existence. For example, if you were paying attention, you’d know that the leadership in the pro-black brigade has had some heavy infighting in the last month between Tariq Nasheed, Umar Johnson, Boyce Watkins, and many others.

          Instead of telling whites to “focus on the Jew”, another of many groups you really need to be talking to instead is BLACKS. BTW, why live in a suburb in Atlanta when you can go live in a black neighborhood? Don’t wanna be around blacks or what, lol. Blacks are far more racist than whites, if you haven’t noticed (and I know you haven’t). And I just created a long thread over here about Muslims on Sean Jobst’s article about Muslims and Jews, and I could add a whole lot more to that… I see you didn’t take the liberty to actually go through much of that information. I know dumb ass “Joe Cardsbury” was telling me I was using JewTube links, and/but we know he doesn’t do that on your videos or about videos concerning 9/11 because he’s a fucking clown who thinks Muslims are “just like us, if not better”.

          Telling whites to just “chill out” on the race issue because it’s “racist” is like telling men they need to “chill out” on misogyny when women are far more misandric than men are misogynistic. Other races are far more racist than whites, but let’s just keep telling whites to “cut out the racism”, lol.

          1. There’s no point arguing with this evil kook. He’s obviously some kind of deranged mental case who feeds off of attention given to him and his worthless obsessive banter about “shills”. Notice that for every one response I give he jumps out of his pants and posts like five comments in a row. This is classic psychotic behaviour, very typical of celebrity stalkers as well who feed off any response they get from their target. He never addresses actual arguments and points, and just hurls paranoid accusations about some past drama. He’s literally the only person on earth still talking about that Delaney/CI/ZCF drama. Proof enough he should be locked away and put on serious meds.

            1. “I was just listening to one of his other videos and he was talking about how he had read ‘an American Renaissance article’, implying that he hasn’t read hardly any of them. Even though Jared Taylor is pro-Jew, he still produces a lot of great info on many other topics and AR is one of those sites that people who are serious about figuring shit out and debating should be well acquainted with.

              Sigur just does not research much at all, and this kind of problem is very prevalent with a lot of “truthers” and many other people. Just because he knows some things about some topics, he deludes himself into thinking that he’s “all knowing” or some shit when he really doesn’t know a whole helluva lot at all. And at the same time, we know he has this proclivity for jumping to false conclusions with delusions.

              So he’s a lazy researcher and has problems making false assumptions, but then he wants to talk on things he refuses to research, fact-check, acknowledge, and consider. He talks way, way too much and researches way, way too little and is arrogant about it – this is such a shitty quality for anyone to have; one of the many qualities of a loser.

              The dude doesn’t even seem as though he wants to be taken very seriously, and like you’re saying Brandon, it’s as if a significant part of why he does what he does is for attention and/or some kind of love of drama. Very childlike (bitchlike could be used as well). Right, and he doesn’t respond to questions he can’t answer and doesn’t address arguments he can’t handle. I’d just block the dude permanently, lol. Same as that dude “Joe Cardsbury”, lol. Mofos have nothing of value to add over here at all.

      2. The thing is, constantly seeking truths and swallowing red-pills is a very long and ongoing process. I know my personal views on certain issues have massively changed since I first was introduced to internet research back in ’09. For various reasons (such as one’s personal passions/interests, abilities, and amount of time they have) much of people’s views are formed on where they began. I know I was first told about the Moneymasters and Loose Change by fellow poker players. Before then, I had never heard of such things (except that I had watched Farenheit 9/11 but didn’t know how to go about fact-checking it; didn’t have the time, and so I didn’t know if it was truth or not) and actually almost didn’t even look into them to begin with because I was so busy but I was struggling with some foot injuries at the time and decided to look into them. Had I started off learning about race differences in IQ, for example, I would have taken much different paths, but I started out in the “US government is incredibly evil, anti-war” groups, like quite a few others, here.

        So individuals come across certain bits of information that can be fact-checked and then they keep on building on their own data base (or they should if they genuinely want to discover truths and want as accurate of views as possible).

        But I started with those paradigms and just kept going. Many people swallow some red-pills and then jump to the conclusions that they’re more red-pilled than others because they know some things the vast majority of people don’t know. That’s a big mistake in a lot of ways. My views even on no-limit hold ’em poker have undergone major changes over the years as I’ve learned more and more. After a while, I thought I knew a lot about the game and know today that what I knew was actually very limited and even a lot of my views were inaccurate, but I didn’t know it at the time. The same goes for all kinds of things in life, especially about issues that are very deep.

