Men Must Understand Female Nature and Avoid Mangina Syndrome

Women have very little to offer a man besides sex. Think about it. If not for sex, what does a girlfriend or wife give to a man who is smarter, stronger and wealthier than her?

Women must rely almost entirely on their looks and vaginas to attract a man, which is why women spend thousands of dollars a year on beauty enhancements to attract males. Women need and use men as a personal ATM machine. They can’t survive, or at least won’t be happy with their lot in life, without a male benefactor.

Would you rather spend time with your male friends who share your interests, hobbies, sense of humour, etc., or with an annoying girlfriend/wife who’s only nice to you and gives you sex when you’re spoiling her with gifts, meals, outings, trips and constant attention? When those things are taken away or diminished, the girl becomes bitchy and intolerable because she’s not getting what she wants.

Women are biologically driven by hypergamy, which is the process of seeking out high-status males who can provide for them and whose resources they can exploit to improve their lifestyles. Once you figure out female nature is hypergamous, you can never trust them ever again, because their loyalty is not with any one man but to the man who can provide her with the most resources and financial perks in exchange for romance and sex.

Most blue-pilled manginas and white knights simply don’t understand female nature and its basis in biology. They judge women individually, which is dangerously stupid. They misread female intentions and overlook the red flags that indicate a woman is a rotten gold-digging skank using you for your money. Women are more or less all the same when it comes their instincts towards hypergamy. Some are just worse than others and more aggressive in their pursuit of mens’ money and resources.

Obviously, the more attractive the female, the easier it is for her to seduce a high-status male who will let her drop an anchor in his wallet. Average and ugly women are hypergamous too, but they have less options than hot women, and must settle for lower-status men. Just look at this evil witch, a low-status chubby female who tried hiring a hitman to kill her husband in order to get his $400,000 life insurance payout. Too bad for the land whale, the “hitman” was an undercover cop and she was busted. And she’s not the only broad who tried to have her husband murdered to gain access to his money while getting rid of him. Other women take the less extreme route of just divorcing their husbands to get half his stuff plus child support and alimony payments.

Average and ugly women also use men solely for their resources, feigning love/romance to keep that man on the hook. Love is a magical fiction that doesn’t exist, so any woman who tells a man she loves him is deceiving him. It’s a witch’s potion to keep the male victim intoxicated so he doesn’t realize he’s being fleeced. Ask yourself if a man lost his high-paying job, house, car, etc., would his woman still “love” him and stick around? The answer is certainly “no” in most cases. There may be a couple rare exceptions to this, but exceptions don’t make the rule. A man who loses everything will lose his wife/girlfriend right along with it. She will quickly move on to another man who can maintain the lifestyle she’d become accustomed to.

Like most men, I used to be ignorant of female nature, and would judge them individually. Only after years of experience dealing with various women did I recognize clear patterns of behaviour that are unmistakably female in nature. Most of these female traits are negative and unbecoming, and in their extreme forms resemble psychopathy.

When you take this red pill on female nature, you’ll never look at women the same way again. You will notice these patterns too and become wise to female deception. You will be more cautious and discerning around them. When you understand female nature, no woman can fool you into dispensing resources on her. Once you figure out that the only tool she has to control you is her golden vagina, it’s a relatively simple task to avoid her traps.¬†Women use their sexuality to get what they want from unsuspecting men, and blue-pilled manginas will continue being suckers for women because they don’t understand female nature.

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2 Comments on “Men Must Understand Female Nature and Avoid Mangina Syndrome”

  1. Brandy,

    Keep waging the counter-thot jihad. Pretty soon, it’s gonna be World’s #1 Chris Brown Fansite. Unless you’re a mangina hubby-cuck obsessed about someone’s sloppy seconds and thirds, it’s hard not to give him props. Just like it’s hard not to give Farrakhan props.

    Btw, when are you gonna put some Martinez perspec on that Roosh tweet? We’re all patiently waiting.

    New vocab terms to jot down: Love Cuck, Ring Cuck(aka Jared Cuck or Zales Cuck), Kisser Cuck, She’sAlwaysRight Cuck.

  2. Oh, get a pen and also jot this down:
    Thots make a man age like a motherfucker. You’ll go from rhino to gyno in no time—that is, if you’re a Love Cuck. Wallets can be replenished. Telomeres can’t.

    Look at Sammy Hagar and look at Bill Clinton. Same Age. Sammy: Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll. Looks better than most 20-somethings who can’t curl a condom for one rep to save their life. lol
    Bill? Lives with…..Hillary(Killary).

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