Don’t Trust “Conservative” or Even “Alt-Right” Jews

“Convservative” Jew Mike Tokes wants us to believe that his tribe doesn’t act collectively in their ethnic interest. He wants us to differentiate between liberal and conservative Jews, vouching for the latter as “patriotic” and trustworthy (the discussion on this starts at the 50:00 mark). “Conservative” Jews are not only a small minority among Western Jews, but their “conservatism” hinges around one issue: supporting American militarism in the service of Israel. Jewish solidarity largely transcends left and right politics. Jews may quibble over small, inconsequential issues like abortion, taxes, and other trivialities, but when it comes to the major issues affecting their in-group, virtually all of them line up on the same side.

Some conservative Jews may favour immigration restriction in the US and Europe, but almost none of them outright support or defend white nationalism on an intellectual basis. In fact, virtually all conservative Jews oppose white nationalism as “Nazism” and hostile to Jews. They know what their interests as Jews are, and white gentile nationalism doesn’t serve those interests. Some conservative Jews backed Trump over other candidates largely because of his extreme pandering to Israel and anti-Muslim rhetoric. Case in point is Jewish conservative ringleader Ezra Levant’s video petitioning Jews to vote for Trump because of his Jewish family links and pro-Israel cuckery. That’s the essence of Jewish conservatism: Israel-first treason.

Jewish conservatives’ strongest issue is not stopping mass immigration, but increasing Western aid to Israel so that nation can continue sucking us into wars that weaken its remaining Arab rivals. Conservative Jews are little more than a fifth-column for Israel in the West, and pay lip service to other lightweight “conservative” issues like free speech, “illegal” immigration (they have no issue with legal non-white immigration) and lowering taxes to trick gentiles into thinking they’re not all part of the same subversive, ruthless, mercenary tribal network working at the behest of the parasitic regime in Tel Aviv.

We saw this phenomenon crop up during the Trump candidacy. “Conservative” Jews like Laura Loomer, Mike Tokes, Ezra Levant, and others jumped on the Trump bandwagon in order to steer the issues in a direction favourable to the Jews. They made sure to deracialize the immigration debate and did excessive cheering routines for Trump’s pro-Israel  shill act. Did you notice how these conservative/right-wing Jews all tend to cling together and promote each other, and they all forcefully disavowed and even attacked the alt-right for being red-pilled on the Jewish problem?

Then there were a few truly renegade Jews that embraced the alt-right label and voiced sympathies for white nationalism. But they too were entryist subversives endeavouring to confuse alt-righters about the Jewish problem and deflect conversations away from it. They were also trying to serve as token Jews to prove the trivial point that “not all Jews” are leftists and liberals supporting mass immigration. On top of that, this band of alt-right Jews, who you could literally count on one hand, were subversively forwarding the stupid notion that right-wing Israelis are our allies against Muslims and that we should therefore not speak of Jews as a collective menace but only those Jews promoting leftist policies; and never as Jews but “leftists”. The problem with that line of thought is that right-wing Jews are just as deceptive as their left-wing counterparts, corrupting our governments to do the evil bidding of Israel. Right-wing Jews have schemed to murder hundreds of white Westerners in staged terrorist attacks like the USS Liberty, Operation Trojan and 9/11 in order to secure hegemony for the Zionist regime.

Test the honesty of any of these conservative or alt-right Jews by asking them to address the deficiencies and profiteering surrounding the Holocaust fable, or Israel’s involvement in 9/11 to initiate Middle East wars for Israel. They will unanimously tow the official line on both the Holocaust and 9/11 because the truth about those events unveils the shockingly pernicious psychopathy of Jewish Machiavellianism. Jews must keep a lid on both issues because too much is at stake for them. Their domination of the current world order hinges upon gentile delusions about Jewish victimhood in WWII and the flimsy myth that Israel is our indispensable ally against violent Muslims who hate us for our freedoms.

The wider picture shows that the Jewish problem is not simply their leftist tendencies, but their overall religious mission to conquer the gentile races and establish hegemonic Jewish global governance headquartered in Jerusalem. Drunk on their own arrogance and superiority complex, some Jewish leaders have openly announced this goal, although they’re often careful not to be too explicit that gentiles will suffer and toil under a Jewish tyranny. Rather, they present their own power as benevolent towards gentiles. In the 1960s Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion effectively laid out this Jewish Messianic vision for world governance from Jerusalem, telling a magazine this:

The image of the world in 1987 as traced in my imagination: The Cold War will be a thing of the past. Internal pressure of the constantly growing intelligentsia in Russia for more freedom and the pressure of the masses for raising their living standards may lead to a gradual democratization of the Soviet Union…[Glasnost, Perestroika & Gorbachev were right on time in 1987 and going according to plan]

…On the other hand, the increasing influence of the workers and farmers, and the rising Political importance of men of science, may transform the United States into a welfare state with a planned economy. Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist and democratic regime.