        1. You keep bringing up that Brandon went by the name Zander before, even though it’s obvious that he was only using a pseudonym off the same initials of the acronym ZCF from his Zion Crime Factory site. It doesn’t seem to me he was trying to actually convince people that his name was really Zander and he was just using it as a moniker as a lot of people like to use them, especially when they like having some anonymity, but you keep making an issue out of it like you know he’s an agent trying to deceive people.

          1. I generally don’t like to block people but given that morons will absolutely waste your time to no end, my policy on that has changed over the years as well. I first started with this faulty belief that everyone’s mind can be changed if they’re just presented with the right information in the right way. That, as I’ve found over time, is absolutely untrue and I’ve adjusted accordingly.

            These days, I’ll do very lengthy no-block debates with people just to prove a point and then block them afterwards because they’re just going to piss me off if I don’t.

  2. It’s hilarious how so many women (and men) will call a dude who willingly takes on a single mother and all her children who often all come from different fathers and call him a “real man”. “Real man” he is not; but a doormat, dumb ass, cuck, and white knight he surely is. Notice that tradcons don’t denounce these losers either, even though they are in fact breeding themselves out of the gene pool – the very thing so many pro-white tradcons say you should avoid. What it really comes down to is, what female doesn’t want to have her pick out of an army of dudes willing to pay for her in case any ‘relationship’ or one-night stand she has doesn’t work out? Not many at all and it’s just another in a long line of reasons why tradcon women are not nearly as beneficial as many like to present themselves as.

    Yeah it’s also hilarious seeing these fukin dudes who can’t even pull (or if they do, the bitches are seriously sub-par boner wreckers who men need to use Cialis, Viagra, and beer goggles to bang, lol) giving “advice” about the opposite sex. It’s like giving a brain surgeon advice on how to do brain surgery, lmao. So many dudes like this out there and I’ve had to argue with them for many years because they’re so fucking stupid. Goddamned fucking white knight and mangina tossers.

    1. Yeah, it’s comical seeing dudes like Varg (who looks like a Tom Hanks in ‘Cast Away’ and probably couldn’t pick up in a club if his life depended on it) and other betas who lucked into some sub-par college girlfriend act as if they can pull women and that MGTOW men are just “losers” who can’t. Sticking with an average-looking college girlfriend does not make you a ladies man, an alpha, etc. If you haven’t tried to upgrade the girl since college it’s because you have no game and thus must settle for mediocrity.

  3. Im surprised nature boy did not mention the overwhealming effect of Zionist Propaganda coming out of the television in the USA. Thats the best thing about being anywhere else is being away from Zionist Jew mockery and social engineering. Thats the first thing i notice is whites are not persecuted on the television (at least in Asia). Every other commercial is a sexy chick combing her long black hear really slowwwwwwww. Lots more history type soaps and kung fu stuff.

  4. I would like to make an important comment relevant to sexual relations and western culture and traditionalism in the alt-right. I was to post it in another recent article but i think it’s more relevant here so excuse the seemingly out of the blue mention of islam. i promise its not off topic if you read it entirely:

    Sharia and generally Islam is interesting and it could give a good cultural influence in the sense that it can bring some assertiveness. It could have a good influence on the sexual zeitgeist of the west. For example I am Greek and I am pretty damn sure it would be colossally, infinitely better if I decided to start a “family” (i am against marriage so i just mean co-habitation/kids etc)
    with a Turkish woman rather than a Greek whore (and keep in mind that Greece is one of the mildest, better parts of the west regarding feminist prevalence) simply because sexual relations are way better over there . In fact since I am more of an individualist, I would probably mate outside my “culture”, but not race without a lot of remorse. There are some few places that are clearly NOT western but still contain some whites. The more primitive the better. Places that come to mind are Moldova, Ukraine, some parts of Latin Amerca, Turkey, the Levant, maybe even parts of North Africa etc.

