Lying Marxist “Scientists” Claim Early Britons Were Negroes

This isn’t a joke, but it should be. Libtard media is circulating a hoax study by known leftist “scientists” bent on discrediting “racism” that depicts one of Britain’s earliest inhabitants as an African Negro. The NY Times writes:

He had dark skin, brown curly hair and blue eyes, DNA tests suggest, upending a common assumption that Britain’s indigenous populations were all pale skinned with fair features.

He is “Cheddar Man,” Britain’s oldest complete skeleton, which was discovered in 1903 in Gough’s Cave near the village of Cheddar in Somerset, in southwest England. He lived about 10,000 years ago in the Mesolithic period, the middle part of the Stone Age.

Scientists have now reconstructed his features, demonstrating that he was part of a population of ancient Western Europeans that, scientists have shown in recent years, had dark skin. Research has shown that fair skin pigmentation — long considered a defining feature of Europe — only goes back less than 6,000 years.

The research was led by the Natural History Museum and University College London. A news release about the research was released Wednesday, but the study has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The liberal Jewish-controlled news media is tripping over itself gleefully reporting that Britain’s oldest human was dark-skinned, citing a supposedly “ground-breaking” new DNA analysis of “Cheddar Man.” The analysis, which, to nobody’s surprise, hasn’t been peer-reviewed yet, depicts the oldest known inhabitant of Britain as a dark-skinned negroid type. They even whipped out a fancy prototype of the “Negroid Briton” to make it more realistic for the idiots who might believe this.

This is an utterly ridiculous hoax with an obvious Kalergiite agenda. Just as the globalists are ramping up their agenda to race-mix white people out of existence, they’re paying fake scientists to churn out new “studies” which “prove” brown people were the first inhabitants of Europe and thus whites, as a race, have no right to lay claim to it. This is just another typical SJW/Marxist attack on white people and heritage, with the ultimate goal of facilitating white genocide of native Europeans, replacing us with third world dregs who couldn’t find their way out of a potato sack.

Red Ice talked about how the new Marxist/SJW analysis of Cheddar Man is contradicted by older original research which depicted him as resembling a typical white European. Even the new brown Cheddar Man is said to have had blue eyes. A full-blooded Asian or Negroid type couldn’t have blue eyes, so we’re looking at a serious hoax where they’re attempting to show a Eurasian-Negroid hybrid, pawning off the Kalergiite “man of the future” as somehow being the “man of the past” as well. They’re endeavouring to subconsciously push acceptance of this new race-mixed reality as if it’s “always been” that way for Europe, when obviously it hasn’t.

Europe has been a homogenous white continent for thousands of years and should remain white. Non-white immigrants must be deported en masse and the continent returned to its rightful owners, the whites. Any attempts by Marxists to discredit racialism is futile because the science is clearly on the side of the racialists. Nobody is telling the Asians, Africans or Amerindians that they shouldn’t care about their race and heritage. This is a unique attack on white people by radical leftist ideologues bent on the destruction of the white race, which they attest to themselves in their own writings and statements.

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One Comment on “Lying Marxist “Scientists” Claim Early Britons Were Negroes”

  1. Scientists never said this, tho. The unqualified moddafuckin’ fags and thots with lava lamps in the media did.

    Yes, the original hunters of Europe were dark skinned and blue eyed but a totally different clade than basketball players. Translation: different animal! Skin ain’t the only factor. A lot of people in the media(and WNs, too, sadly) lack the brain cells to grasp this.

    DNA aside, it’s obvious he didn’t have a Negroid skull. Even if he did, it would still mean jack shit cuz Melanesians have these traits but, AGAIN, different clade entirely than Tupacs.

    1.Original hunters of Europe.
    2.Light skin brought in by farmers from the ME during late stone age times. Massive migration. We get our IQ from these.
    3.Then Bronze Age Aryan pastoralists dudes from Ukraine moved in and AMOGed the farmer men. We get our machismo and broscience from these.
    That’s the 3-part story of Europe in a nutshell. We were born 4000 years ago.

    AngloScum Nordicists do put too much stock in white skin, blue eyes and blond hair. lol There are 6 million other more important things that make us white. AngloScum actually think some random Paki goatrapist with white hair is more white than a swarthy Spaniard!!!! We can’t let these morons control the Alt Right narrative anymore than we can let the Shylocks in the media.

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