With the exception of the U.S.S.R. as a federated Eurasian State, all other continents will become united in a world alliance at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah…

Netanyahu, Israel’s current terrorist-in-chief, said he wants to see Israel become a “world power.” Ovadia Yosef, Israel’s former chief Sephardic rabbi, told followers that gentiles only exist to serve as slaves for the Jews, citing Jewish scripture to justify his remarks. Other Jews have made similar statements, including an early Zionist organizer named Dr. Wolffsohn, who told his co-religionists at a Zionist Congress meeting in 1907 that Jews “must conquer” the world.

This is what we’re dealing with here: a Jewish supremacist mission to dominate and control, to the extent that they can, the entire world. We’re all just pawns in this great game of global domination, which Jews believe is a divine right granted to them by Yahweh, their bloodthirsty deity. So this quibbling about liberal and conservative Jews is just another wasteful distraction that Jewish subversives like Laura Loomer and Mike Tokes have foisted on us to divert attention from the overall game-plan of the elite Jews, the Elders of Zion, who make all the decisions that count. Any truly well-meaning Jews who have embraced the red-pill on this issue are of no consequence to the agendas and policies of the ones who pull the strings.

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18 Comments on “Don’t Trust “Conservative” or Even “Alt-Right” Jews”

  1. Brandon, I trust Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Brother Nathaneal, Paul Eisen, and Henry Makow. These are good people, are they not? Of course, some of them, such as Gilad, don’t identify as Jews, and therefore I wouldn’t consider them such. Do you trust these men?

    1. There are always good Samaritans—-mischlings like Emil Maurice or full-blown Noses— but they ought to be vetted properly, from head to toe. A few buzzwords won’t cut it.

      Otherwise, we run the risk of good old Trojans—and I don’t mean condoms. Nehlen(skype wife) already managed to put skypes on his team.

    2. There are so few of them that it’s pointless to make a big issue out of these non-conformist Jews. It doesn’t negate the fact that the overwhelming majority of Jews are not principled on this issue and side with their corrupt elite against us.

  2. Either way, Christ-Killers want to see Whitey utterly cucked and subjugated—but not gone. Remember, Goyim=slaves.

    Likudnik Jews are actually more dangerous because they tickle the sensibilities of a lotta these overweight Alt-Right manginas by hitting their G spot with old neocon tropes about Islam and immigration.

    Immigration was never the seminal issue. It was just a tool to dilute Whitey out somewhat and take away our sense of ownership. Even Leftist kikery understands it’s gonna be Auschwitz all over again if we’re gone.

    But lefties aren’t all the buzz these days. Every Millennial and Generation Zyclon is feeling the effects of thottery, for example. This is where right-wing kikery step in and take advantage of their reaction. It’s just another scam to control them, though.

    With Jews you lose. Always.

    So even tho I could give a rat’s ass about Iran, paying lip service to how great the Ayatollahs are will keep Christ Killers like Ezra at bay. Group Evolutionary Strategy. Time we got ours.

  3. This is bs. Savage railed against anti-white politics. Frame Game and mattsoursemite are clearly alt right. This whole article confuses israel-firsters with AR sympathisers. Also, there’s a significant portion of AR who have gone full neo-nazi/gas the kikes etc. (Not ironically) so don’t complain when even ideologically aligned Jews get pissed.

    1. Savage also pushes the Holohoax hardcore on his audience and is a pro-Israel cuck. He’s a Jew through and through and his loyalties are to his tribe over whites. The number of pro-alt-right Jews can be counted on one hand, and of the ones out there, most of them are infiltrators pushing a pro-Israel agenda. Get rid of them!

      1. AMEN Brand! Well said, as always. Gas Savage. A Zionist ally is an oxymoron and to even consider such stupidity for a second is to be a cuck. (Yeah, talking to you, Dan!).