    Nevertheless, with the risk of sounding ridiculous, I don’t really like the islamic attitude towards women because it makes you a CUCK!! Yes muslims are cucks. Why? Because they VALUE women a lot too. They are strict traditionalist instead of post modernist like us, but traditionalism espouses marriage too. Tradition infantilizes them and treats them as quasi-second-class-persons that need protection and help. We dont need that bullshit as we dont need “equality of the sexes” and western feminism. We don’t need nothing.

    We have to create a new sexual culture combined with our racialism. It has to be based on mutual respect and treating our mates as grown-ups. The women that fail to conform to that should be ostracized from our societies. Wanna be the pink haired feminist shitface? Fuck off. You want to be the “traditionalist” wife that sits on her ass while electronic devices do the housework and the cuck works his ass off to pay his prostitute which he calls his “wife”? Fuck off. That’s what the traditionalists and the alt-right (not this site, I mean the broader movement) want. Fuck them. We need to reassert our identity and interests and this includes the self. Dont forget that we (the west) used to BE traditionalist and a) look where we are now, b) would you really settle for that working mule situation described as “traditional marriage”? Would you want to live in whatever… Alabama of the 30s? Would you be happy in such a role? Fuck tradition.

    Congratulations Brandon for taking away this last fig leaf of the alt-right. It’s dirty relationship with traditionalism. You should ABSOLUTELY watch these 2 vids dissecting traditionalism.

    P.S. Beta is who beta does. I dont care so much about labels. The analysis is correct that by varg’s reasoning the white race is full beta because its being bred out of existence. Also, he was a black metal musician. A small correction.

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      It’s interesting that Muslims preach the myth that they’ll be rewarded 72 virgins in heaven for martyrdom. That’s a gynocentric myth if I’ve ever heard one. Making the golden vagina out to be the ultimate heavenly prize that can only be attained after the man has sacrificed himself for the cause through death. So the man dies so he can get limitless imaginary pussy.

      1. Indeed, Brandon. Let’s just submit to Allah in this lifetime to get, as one of many rewards, 72 virgins in the after-life, lol.

        Muslim views on women are definitely not monolithic. Interestingly, there are big-time white knights and manginas among Muslims (despite what lots of people would think).

        Maybe, or possibly even probably, the biggest difference here in regards to female treatment between Muslims and non-Muslims, is how Muslims view Muslim women as opposed to non-Muslim women. Muslims (especially Muslim men) do not view non-Muslim women as being of the same value as Muslim women. Of course another layer in Islam would also be race.

        There is definitely a rather pronounced aspect of chivalry in Islam, but this aspect collectively changes when Muslims deal with non-Muslims.

        1. ^ Politically correct way of saying that, lol. Non-PC, though: Muslims don’t treat non-Muslim women like they do Muslim women. Muslim women are 1st class, whereas non-Muslim women are 2nd class, and/or below. Gonna be waiting around a long time for Muslims to tell us this, though.

        1. Joe Cardsbury, you are one serious Islamic apologist; ever notice that, out of curiosity? I personally know a Muslim who truly believes he’s going to be receiving 72 virgins in the afterlife. BTW, the same dude is also quite vociferously anti-white. Know what else is interesting? Met the dude in MGTOW groups, lol.

          Telling me when I’m exposing Islam with YouTube videos that I’m putting up “JewTube links” and that I “try hard”. Actually, you try hard to be fucking stupid is what your problem is.

          I don’t know exactly how many Muslims believe it, but it’s a significant number; and yes, they’ll argue over it. And a lot of Westernized Muslims are either watered down in their views of the “religion of peace” (or the “religion of balance”, as “Joe Cardsbury” likes to put it) or they try to present a more palatable form of Islam to non-Muslims to try and draw them in to the religion.

          And let’s say it isn’t most… why are you over here telling us about the “religion of balance” when you should be telling those Muslims who believe it that it’s a “myth”? And why hasn’t your dumb ass already expatriated to an Islamic country, already?

          1. Anybody home, McFly? And I asked you why your dumb ass hasn’t expatriated to an Islamic country already? You can answer SIMPLE questions like a big boy, can’t you?

      2. Not to mention that this sacrifice / eternal pussy it is the most materialistic thing I have ever heard, masquerading as idealism of all things for heaven’s sake. It is not even a sacrifice, it is a deal that another mid-eastern race would be proud of for its dead-eyed materialism. I’d rather have weed, philosophy and mathematics in heaven than pumping every one of the 72 brown-ass virgins lol.

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