Who We Are

Alt-right.com is an academic think-tank on the alternative right.

Our aim is to promote information and discourse in support of Western civilization and draw attention to the imminent demographic threat of mass immigration which is on course to completely erase the unique cultures and peoples of the Occident.

We seek to initiate a civilized, respectable debate about the failures of multiculturalism and the destructive impact of the Kalergi plan.

On some issues we differ from the self-appointed figureheads of the alt-right and seek to give a platform to dissident opinions within the right.

Chief editors:

Brandon Martinez




A prolific writer, historian and social commentator, Brandon Martinez is a 21st century counter-cultural heretic and rebel intellectual for the new European Reconquista.


Hailing from a long line of traditionalists, Charlemagne is an aristocratic pro-white, pro-upper class activist who seeks to expand white male privilege globally.