    2. Why do people comment over here without including their full, real names so that you know who TF you’re dealing with? If it’s some anon that I might possibly deal with months or years in the future under a different and/or real name, I want to know our history. Don’t be like a punk ass Gas the Thots over here.

      And Savage? As if Savage is anywhere even close to exposing the whole truth. Total believer in other official stories like 9/11. He knows some things well and just because he does, he should just automatically be considered “alt-right”, right? Dude spreads a good amount of disinformation while he’s at it, too.

    3. Got some of these loud-mouth, ignorant fucking buffoons over here who just love to put words in people’s fucking mouths. I can put words in people’s mouths and I can also remove teeth like a dentist so that they can’t produce many words without dentures.

      Here’s an example of me putting words in people’s mouths, though: Take Gas over here – Gas says, “Muh high-IQ, white-loving, Nazi Syrians are gonna save us n sheeeeit!!!” Lmao. Fuck outta here.

      1. Dana

        You’re one big mess of an irony, ain’t ya? Making another false charge you’re guilty of 😀 Your parents dropped you when you were a kid or maybe your IQ dropped 40 points when a thot dumped your ass? Maybe that’s why you’re obsessed with me now?

        Or maybe you’re a mudblood—some Armenoid in ya or smth and you got triggered(and still are). I get it. In that case, don’t worry, we’re not gonna put no scarlet letter on ya. Someone’s gotta do kitchen duties during Rahowa, right?

        Or maybe you’re just one of those Anglobrains falling for every scheme and coming out like a used condom at the end. You tell me.

        Nowhere did I say Syrians are gonna save us, but if you picked up a book every once in a while, you’d know a thing or two about alliances.

        1. Dumb ass Gas, first of all, why use a pseudonym for a name over here when I may possibly encounter you again sometime in the future using a different name and I may not know it’s you and our history? Seems pretty fucking stupid and lame to me.

          Secondly, I give open challenges to fucking schmucks over here in chess. If my IQ is so “low” (which it isn’t), certainly chumps like you could beat me at the game, no problem. Can’t do it blindfolded (my preferred method) because we’re on the internet, but we can definitely go to sites like chess dot com to resolve the issue. And yes, I have a very, very big hunch that I could beat you blindfolded. A big part of the reason how I can tell is because of the dumb ass automatic assumptions and conclusions you jump to. You have no chance at the poker tables, either. And yes, if you make a living at the game, it demonstrates you can think for yourself, especially when you do well at the game. Or in the gym for that matter, lol. Yeah, genetics play a big part in the gym, but they aren’t everything, and strategy plays another part.

          Dumb ASS, I KNOW you didn’t say anywhere that Syrians are gonna save us. I said I was putting WORDS INTO YOUR MOUTH like you were doing with me (as I SAID). When people have to resort to the tactic, it’s ANOTHER sign you know they don’t know WTF they’re talking about. Not only that, but they do it at YOUR expense. Don’t like people putting WORDS into your mouth? Ohhh, imagine that.

          I’d definitely love to bust you upside the head though, no doubt about that. Way too many loud mouth pussies like you on the internet running your ignorant mouths and muddling discourse.

  4. Excellent article. These Likudist, Kahanist/JDL, Chabad and other right-wing Zionists who pose as “friends” of Western nationalists are nothing but deceivers, who want to use “goyim” as pawns in their own civil war against the liberal/leftist Zionists, who have their own “goyim” useful idiots; its all about pitting the “goyim” against each other – and Jews come out on top either way.

    The reality is that these “alt-right/conservative” Zionist Jews have shown time and time again that they are subversives who want to solidify Jewish power in our societies, so they can continue to shore up their state of Israel. I challenge anyone who thinks they are somehow different, to explain their following activities:

    1. Lobbying for Israel and Zionist causes, including criminalizing or squashing “anti-Semitism” and anti-Zionist activism (including BDS).

    2. Their big-money donors still subvert the political process, dolling out cash to favored shabbat goyim whom they know will tow the line on Israel-First. Examples such as Sheldon Adelson and those associated with the Zionist Organization of America are in this category, as surely as their liberal Zionist counterparts.

    3. Continuously shaming goyim collectively for “anti-Semitism” and “the holocaust”. One example is the subversive Avigdor Eskin, who has close alliances with these phony “nationalist” groups in the West but who still maligns entire nations as “anti-Semitic”.

    4. Their groups continue to operate with impunity on our soil, such as the JDL and Chabad, rather than making their “aliyah” to Israel and leaving us alone. They obviously want to use their clout here to benefit their beloved Israel.

    5. If Zionism was truly about making all the Jews move to Palestine, why are there still so many here and no large-scale measure by the Israeli State or world Zionist organizations to mass-emigrate Jews to there? Clearly, even these “right-wing” Zionist Jews still want large numbers of Jews in leading positions in the U.S. and other countries so they can subvert those towards slavishly pro-Israel subservience.

    1. 6. Chabad’s various networks throughout the world, their links to oligarchs and lobbying politicians, including at the highest level of the U.S. government with their “Education Day” and enshrining Noahide Laws.

      7. Their various organizations having non-profit, non-taxable status, so they can keep all their spoils and continue to fund Israeli settlements and other Zionist causes without the interference of the governments in whose land they operate.

      1. @Sean Good observations. The goal is to control the world and force the human population to bend the knee to Israel. Not only that, but the zionists know that without European and American support, they’re beloved state of Israel would disappear.

  5. Good article. I’m glad this is coming from a non-purity spiraler stand point. I’m sick of WN who believe shitheel fakes like Weev and Andrew Anglin, talk of deporting all non-whites, when I, a mixed race, am just as American as anybody and can call out the Jews just as well. All anyone has to be is woke to the inordinate power Jews have and for fucksakes not be a liberal.

    1. Be woke on the inordinate power they have, and/but also to their agendas and why they do what they do… doesn’t do a whole lot of good to only know they have inordinate amounts of power but then not know or deny their agendas. Many people who like to think that they’re “Jew-wise” really aren’t – all many of these people are is just arrogantly ignorant, lazy, and/or stupid (especially many of the trash talking buffoons/losers who come to comment over here). It’s amazing for instance how so many people in the “truth movement” could have been around for so fukin long but be so ignorant and utterly deceived and confused on some of these agendas (like the “Ugly Truthers” and/or their sympathizers such as Ken O’Keefe who is pro-black and pro-female, and apparently thinks Jews have a “soft-spot” for whites and that they actively work to empower and lionize whites (or just let them alone or something) while doing the opposite for non-whites, when in reality it’s the opposite, other than a few exceptions/cases to the rule, like the Oded Yinon Plan). Then there are WN who have been onto the JQ for many years but can’t seem to figure out simple fukin things like the anti-male agenda when it’s so obvious (like Scott Roberts who is a diehard white knight who, BTW, can’t figure out these elite Jews are Luciferians and that there is a stark difference between Luciferian Jews and non-Luciferian Jews).

      There are woke non-whites out there… might not be many at all compared to whatever ethnic groups they belong to, but their numbers are gradually growing nonetheless and they’re becoming more and more woke all the time. The Asian dude who created this video below is an example.

      Anyone who has looked into how the world of professional wrestling works, for example, knows the people who run the industry are corrupt and Luciferian. Vince McMahon is a Luciferian and not only does his company use all kinds of Satanic imagery, but so do many of his prominent wrestlers (like Triple H, the Rock, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, etc). What one doesn’t see very often at all in this world, though, is a non-Jew like McMahon running a company and one of his agents (Triple H) axing someone of Jewish descent (Goldberg, who personally testified that after getting injured for a prolonged period of time that the “devil” Triple H told him he was going to get axed). So while McMahon apparently isn’t of any Jewish descent, he clearly is into numerology, gematria, Luciferianism, and thus Kabbalism. He is also a crony capitalist and runs his business in an extremely exploitative way (he’s not a free market capitalist), with solid ties to Trump (McMahon is just another one in a long, long line of Trump’s shady connections).

      And this is a woke Asian dude who is quite right-wing leaning and is on to much of the Jewish agenda and it appears he’s continually learning new things all the time (the way it should be, because there is just so much shit to know):

    2. Hey—honey—Hapas will always have a special place. You may lose your vote and I’m sorry about that(thots got us takin’ extreme measures again lol), but I personally promise you that you won’t get deported. Far, far from it.

      Hapas have a lot of admirable qualities—for instance, courage and tenacity. World’s best warriors were Hapas. Kilic Arslan, Beybars, Babur, Timur….you get the idea. It’d be a damn shame if Whites DON’T team up with Hapas like you. So, get your battle yurt ready, darlin’.

      That Turanid look is super aesthetic, too. Ok, maybe not like our White look, but still. But that’s just one Slayer’s opinion.

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